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    Whether you’re packaging vape cartridges, vape devices or both, our packaging can neatly fit and display your product.

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    Why should you consider CBD Boxes for your wholesale packaging needs?

    At CBD boxes, you will be able to meet your custom as well as design CBD Packaging Wholesale boxes for your CBD products on a wholesale basis. We provide affordable packaging solutions. There is no limit in the number of order. In fact, we are the leaders in providing wholesale packaging solutions to all our clients. Our professional and expert designers make sure to think out of the box and create unique designs which can easily attract your customers.

    Why are we the best?

    CBD boxes is the best at providing advanced digital printing and hence, we are popular for our wholesale packaging solutions. Using the latest technology, we try to make our work unique and creative so that it gets noticed by your customers. We also provide high quality offset printing, no die and plate charges, free shipping, free design support, fast turnaround time etc. This makes us the best at what we do.

    We aim to provide the best services to our clients and meet the deadline on time so that they stick to us for their future packaging requirements. We provide our clients with certain facilities that helps to maintain the business with them. The packaging boxes are made of good quality recyclable material that helps to keep the product inside it safe from moisture or any kind of other external damage. Also, it is eco-friendly.

    Get customized packaging solution from us

    You can get your CBD packaging boxes customized from us. We make sure to meet all your requirements on time. With unique printing you will be able to attract your customers through the packaging. You can put information about your brand like name, logo, tagline etc. We offer customization in terms of shapes, sizes, colour, design etc.

    Why is wholesale packaging the best option?

    CBD boxes will not only help you to enhance the appearance of the product but also the wholesale packaging will keep your product safe from getting damaged. Wholesale packaging boxes are a good option because it can act as backup boxes too. It will also cut down the total cost and benefit your business. Our objective is to help our clients to boost their sales. So, you can order packaging boxes at a reasonable and wholesale price.


    What are Customized Wholesale packaging boxes?

    Customized CBD Boxes as those which are made as per your own choice of design, colour, and dimensions. You may customize a CBD box in any way.

    Do I get to submit my design for the customized Wholesale packaging boxes printing?

    Yes you can always submit your own designs to us and get the customized CBD box printing. You will have to follow the design guidelines about the dimensions.

    What is the material that is used for customized Wholesale packaging boxes?

    In most of the cases, kraft and paper are the materials that we use in the making of customized CBD boxes. We also use cardboard in a few cases.

    What is the printing material used for customized Wholesale packaging boxes?

    For the printing materials various inks are used in the process alongside paper, kraft, and cardboards. We use UV inks that are cured with LED lamps and UV.

    What are the different finishing touches you do for CBD boxes?

    There are various finishing touches used in CBD boxes, such as matte, gloss, and other finishing types. The primary purpose is to make the product shine.

    How do I place an order for customized CBD boxes on CBD box factory?

    You can always give us a call or mail us to place an order for your required CBD boxes. Our customer support representative will reach you soon.

    Can you also do a single quantity or less quantity customized CBD boxes on demand?

    We usually take bulk orders of customized CBD boxes, but you can also place an order for a single quantity, only you will have to pay more.

    Why choose CBD Box Factory for your customized CBD boxes requirement?

    You may choose CBD Box Factory to meet your customized CBD box requirements because we offer various kinds of custom-made boxes to store CBD products. The fantastic design along with the quick turnaround time is makes our CBD boxes top-notch.

    You will get benefits like custom shapes, sizes, high quality offset printing, free design support, free shipping, and no plate or die charges etc., from our custom printed boxes. Our team of experts can create a huge range of well-designed and durable CBD boxes as the customer’s preference and demand. By availing our packaging service, your CBD business will surely flourish.

    What are the different requirements I should know before placing an order for customized Wholesale packaging boxes?

    When you customize the CBD products, it will have a positive impact on your brand and it will change the perspective of your customers towards your CBD products. You have to choose some elegant, classy yet simple packaging for your CBD products and avoid the flashy ones. You may also add some of the essential features like the manufactures logo, name of the company, your company’s motto or tagline, contact details, website address etc.

    On the contrary, you must always make it a point to choose the most appropriate colour and designs that will go best with the company’s branding.

    Different style of Wholesale packaging boxes that we do

    Usually we work on crafting various styles of the packaging of CBD boxes along with different designs and function. We make different types of boxes like Kraft paper boxes, rigid boxes, cardboard box, corrugated box, etc. These boxes come with many features like design, colour, and sturdy quality.

    We will provide you with the custom CBD boxes exactly as per your requirement and preference. We also take orders for making cigarette boxes which can keep the product secure and safe. We create high-standard corrugated boxes which are the best in the business.

    How to Order

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    Based on order size and turnaround time, we’ll help you find the most economical shipping option.