Vape Cartridge Boxes

  • Box Style Punch Partition, Tuck Flap Box, Pillow Box, Gable Box, Sleeve Box
  • Dimension (L + W + H)All Custom Sizes Available
  • Paper Stock10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock
  • FinishingGloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling

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    Whether you’re packaging vape cartridges, vape devices or both, our packaging can neatly fit and display your product.

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    There are two reasons for which vape products are popular. The first reason is its taste and quality and second reason is its amazing packaging. The CBD Boxes provide different unique packaging boxes for the vape cartridge products. Best of the vape cartridge boxes are used to cover cartridge. Unique boxes are required for promotion and marketing of vape products. CBD Boxes has highly skilled team of designers to create packaging boxes of all sizes, shapes, colour and themes. In order to know more about our service, you can give us a call or send us a mail.

    The term ‘vape’ has recently become popular in the market. The advent of advanced vape tools, better taste, quality and extensive choices have made it easy for the vape smokers out there. Vape is nothing but an advanced method of smoking. So many tobacco lovers are getting used to various vape products. Vape packaging is to bring many things for the packaging companies that provide amazing boxes for different products. Vape products are to have some kind of vaping device which is to contain cartridge for holding liquid, a mouthpiece and some battery-powered heating tool. Each of these tools needs proper boxes to cover.

    Different industries provide vape cartridge packaging solutions. These cartridge boxes are to be available in different styles, sizes, dimensions and colours. Such boxes are very useful for promoting the vape products. Designs of such vape juice boxes are to describe attributes, features and values of the products and companies. The information will grab attention of customers. Cartridge is to be various sizes and types as per size and type of vape tool or product. Liquid holding capacity is also likely to be different. All the packaging boxes are to have such level of variety and uniqueness. Packaging is to earn in different ways once it is used for packing different vape products and related tools. As per the design and quality of materials used in the making of packaging as demands by customer, the prices will vary according to that.

    Different kinds of the vape cartridges boxes

    There are various vape cartridge boxes with different dimensions, designs, colour and size.

    Blank Cartridge Boxes Packaging

    Blank cartridges box is known to be cost-efficient blank box which has plastic window. It is black in colour. Such boxes are to be available in various sizes and come with some unique safety features. At the same time, this box is supposed to have an amazing style and appearance that enhances its branding value and increase the sales of vape products.

    Cartridge box with the diagonal window

    This kind of box is available in two different colours such as white and black. It does not have any plastic diagonal window but it is available in various sizes as per customers’ requirements. Moreover, you can get such boxes in multiple colours while it has protection from the damaged.

    Sleeve boxes for cartridge

    These kinds of boxes are basically made into two different parts. One part is the upside cover and the other part is an inside slide-out tray for the cartridge. It can even be used as the gift box. This is also known as sleeve box which can be availed in various colours such as brown and white. Mainly cardboard materials are used in the making of it. Plastic window is to be placed for making this the display box.

    Vape Cartridge Slider Box

    These boxes are to contain some inside slider as well as outside cover but it does not contain any kind of plastic window. There are some safety features with it. It is likely to be customized as per different designs and colours of customers’ preferences.

    Type is not any limitation here

    Type is not regarded as any issue or limitation with these cartridges. Customers are allowed to ask for a box with any dimension, design, type, colour or theme with the proper materials to be used. The professional and expert design team at CBD Boxes is capable of designing and making any kind of vape oil packaging boxes for customers.

    Where to find such versatile boxes?

    There are so many companies and service providers in provide customized packaging solutions. But among all them, CBD Boxes is regarded as the industry leader in this regard. Once you decide to go for the amazing packaging solution of CBD boxes, then it will boost your branding and business properly.

    CBD display boxes is to provide best cartridges packaging solutions according to customers’ demands. Such boxes have several features and functions. These boxes can either be used as display boxes or gift boxes as per need. If any mistake is made by CBD boxes in its packaging, then it corrects its errors to better customers’ experience. This company is likely to have a full work plan for tackling customers’ requirements and needs. CBD Boxes is really considered to be quite different and distinct as per the other competitors in the market.

