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    Whether you’re packaging vape cartridges, vape devices or both, our packaging can neatly fit and display your product.

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    What do you mean by CBD oil subscription boxes?

    At CBD boxes, you will get CBD oil subscription boxes at any size and we make sure to deliver the best packaging solution to you at an affordable price. We aim to design customized boxes according to your requirement. Other than this, you will get free shipping, free design support, high quality offset printing from us. This is to make sure that our clients are able to take full benefit of our services so as to boost the sales of their company.

    We provide a wide range of designs for CBD oil boxes

    You can get the CBD oil boxes customized as per your specifications or requirements like in any shape or size. We ensure to design the boxes in a unique way so as to attract the customers. You can also get packaging for your product as well as CBD oils every month on the basis of a subscription. This will enable you to get a the boxes every month without ordering them every time separately. We maintain the requirements specified by our clients and make the necessary change wherever it is needed. As per the instructions of our clients, our team makes the changes and ensures to run a smooth process.

    Get you customized boxes from us

    We are expert in providing customized CBD boxes to all our clients just like they want. Customized boxes can give your product an attractive and appealing look. With our fast turnaround and control over the customization, it can turn your product into a entire package. You are allowed to choose any design, shape or size that you want. With our free design support, you will get the best guidance from our team of experts. Then, we quote the final product and ship it to your destination after it gets approved. Without any kind of hassle you will get these subscription boxes every month.


    Are these Boxes Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly?

    Yes, our packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly. We can also produce bio-degradable packaging as a special request.

    What special pricing do you offer to Your Wholesale Deals?

    While we are an end customer provider, please contact our sales if you are looking for wholesale prices as a broker. We do work with partners, and can do special whole sale pricing for clients who do contract packaging

    Do You Provide Customizing Options For Start up and Home Based Businesses?

    We at CBD box factory, proudly work with home based businesses and startups. We offer them, no MOQ pricing. We also offer them free marketing and design services.

    Will There Be Any Help For Bulk orders/Requirements?

    Yes, we have many offerings for all our clients who order us in bulk quantities. This will include, priority shipments, repackaging, white label services, etc. Please contact our sales person for more details.

    What is the Guarantee of Product Safety?

    Our products are absolutely safe to human touch and we guarantee this. We use good quality and safe material for the boxes and the pouches, so rest assure we would never compromise on quality of your boxes.

    Are there any Promotional Deals and Packages in Special Holiday?

    Yes, we definitely offer special holiday pricing and packages given that there is sufficient time to complete your order. For more details, you may contact your sales agent.

    How Long Will it Take to Get Our Shipments?

    We take 7-10 business days usually for your deliveries but you have to confirm with your sales agent, since the shipping time may take longer than this sometimes for the boxes to reach your destination.

    Why choose CBD Box Factory for your customized vape pod boxes requirement?

    You can always choose CBD Box Factory to meet your requirements for CBD oil subscription boxes. We offer a huge variety of styles and designs that you want in your product packaging. These custom made CBD boxes can store your product and keep it safe and secure.

    You will get many benefits when you avail our services of CBD oil subscription boxes like free shipping, high quality printing, high quality material, free design support etc. Our experts can suggest you unique designs or you can also customize the boxes with your own design.

    What are the different requirements I should know before placing an order for customized vape pod boxes?

    When you customize the CBD product packaging, it can have a huge impact on your brand. It can also change the perspective of your customers towards the product. All that you have to do is choose a simple yet stylish looking package to attract customers and the name, logo, instructions, company tagline etc., can be printed on the boxes.

    Different style of CBD boxes that we do.

    We work on different styles of the packaging of CBD oil subscription boxes along with various styles and designs. We can make several types of boxes like rigid boxes, Kraft paper boxes, corrugated box, cardboard box, etc. Such boxes also comes with several features like colour, design, and stiffness quality.

    How to Order

    1. Review proofs

    We’ll share proofs of your finished packaging for approval, testing, framing—whatever it takes to ensure you’re happy.

    2. Printing

    This is where the magic happens! Our expert team brings your vision to life.

    3. Delivery

    Based on order size and turnaround time, we’ll help you find the most economical shipping option.