Cigar Packaging

  • Box Style Punch Partition, Tuck Flap Box, Pillow Box, Gable Box, Sleeve Box
  • Dimension (L + W + H)All Custom Sizes Available
  • Paper Stock10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock
  • FinishingGloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling

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    of manufacturer company which is to depict importance or flavour of the cigar. There could be used some graphical illustrations to promote the products. Such boxes are to have some luxurious look for having various colours. Cigar is normally regarded as a symbol of class. Hence, it is required to have a catchy packaging to make a good first impression on the customers.

    Different kinds of cigar packaging boxes

    Random boxes

    Normally, cigars are to come in some random shaped packaging boxes that are basically made with the cardboard materials. These have different colours and dimensions. Such boxes can well be regarded as traditional cigar box packaging which has effective combination of some history and future aspect of cigar box. In past, cigars used to be packed inside the solid ceder box, but now card board materials are used. Those ceder boxes used to be quite expensive and it did not offer versatile design pattern like that of card board box.

    Another type of box is utilized which is to offer more protection to the cigars from moisture and potential damage. Most significant advantage of this packaging box is that this is likely to be utilized for several other purposes after cigars are gone.

    Paper or aluminium foil tubes

    Cigars are also likely to be available in paper or aluminium foil which is basically placed in some glass tube or the CBD display box of the cardboard. Such boxes happen to be quite sophisticated and costly than the regular boxes. Such foiled covered cigars are to put in some glass tube that keep them dry. Hence, if you are to use these cigars, then you need to humidify this a little.

    Cellophane covering

    Cellophane covering is also used for protecting cigars. This cover is not to make the cigars dry so you have option to take the cigars with you wherever you go be it outside or any other place. In this covering, the cigars are supposed to remain protected properly. This cellophane covering is also to prevent mixing of flavour of one cigar with the other cigars.

    Who is to offer best cigar box solution in the industry?

    A cigar box should be of highest quality which is only supposed to be possible with proper expertise, experience and professionalism. Industry has so many such companies that are providing ultimate quality cigar box solutions, but CBD Boxes is certainly considered to be the best of them. This company is such a one stop solution that deals with various tobacco products such as cigarette box, cannabis box etc. They have the necessary skills and experience for handling these kinds of marijuana packaging for related products. The designs of these packaging are done with the utmost expertise and precision while fulfilling all the customizing aspects as per customers’ requirements. CBD Boxes has expert and professional teams of designers, production team and customer care representative. These three teams will be more than enough to provide you with the best ever packaging solutions. They are to fulfil all your queries and demands. Product team is expert at meeting deadlines while providing best solution. All these teams are to work together for bringing ultimate packaging solutions for the customers.

    What types of materials are to be used for the cigar boxes?

    CBD Boxes provides two types of materials such as brown cardboard and white cardboard in the making of packaging box. If you want to have a sample of their packaging box, then you will get it one made with brown or white card board. Mailer boxes are supposed to be made with corrugated E flute materials. The corrugated materials are mainly used for the production of shipping box.

    The customers are allowed to ask for the desired dimensions and other aspects of the packaging. Such materials are recyclable and eco-friendly.

    Is customization really needed in cigar boxes?

    Different cigar box is to represent different luxurious brands. This is why the packaging box needs proper packaging. Without proper customization, the packaging is likely to grab attention of the customers. The customization is to include dimensions, colours and other aspects of the packaging. CBD Boxes is to allow customers to print their brand names, logos, images or different product details. Some attractive graphical illustrations are also to be used for giving the packaging a unique look and feel. Custom made cigar packaging is really an important aspect to consider. Customers as well as the cigar manufactures are always supposed to appreciate the custom made cigar packaging boxes.

    How are you supposed to place an order of cigar boxes at CBD Boxes?

    The process to place an order for cigar box on CBD Boxes is quite easy. You should visit the website first to get details on different cigar packaging. Then you can have a talk with customer care representative to explore further about designs, production and various offers available. Now you can either place a normal order or wholesale order. If you want to lower the price, then the order should of larger quantity. Wholesale cigar packaging solution has really become a new trend in this industry. With wholesale deals, CBD is to provide you with some customized benefits and perks that you are not to get anywhere else.


    What is Customised cigar packaging?

    In the customized cigar packaging, you get to use dimensions, colour and design of the packaging as per your own choice and preference.

    Do I get to submit my own design for the customized cigar packaging?

    You are supposed to submit specific design and dimensions as per your own choice for customized cigar packaging.

    How many days it takes to complete the cigar packaging order?

    Normally it is highly likely to take around few days to complete cigar packaging order. It may take more if order quantity is large.

    What is the minimum order quantity for customized cigar packaging?

    There is not supposed to be any kind of minimum order quantity for the customized cigar packaging.

    What is the average price for customized cigar packaging in US?

    The average price for the customized cigar packaging is to vary in different parts of the USA. Mostly, it should be around few dollars.

    How do I place an order for customized cigar packaging on CBDboxfactory?

    You can visit their website to place order or you can give them a call. You also can send them a mail to place order.

    Can you also do a single quantity or less quantity customized cigar packaging on demand?

    As there is no minimum order quantity, so you are allowed to place a single quantity or less quantity order as per your preference.

    Why choose CBD Box Factory for your customized cigar packaging requirement?

    You really need to select CBD Box Factory for availing customized cigar packaging solution. First of all, it will benefit your branding and business due to its uniqueness. Their amazing packaging is to attract so many customers towards the products. As a result, more customers will buy the products inside the packaging.

    On the other hand, it is considered to be affordable to avail their packaging solutions. This is known to be quite cost-effective for the customers. You should definitely get this packaging to increase your product sales.

    What are the different requirements I should know before placing an order for customized cigar packaging?

    There are some particular requirements that you are supposed to know before placing any order for the customized cigar packaging. You should know about the dimensions and other details about the packaging to be done such as colours, design etc. You need to carefully select these things as it will impact the overall packaging.

    Moreover, there some specific market trends in packaging that you should know about to make your own packaging better. A packaging should be simple and elegant to get customers’ attention.

    Different style of cigar packaging that we do

    There are various styles of cigar packaging that we do at CBD Boxes. Some of these styles are Kraft box, corrugated box as well as card board box. Each of such box types is distinct and unique in its own way. So many customers prefer to buy these kinds of packaging boxes. Therefore, it will boost cigar sales to the fullest.

    These boxes will really benefit your cigar business and branding in the best way possible. So many customers will get attracted to these boxes.

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