E Cigarette Boxes

  • Box Style Punch Partition, Tuck Flap Box, Pillow Box, Gable Box, Sleeve Box
  • Dimension (L + W + H)All Custom Sizes Available
  • Paper Stock10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock
  • FinishingGloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling

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    Whether you’re packaging vape cartridges, vape devices or both, our packaging can neatly fit and display your product.

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    E-cigarette box: What is it?

    CBD Boxes is to offer amazing and appealing e-cigarette boxes for their customers. Using right theme, colour and design is the main factor of packaging boxes. Display of the e-cigarette on shelves needs attractive packaging for grabbing customers’ attention. Such boxes are to be made with different packaging materials which can have different designs for unique display of its products. As market has got cutthroat competition, proper packaging for the e-cigarette is extremely essential.

    CBD Boxes offers plenty of designs on e-cigarette boxes

    We at CBD Boxes offer different kinds of e-cigarette boxes designs in different sizes, shapes and dimensions. Such boxes are provided in rectangular, square and other shapes. Such shapes of these boxes help in proper orientation of its products inside. Electronic cigarettes being small in size, its packaging happens to be quite petite. Each of the boxes is available with some display window on front side with the best optimal plastic cover for displaying the products inside. Some of the styles of these boxes are box open style, sleeve and tray style, flip open box style as well as other available styles etc.

    Customized E-cigarette box

    CBD Boxes offer best e-cigarette packaging solutions for catering different needs of a cigarette manufacturer to help their business grow. We are to properly design the boxes for fitting all kinds of e-cigarettes securely. We are to even offer packaging solutions with different dimensions as per customers’ needs. WE even help the customers in designing best packaging boxes by giving free design support as well as free design samples which ensures quality assurance. Our customized boxes are to have its style, size, design, theme, colour and logo as per customers’ preferences. Our packaging boxes are made with very high quality finishing that make it more unique and elegant. In this regard, matte and gloss are considered to be two of the most used finishing styles that make the appearance of the packaging quite attractive. Each of the customers is our top-priority and this is why we provided them with best services. Our wholesale packaging solution is very cost-effective for our customers.

    What is Custom E-Cigarette Boxes?

    Custom E-Cigarette Boxes are custom made boxes made of good quality cardboard which are used for packing the e-cigarettes in the safest possible way. These boxes are printed in a customized way to promote your product and brand in the best possible way. You can use the best packaging boxes made of the best E-cigarette boxes manufacture companies which will be extremely appealing for the customers and will draw the attention of the customers towards your product to a great extent.

    Different types of packaging boxes for e-cigarettes are going to enhance your brand value to a great extent. In this competitive market where every single cannabis companies are working hard to promote their product and brand, it is very much important to find out unique ways to make your product and brand more popular than your competitors. Hence, customizing the packaging boxes for the e-cigarettes play a key role in enhancing your business to the next level and getting more and more potential customers. The best quality packaging made by E-cigarette boxes manufacture is going to keep your cannabis product safe and secure as well. The quality of the product will be maintained perfectly.

    What is the most attractive feature of E-Cigarette Boxe


    The most attractive feature of the e-cigarette box is the printing of the box. You can choose the box of different design available in the market to attract the buyers. However, choosing the best printing with proper captions can be extremely effective for drawing the attention of the customers. Hence, when you are taking help of the E-cigarette boxes manufacture companies you should tell them clearly that what exact message you want to give to your customers through your printed boxes so that it can promote your product as the best alternative against traditional smoking. Using the lucrative colors, fonts and logo on the printed packaging will be a crucial step to complete.

    Apart from that choosing the best design for the e-cigarette boxes is going to be a crucial thing. More and more cannabis brands are coming up with the e-cigarettes now a day because a whole lot of people have started using this product as the best alternative of traditional smoking. The best looking design of the e-cigarette packaging is surely going to appeal more customers. Displaying the e-cigarettes clearly through the packaging made by E-cigarette boxes manufacture companies will be another brilliant idea to make the product more popular to your customers.

    Can E-Cigarette Boxes provide safe storage to the cigarettes?

    Apart from marketing your cannabis product through the packaging of the same, safety and security of the e-cigarettes is one of the most important reasons for having the best packaging. Usage of quality packaging material by E-cigarette boxes manufacture companies become a very crucial thing for this. Using the good quality cardboard e-cigarette boxes is not only going to save the product from any external damages but at the same time the quality of the product will get maintained perfectly as well. Flavor of the e-cigarettes is one of the most important thing. Hence, the packaging should be done in such a way that the flavor of the cigarettes get maintained perfectly.

