Cannabis Boxes

  • Box Style Punch Partition, Tuck Flap Box, Pillow Box, Gable Box, Sleeve Box
  • Dimension (L + W + H)All Custom Sizes Available
  • Paper Stock10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock
  • FinishingGloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling

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    Whether you’re packaging vape cartridges, vape devices or both, our packaging can neatly fit and display your product.

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    If you want to get the best looking cannabis boxes, then surely, we are one of the best places from where you can get the same. We prepare cannabis boxes of different designs. Our boxes are made of quality cardboard as a material and this is why all these boxes are durable and safe for shipping your cannabis. Apart from the basic material we also provide quality packaging material which provide extra protection to your product. These cannabis boxes are environment friendly and recyclable. This is why in these boxes you will be able to preserve the cannabis for a very long period of time. Apart from the quality material we are very much cautious about providing you the most amazing designs for the box which will attract the eyes of your customers. So, your boxes will be a great combination of artistic beauty and durability. These boxes are surely going to ensure your profit.

    To understand the importance of best packaging you have to first come to know about the complexity of this product. Cannabis is used for medical and recreational treatment. It is having some of the psychoactive drugs which is beneficial for a lot of people. Cannabis extracts are now a day used for various purposes. This is why the packaging of this product becomes so much important.

    Why best packaging required:

    The boxes are required for the cannabis products as a safety feature and also for covering and delivering the same. A good quality packaging will play a key role in promoting your business quickly. The best packaging of the product will create a perfect impression of your product to your customers. If you are new in the industry, your customers will not be aware of the product you have kept inside the packaging. However, as they will interact with the packaging, they will be able to get a vibe of the quality of the product inside.

    This is why packaging can be considered as an integral part for making your business successful. The same thing goes for the cannabis products. With the best quality packaging you will be able to grab the attention of more and more customers easily.

    Increased demand of cannabis boxes:

    As the usage of cannabis is increasing day by day, the requirement for the quality cannabis packaging boxes is also increasing very rapidly. The types for these boxes are very much different from the standard boxes. You will need a company which has all the expert people who are capable of preparing boxes with specific needs as the cannabis boxes are considered to be little different in nature. We can provide you all sorts of versatility for the cannabis boxes.

    Creative boxes:

    To make the best looking cannabis boxes, you will need the experts who have a great creative mind for making the designs absolutely attractive for the customers. As there are a lot of competitors for your business in the market, you will need to make the packaging in such a way that it will grab the attention of more customers and as a result you will be able to grow your business rapidly. It is important to show your customers something new which they will feel interesting. Creatively designed packaging is surely going to be a key factor in high selling of your product.

    Cannabis oil packaging:

    As it is told already that cannabis has 488 compounds in it many of which are used for medical purposes. This is why the requirement of different packaging of the boxes will also come into play. A great many oils are prepared from the cannabis for fulfilling the medical purposes. These oils are quite often used for treating different critical diseases. However, as the utilization of cannabis is not still widely popular, perfect packaging is required to make the product more attractive to the customers even in their first look of it.

    Pre-roll package:

    Pre-roll is considered as a readymade joint for the cannabis which vendor makes. However, for these joints, you will need to get an elegant and sophisticated packaging and we are the expert for providing you the same. For us the packaging of the cannabis pre-roll is an art which we always achieve because of the skill of our experts. Our motive to prepare such extraordinary boxes is the same to attract the attention of more and more customers.

    Packaging labelling:

    Labels in the packaging are mainly used for displaying information about the product. However, for the cannabis products the labelling is used to attract the attention of more and more customers which is considered to be beneficial for marketing on long term basis. Sometimes, you may also add some of the information like the safety features and laws related to the product in the labelling. However, it is must to make the labelling eye catching, attractive and more creative than you prepare the regular stickers. With the most amazing designs for the cannabis packaging, you will be able to bring more customers in your business by attracting them to your products.

    Packaging of cartridge:

    You can consider cartridge as a little different type which is used for the recreational purpose. There are different kinds of cartridges available in the market like oil based, pre-filled, and empty cartridges. We will use different sorts of sizes, colors and designs for cartridge packaging.

