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How to promote CBD business on social media.

Marketing of a CBD business might be quite tricky. Due to legal unclarity, many businesses consider Cannabidiol products too risky to deal with and eventually lose a perfect opportunity to build a prosperous business. But even those who already started, often consider online presence a taboo. A word written online is hard to control and it may become an object for a lawsuit in no time. At the same time, digital marketing and especially social network promotion are the most efficient tools that can make your business profitable. So can CBD companies use Social Media for promotion? The answer is yes. But there are some peculiarities. Here is a brief instruction on how social media trends will help you to market your CBD business and boost up your sales. 

Choose your auditorium 

The market of CBD products is so wide that it provides you almost limitless auditorium. From yoga instructors to pet-owners – everybody can benefit prom Cannabidil products nowadays. Therefore it is important to determine who exactly is your perfect client and aim your branding towards those users. Your social media page is a means of communication and a place where you create a certain environment. It should apply to certain people and convince them that they can relate to your brand and product. Being too wide with your targeting will make an impression like you are all over the place and don`t speak directly to your customers. 

Valuable content 

The main thing you should remember opening a social media profile for promotion purposes is that people have an endless choice of profiles to follow already. That is why you should give them a reason to subscribe to your updates. Try to make your content not only entertaining but also informational and valuable. It is also a great marketing opportunity. Making short useful informing videos or DIY projects that include your CBD product and demonstrate how it might be a solution for different issues is the best commercial. When people see your posts, remember them, save them and share them with friends and family, you get a chance to go viral and become recognizable without need to invest extra money into Facebook or google ads. 

Video content is the key! 

The world of social media constantly evolves. First, everybody was crazy about short text posts and status updates, then smartphone cameras evolved and Instagram became a revolution of social media content. Now we witness how photography is slowly but surely replaced by video content. Only several years ago YouTube was all about cat videos and sports failures. Nowadays YouTube content turns into a quality production comparable with television. More and more users replace TV and news with subscriptions on YouTube channels. Therefore it is simply impossible to ignore this perspective promotion possibility. Having a quality YouTube channel will help you boost up your sales, raise awareness about your brand, and generate links to your website creating a community of like-minded people accumulated around your brand. 


Collaboration with influencers is one of the strongest tools of social media promotion. When you just establish your brand, being associated with a person who already has thousands of followers will greatly help to raise the awareness about your CBD brand. But you might want to be careful picking the right partner for your brand. The reputation of the influencer, his target auditorium, and lifestyle should correspond with yours. Remember, refutations are hard-earned, but easily lost. So no matter, whether you only start your CBD business or already exist on the market for a while, branding on social media might be a perfect opportunity for you only if you can establish and follow a determined strategy. 

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