    For safe storage of the e-cigarettes, the packaging boxes have to be made customized. You will have a specific shape and size of the e-cigarette. You may have selected the number of e-cigarette you want to keep in a particular box. Customization of the e-cigarette boxes have to be made keeping both these things in mind. While taking assistance of the E-cigarette boxes manufacture companies for preparing the best quality packaging boxes for the e-cigarettes you should also mention these things to them to get the best box in which you can store the e-cigarettes with absolute safety.

    What are the uses of E-cigarette packaging boxes?

    As it is told already, packaging of the e-cigarettes has become extremely important to promote your product in the best possible way in this competitive market. Hence, most of the E-cigarette boxes manufacture companies keep the below points in mind when they prepare the best packaging boxes.

    • As a customer you can use the box perfectly for promoting the e-cigarettes in the market. They add different caption which can draw the attention of your customers. Adding different image, color, print and textures also helps you in getting the attention of more customers. It plays a crucial role in enhancing your business. They also add the logo of your brand on the packaging boxes. Hence, your brand gets a better exposure to more and more customers which helps in enhancing your brand value to a great extent.
    • The E-cigarette boxes manufacture companies also keep in mind that the quality of the e-cigarettes has to be maintained in the best possible way inside the packaging box. Hence, they provide you such packaging boxes in which the flavor of the e-cigarette can be maintained perfectly so that it attracts your customers much more. The best quality packaging material is going to help you to store the e-cigarettes safely inside the packing box while shipping them from one place to another.


    We work with out client to ensure your orders arrive on-time. Typically, we select the option that works best for your timing and budget, but can sometimes use your preferred provider. Depending on the size of your order, it will either arrive in one of our CBD Box Factory shippers, or via freight on a pallet. For freight orders that will be delivered to a residence, please let us know so we can arrange for a lift gate, which will prevent any unforeseen charges.

    Looking to save more on shipping? If you live close to our office, you can select Free Local Pickup at checkout. We’ll be ready to make the hand-off.


    Absolutely. For rush jobs, please give us a call at 510-462-5995 before placing your order. Our team can help set an accelerated production timeline. In addition, we can help you navigate the shipping process to ensure you find expedited shipping options that fit your budget and desired delivery date.


    We always accept customer designs, and have a few pointers to ensure your files are ready for printing. As a primer, you can review our design guidelines,

    • Use at least 8 point text. Any smaller won’t print well.
    • Opt for bold text and use just one or two inks (CMYK).
    • Artwork registration to any panel can vary up to 1/8”.
    • Include a 0.25” bleed in areas where graphics extent past the die line.
    • Lines to be printed in a solid or dark color should be no thinner than 1 point.

    And, a bit on file types:

    • Any non-photographic content (like graphics and text design) are best submitted as either vector-based PDFs, or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files. Using these file types results in crisp text and lines.
    • Ensure there are no crop or cut lines.
    • Check that transparencies have been flattened.
    • Ensure all your fonts are embedded in the design file before saving.
    • When possible, save your designs using the Adobe PDF/X-1a preset.



    Our design capabilities are just one aspect that makes us different from other packaging companies. CBD Box Factory has an experienced team of graphic and structural designers. We can work with your existing branding, or create unique designs and packaging solutions based on your vision. For more information on our design capabilities, and pricing for design hours, please email us at support@cbdboxfactory.com.


    We can often provide a discount on bulk and large orders. For more information please call our friendly team 510-462-5995 to discuss your order size, requirements, etc


    Our high-quality inks are vibrant, durable, and won’t smear. We use UV inks cured with LED and UV lamps.


    Because we want your product to shine, we offer a number of high-quality finishes, including gloss, matte, and more. See all our finishes, or call our team for more information.


    We are happy to provide samples. Our standard sample kit, which can be ordered includes swatches of our materials, finishes, and print quality. We can also provide a custom sample, printed to your specs. And if you need help deciding, email our experienced team at support@cbdboxfactory.com.


    We always send a proof, typically two business days after receiving your order. Proofs allow you to make slight changes to placement, image quality, and colors. After you approve the proof, your order goes to production.


    Of course. Labels, seals, and decorative stickers can be used on all our finishes.


    Please contact us and we will try our best to solve your problem.