    Where to buy the cannabis boxes:

    You can consider us as one of the best brands for providing you with the best cannabis packaging boxes including cigarette packaging, edible packaging, pills, vape pens, packaging for vape oil and many others. You can give us order at any point of the day because we are open 24×7 to take your order and complete the same within the timeline.

    What makes us specialized:

    As it is told already number of times, attractive design plays a very crucial part in making your packaging more attractive to more potential customers, you need a company who have experienced and professional people to prepare the cannabis packaging for you which will stand out in the market. We not only provide you the best designs of boxes in the market but at the same time we are capable of providing versatile products.

    Packaging of the cannabis product is a direct source for marketing of the product. This is why we put our complete focus on making the packaging in such a way that you can use the same for the best marketing of your cannabis product. We provide you innovative ideas which can help you in increasing the sale of your products. As per your requirements we can provide you the customized cannabis packaging boxes. So, as a customer you may print images, logo or any other things whichever you feel necessary. You can search for us sitting back at home. Send us your order through just a phone call or an e-mail and we will ship your boxes at your doorstep within the stipulated time frame. We don’t have any minimum order quantity. However, we are expert in accepting wholesale or bulk orders for the cannabis boxes. Even if you need the boxes within a very short passage of time, you can keep trust on us that once the order is accepted, we are going to provide you the same within the right time.


    What are customized cannabis boxes?

    With the customized cannabis boxes you can keep the color, design, and your company logo on the packaging as per your own requirements and desire.

    Do I get to submit my own design for the customized cannabis boxes printing?

    If you are thinking about preparing the customized cannabis boxes, then you may send your own specific design for preparing the cannabis packaging boxes.

    How many days it takes to complete the cannabis boxes order?

    It depends on the volume of orders given to us. If you have a timeline, you can inform us about the same. We will complete your order within that time.

    What is the minimum order quantity for customized cannabis boxes?

    There is no such minimum order quantity for us. Even if we normally prepare boxes for bulk quantity orders, on special demand we will prepare boxes for lesser quantity as well.

    What is the material that is used for customized cannabis boxes?

    To ship the cannabis oil and the other liquids you will need a box which will be sturdy and durable. This is why we prepare these boxes using cardboard as material.

    What is the printing material used for customized cannabis boxes?

    We use the best quality color for preparing the cannabis boxes so that it looks absolutely vibrant which can attract the attention of the customers easily.

    How do I place an order for customized cannabis boxes on CBDboxfactory?

    You can get our contact details in the website. Our customer service is open 24×7. You can call us and give us order. You can also send us order details through e-mail.

    Why choose CBD Box Factory for your customized cannabis boxes requirement?

    The packaging for the cannabis boxes is going to play a crucial role directly in doing the best marketing of your product. It is going to make your product acquainted with a lot of new customers. This is why you will need a trusted company which can prepare the most creative designs for the cannabis boxes. You will need experts who will have the capability of preparing differently designed boxes. We are the best for the same in the industry. We keep in mind about the main essence of quality marketing which is marketing of your product. This is why, we always come up with some of the most unique solutions for the same.

    What are the different requirements I should know before placing an order for customized Cannabis boxes?

    You need to understand one important thing that the most important purpose of preparing the packaging for your cannabis boxes is to market your product in the best possible way. So, when you are giving an order for the customized cannabis boxes you should go for the most creative and unique designs which will help you to get attention of more and more customers. You should add specific images and your logo in the packaging as well to enhance the value of your brand. While sending the order to us you should also mention the size and shape of the boxes. You need to inform about the exact quantity as well.

    Different style of cannabis boxes that we do

    The styles of cannabis boxes are little different because there are different kinds of cannabis products used in the market and the packaging for the same is also different from one to another. For example the packaging for shipping the cannabis pre-roll and the cannabis oil is going to be absolutely different. We are expert in preparing the cannabis boxes for all the different styles which are used for the versatile purposes. You can also get cannabis boxes of different sizes and shapes as well. You can get pillow style, sleeve style and many other options with us for the cannabis boxes.

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