    The technically sound professional designers are the main asset of CBD Boxes. These designers have the ultimate skills and expertise to design and craft packaging in accordance with demands of the customers.

    On the other hand, CBD Boxes has a great marketing team that is capable of developing business with their customers. They have the proper skills and knowledge of doing business of cartridge packaging with customers. They are regarded as expert in handling packaging requirements. Their customized packaging solution in very effective and users for the customers.

    There are three important teams at CBD Boxes such as customer service, production and design. These 3 teams are to work together in providing best packaging solutions to customers and making this company better. All our customers are duly satisfied with our service. CBD Boxes is to meet deadline while providing best services.

    Does CBD Boxes provide customization option on colours and designs?

    Yes. Vape products really require customization. The customization options give liberty to the customers to add their preferred colour, theme and other aspects to the packaging boxes to make it unique. A customer can even a logo or product details on the packaging. Customized packaging of CBD Box is ultimate. You just let them know about your customize requirements and needs, then will do the needful to make it happen for you. As customization is very essential for any product, CBD Boxes is to take this job very seriously. The design team has proper knowledge, expertise and skills to create best of the created packaging solutions as per unique customers’ demands and needs.

    How to contact CBF Boxes?

    You can reach out to CBD Box through using phone call or email. Moreover, you can also visit their website and have a talk with their customer service representatives. You can even explore about different aspects of different vape cartridge boxes there. You can even directly place an order on their site as per your convenience. You can know about the latest designs, colour and themes of the vape cartridge packaging solutions.

    How can you get a quote and what could be quantity of your order?

    You can reach out to customer care representatives to ask for a quote. There is no lower or upper limit on order amount. Hence, you can either get a single quantity packaging box or you can get it in bulk amount. There are wholesale deals for you.


    Are these boxes biodegradable and eco-friendly?

    Yes, each and every box here is known to be eco-friendly. These boxes are also biodegradable that can be utilized several times over.

    What special pricing do you offer to your wholesale dealers?

    There are certainly some special pricings provided to the wholesale dealers that will benefit them to the fullest.

    Do you provide customizing options for start-up and home based business?

    There are several exciting customizing options and features offered to start up and the home based business.

    Will there be any help for bulk orders/requirements?

    Customers who place orders in bulk amount are to get several perks such as priority shipping, repackaging etc.

    Will these boxes guarantee success in business?

    These boxes are surely supposed to boost your business in many ways. It improves branding and increase the overall product sales.

    What is the guarantee of product safety?

    As sturdy and durable materials are used in the production of these packaging, it ensures proper safety and protection to products.

    Are there any promotional deals and packages in special holidays?

    Various amazing promotional deals and packages are given by CBD Boxes during special holidays and other occasions.

    Why choose CBD Box Factory for your customized vape cartridge boxes requirement?

    You really need to choose CBD Box Factory because their customized vape cartridge box solutions is surely the best in the industry. They have ultimate professional designers that create immaculate packaging solutions for you. Such boxes will improve your branding and as a result the sales of your products will get boosted to the fullest.

    Moreover, despite their high quality and standard of service, their rates are quite low and decent as compared to other service providers in the industry. You must avail their packaging solutions.

    What are the different requirements I should know before placing an order for customized vape cartridge boxes?

    It is to be beneficial for you to explore about some prior requirements to place order for the customized vape cartridge boxes. The first and foremost thing for you is to decide on its dimensions, colour, theme and other related aspects of the packaging solutions.

    Moreover, you are also required to do extensive research to know about the present trends in packaging boxes. This way you will have clear idea as to what kind of packaging boxes you should be doing for.

    Different style of vape cartridge boxes that we do

    There are several kinds of vape cartridge boxes that we do to say least. Three of the most used styles in this regard are kraft box, corrugated box, card board box etc. Each of these boxes has got some unique features that make this style distinct and different than the others.

    Different customers are to choose different styles of vape cartridge boxes. You have complete liberty to choose any type of packaging solution as per your own preference and needs anytime you need.

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