    80% of our customers are return customers – that’s because we go above and beyond to make sure your order is outstanding. If you have experienced a problem with your order during checkout, or your shipment arrived and it was not up to your expectations, please email us at support@cbdboxfactory.com and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. NOTE: That weekends are very busy for our online store and we may not be able to reply to your email until Monday. Thank you for your business and we aim to make sure every customer loves our products.


    The minimum order size is 1 item. The maximum order size is 510-462-5995. We may be able to produce orders higher than this amount. For more information, please email us at support@cbdboxfactory.com


    There are a few important things to know about packaging CBD products – all of which we are set up to handle.

    • Edible products are required to be in opaque packaging. Edibles are similar to food products, and can include cakes, beverages and juices, teas and coffees, chocolates, mints, gummies, gum, and cakes or cookies.
    • Vapes and vape cartridges, under state law, must be in child-resistant packaging.

    How E-Cigarette Boxes can help making your brand popular – get the best packaging boxes?

    E-Cigarettes can be considered as a very popular product now a day. As more and more people have started liking the cannabis products and they are consuming the same the e-cigarettes are getting sold more and more. A lot of cannabis product companies are coming in the market to sell the cannabis products. Hence, it is important for you to find out new ways of making your brand popular so that in this competitive market you can ensure the better sale of your product. E-cigarette boxes manufacture companies are going to provide you best options for the boxes which are going to make the product look more attractive.

    There are two most important reasons for which you want to get the best quality packaging boxes for e-cigarettes. Keeping the quality of the product is very much important. When you are shipping the e-cigarettes, you will want to keep it safe from any sort of external damage. At the same time, you will want the originality and the quality of the cannabis product remains maintained inside the packaging boxes. On the other hand, the attractive quality packaging is going to make the display of your product more eye-catching. As a result, the sale of the product will get increased rapidly.

    Now a day, there are a whole lot of companies available which are preparing the e-cigarettes. All of the reputed manufacturers are trying their level best to provide supreme quality products to their customers. This is why, the packaging of the product has become an important thing to make your product popular. When you provide a unique packaging to your e-cigarettes it attracts the attention of more customers. As a result, more people get attracted to the product you are selling. It enhances the sale of the product to a great extent. Apart from that if you can add your company logo in the packaging it is going to spread the name of your brand drastically. It is going to enhance your brand value.

    You will get a lot of E-cigarette boxes manufacture companies available in the market. While choosing the best one of them you should check whether the company is capable of providing you variety of e-cigarette boxes that can fulfill your demand. The quality of the packaging boxes they are providing is another important thing that you should look for. You may have a particular design for the box in your mind. You should check whether the manufacturing agency is capable of providing you the box maintaining the same kind of design that can attract more potential customers.

    Packaging of any product has become very much important as it makes your product more popular because a whole lot of customers get attracted to your product when the packaging becomes appealing. As it is a very competitive market, it is important to find out new ways of attracting more customers towards your brands. Good quality packaging plays a very crucial role for the same. Hence, you can order for the best packaging from E-cigarette boxes manufacture companies and get the best benefits of the same.

    Why choose CBD Box Factory for your customized e-cigarette-boxes requirement?

    If you are e-cigarette manufacturer, then you need to do proper marketing and branding to increase your products sales. And for that you need to get your customers’ attention which can only be done by a great customized product packaging. The customized e-cigarette boxes at CBD Box Factory lets you add your own customization to make the packaging as unique and appealing as possible.

    You are allowed to submit your own design, colour, dimensions and other aspects as per which the packaging will be done.

    What are the different requirements I should know before placing an order for customized e-cigarette-boxes?

    It will be great for you to know about some specific requirements before proceeding to place an order for the customized e-cigarette boxes. You have to know its dimensions, colours and themes as per which the packaging will be done. Moreover, you also need to decide as whether the theme and colour will be flashy or simple for effectively grabbing customers’ attention.

    You should do some market research to understand explore as to what kinds of packaging is in trend these days. In accordance with that, you need to make customized inclusion in the e-cigarette packaging box.

    Different style of e-cigarette-boxes that we do.

    Various types of packaging solutions we provide to the e-cigarette manufacturers. Among these, some of the most popular styles and types are kraft box, corrugated box, cardboard box etc. All of these types and kinds are popular for their own speciality and features. You can decide to go for any of these kinds to pack your product and increase the brand value in the market.

    Once you do some research about these types, then you will understand the perks, benefits, features and prices of each of such types. You can choose any of these types.

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    2. Printing

    This is where the magic happens! Our expert team brings your vision to life.


    3. Delivery

    Based on order size and turnaround time, we’ll help you find the most economical shipping option.