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What things do professional packers and movers use?

Plastic food packaging tends to deposit crumbs and crumbs on the bottom, so when we design food packaging we always take great care with its display on the gondola. Every time, the product will be handled several times since it leaves the factory until it is chosen by the consumer. In addition to staying for hours or even days exposed vertically which further intensifies this sedimentation.

This is most evident in products in Custom printed boxes. Although this process happens naturally and quickly, the sensation perceived by the consumer may be that of inferior product quality or lack of freshness. In the specific case of granola packaging, the larger ingredients such as chestnuts, coconut and almonds were at the top, leaving finer grains at the bottom. Therefore, if you’re packaging has a transparent background it will be much easier to lose the competitor’s choice.

For this reason, we concentrated the design of the granola packaging at the bottom of the package, covering the bottom, leaving the top where the best granola appears.

Successful Packaging for Organic Granola

The same is true with bread packs that have a label or tag in the middle. The label covers the best of the product, which are the larger slices and exposes the lower end, which is covered with crumbs giving an appearance of old bread.

Tip For Creating Packaging; Value Your Company’s Brand On Your Packaging.

For creating successful Bakery Boxes packaging has to do with your company’s brand and how it is perceived. A consumer’s first effective contact with his brand is on the packaging so he must recognize his brand with ease. Small logos or no prominence on the packaging make the consumer not remember your brand. So the next opportunity he wants to buy your product he will choose a similar packaging since your brand was irrelevant.

Mortar Packaging from the Brand

The name of the food is important for sure for the consumer to know which product variation he is buying but there are other devices to strengthen the product variations without needing him to stand out more than his brand. The design of your packaging must be a direct derivative of your logo; it must convey the values ​​of the company and the product in addition to identifying with your target audience.

Tip to create successful packaging, your packaging must be understood even without words.

For this to happen, apply semiotic concepts to your packaging. But, what is semiotics? Semiotics is the study of symbols and the meaning that human beings attribute to them. That is, when it comes to packaging design, how you’re packaging will be interpreted by the consumer even if he was unable to read what is on the label. Your product shouldn’t look like anything else and that goes beyond the format:

  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
  • Specialty Boxes
  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble
  • Peanut Packing
  • Packing Tape
  • Plastic Film Wrap
  • Labeling

Tip For Creating Packaging; Avoid Using Many Varieties Of Fonts.

The maxim less is more is fundamental for a successful packaging, therefore balancing information with empty spaces and providing different levels of reading facilitate the understanding of the packaging, that is, which produces it, what the product is and what its benefits are.

The use of different fonts or fonts without a criterion confuses the reader who does not understand for sure what the most important information is and will choose the one who can explain what he does in an easier way. That is why at di20 design we aim to never exceed the use of 3 different fonts (types of letters) in the development of a packaging. Handwritten or irregular fonts are only for short or very prominent information. Regular, easy-to-read fonts are for all other information with larger volumes of text.

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