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    Whether you’re packaging vape cartridges, vape devices or both, our packaging can neatly fit and display your product.

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    CBD Boxes not only provides you various samples for the packaging boxes but at the same time we always take your valid feedback to understand your requirements. With our different designs you can experiment with various shapes and styles of packaging boxes. We use the matte paper and the attractively looking description related to your product on the packaging box to make it more appealing to the customers.

    Reduce packaging cost by sample boxes:

    You can consider these CBD sample boxes as the best possible way related to prototype marketing and you can get reviews from your valued customers. We will design these sample boxes in an extremely original way so that it can put more value to the marijuana product. With the sample boxes, you can present your product in the best possible way and at the same time can reduce the cost for packaging to a great extent. The cost which is related to different marketing tools and advertisement can be reduced in this way because the best packaging will indirectly market your product perfectly.

    How you can contact us:

    As a customer you should always go through the reviews given by various customers to find out the best packaging company for completing your order for the packaging boxes. CBD Boxes can be considered as one of the most renowned companies related to packaging field which can provide you the best packaging solutions. We always try to provide the best quality material for preparing your boxes and complete your order within the timeline. We not only provide you the best quality service to our clients but at the same time we guide them in a proper way through the various channels for communication. You can check into our website and get the e-mail address and phone numbers by which you can get in connection with our professional customer service team.


    Why choose CBD Box Factory for your customized CBD sample boxes requirement?

    You try to find out many samples for checking the various designs, shapes, dimensions and colors of packaging boxes which you can use to pack your CBD products perfectly. With CBD Boxes you can get the highest number of sample boxes which you can show to your customers and get the reviews from them. It will help you to decide on a particular packaging box which will be liked by your most of the customers and in fact, you will be able to bring new potential customers to buy your product because of the attractive packaging. We will take your feedback and prepare new samples which you can use.

    What are the different requirements I should know before placing an order for customized CBD sample boxes?

    If you want to get the best quality packaging boxes, it will be important to know what sort of requirement you need to maintain while sending the order for the sample boxes. You need to mention some of the basic necessary things like size, shape, dimension, color, packaging material, printing material and images which will be used for the packaging. Following the same we will be able to prepare the correct samples for you which will help you to decide on the final design of the packaging boxes easily. You should get such sample boxes which you can use for the best marketing of your CBD products.

    Different style of CBD sample boxes that we do

    One of the main reasons for which people choose CBD Boxes for providing them the samples for various packaging boxes related to CBD products is the ability to provide you with the greatest variety of styles. You can get different shapes and sizes of the boxes as per your requirement. We can give you slider box, sleeve box, and flip top box, window box, diagonal box and many other options so that you can find out the correct one for accommodating your product in the best possible way. As per your specific requirement we can also come up with more customized styles for the CBD sample boxes.

    What is Customised CBD sample boxes?

    When you choose the customized CBD sample boxes, you can go for your preferred shape, dimension, size, and color for the designed packaging boxes. You can also print your logo.

    Do I get to submit my own design for the customized CBD sample boxes printing?

    With the customized options for the CBD sample boxes you can inform us about any preferred design idea you have. Our design team will work on the same to make the design more unique.

    How many days it takes to complete the customized CBD sample boxes order?

    There is no such specific time for completing the order for the CBD sample boxes. Whatever timeline you will mention we will maintain the same for completing the order.

    What is the minimum order quantity for customized CBD sample boxes?

    For the CBD sample boxes we don’t maintain any minimum order quantity. You can also get our best quality CBD product boxes for single quantity if you have demand of the same.

    What is the printing material used for customized CBD sample boxes?

    As a printing material the best quality printing ink is used so that the print will be prominent and glossy. We use the latest printing techniques as well to make the packaging look amazingly attractive.

    What are the different finishing touches you do for CBD sample boxes?

    To make our sample boxes more attractive we use different finishing touches like embossing, debossing, matt, glass, UV and many others. This makes the packaging look more elegant.

    How do I place an order for customized CBD sample boxes on CBDboxfactory?

    Simply visit our website where you will get our contact details like e-mail id and phone numbers. Give us the order through the same. Have a live chat with our customer care representatives as well.

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