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Cardboard Vape Cartridge Packaging Solution


People are more and more aware of the harm from excess materials in the package. Excessive plastic, tons of Styrofoam, and the use of non-recyclable paper are not only harmful to the environment, but also cumbersome. Replacing harmful materials with environmentally friendly materials can increase customer loyalty and help you stand out as an environmentally responsible company. In case of Custom CBD oil packaging this comes essential.

Often, avoiding unnecessary materials in your packaging can also save you money. It is cheaper to use crumpled paper instead of bubble wrap and foam, or replace glossy paper with regular recycled paper. Simple packaging has its own special aesthetics:

Remember Gifts

If you trade primarily online, you don’t need to worry about getting the attention of customers in a retail store. But that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore the look of the packaging. Don’t forget the obvious aspects of branding and product experience. To reiterate, well-thought-out packaging helps a brand to be representative and tells a story. There are also practical aspects, mainly:

  • Attracting the attention of buyers at fairs and festivals
  • Positioning your products as gifts

Even if you choose to never enter the retail market, there will be times when you have to showcase a product. Fairs, flea markets, stand in shopping centers eye-catching packaging is good for your business in such situations.

Packaging Is An Effective Way To Shape Consumer Preferences.

At present, its importance and role continue to grow. Some marketers refer to packaging as the “fifth P” after product, price, distribution, and promotion, although most tend to view CBD Vape Boxes packaging as part of a product strategy.

The constantly evolving self-service system (including the sale of goods and services through catalogs, by phone, via the Internet) leads to the fact that the consumer chooses the necessary goods on his own, practically without being influenced by the manufacturer or seller at the moment of purchase. Therefore, a commodity today must be able to sell itself. And it is the packaging that provides him with this ability. Good packaging plays the role of a “5 second ad”.

The expansion of the scope of application of packaging has led to a change in the functions it performs and the requirements imposed on it. A special place among them is occupied by the requirement of environmental friendliness. The ability of packaging to be protected from imitations and counterfeits of branded goods is gaining relevance. If earlier the main purpose of packaging was safety during the delivery of goods, now this function has been supplemented with information content, assistance in sales, and functionality.

Packaging Plays A Huge Communicative And Aesthetic Role.

It greatly facilitates the movement of goods on the market, makes the goods recognizable, helps to form and reinforce the distinctive features of the goods (brand promotion), and makes the goods convenient for transportation. In 78% of cases, buyers purchase goods in stylish and convenient packaging than without it. In the conditions of a modern, oversaturated market with information, the buyer is constantly under pressure from advertising, and it is the bright packaging that he sees in the store that is the last argument in favor of buying a particular product. Thus, the availability of the “correct” packaging for a product directly affects its sales.

Packaging development is a complex task, the result of which is the creation of an independent resource that promotes a product. Being only an element of the overall promotion complex, the packaging should work strategically, and not just match the tastes of the customer the brand owner.

The Essence and Concept of Product Packaging in the Marketing Activities of the Enterprise

According to the definition of one of the prominent foreign marketers, packaging is the development and production of a container (shell) for a product. This definition rather reflects the process of making a casing for a product and corresponds to the term “packaging”, although the latter is traditionally understood as preparing products for transportation, storage, sale and consumption using packaging.

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