Cigarette Boxes

  • Box Style Punch Partition, Tuck Flap Box, Pillow Box, Gable Box, Sleeve Box
  • Dimension (L + W + H)All Custom Sizes Available
  • Paper Stock10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock
  • FinishingGloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling

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Whether you’re packaging vape cartridges, vape devices or both, our packaging can neatly fit and display your product.

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The demand of cigarette is constantly increasing because consider smoking as some kind of symbol of status. Different kinds of brands of cigarettes are being introduced. Cigarette boxes are to be created in any shape, size, design and colour. We at CBD Boxes have expertise in crafting such boxes according to customers’ requirements. You are allowed to create cigarette boxes with your own customization and enhance its value in the industry. We are to use cardboard materials to make these cigarette-boxes in most of the cases because this material is eco-friendly and low cost. There are blank empty boxes available to tackle your various requirements. You should check out the details and then get a relevant quote.

Smoking is known to be a normal habit of people. People, in most of the cases, are to experience it for once at least or hold the cigarette box. Hence, cigarette boxes have become basic part of people’s life. Over the time, trend of smoking has become modern.

Most of the tobacco companies are to put effort in making their brands appear as symbol of adventure. Hence, a particular type of packaging boxes is very essential for tobacco brands. The purpose is to make these boxes catchy and vibrant. Such unique boxes are considered as trendsetters for various other brands in business for adding designs and colours in their own packaging. People mostly smoke cigarette as a luxury aspect due to its fashion and style. Such people actually look for something vibrant, flashy and elegant in cigarette boxes. A tobacco company requires to create best of the packaging for their cigarette boxes to become success. This can really benefit a business by enhancing its sales and growing its brand value.

How to find top company for the cigarette boxes?

Various companies are to offer you with services to fulfil your need for product and business branding. Such companies even are to design and create amazing quality cigarette boxes as per your exact requirements. Such boxes are to be available in various materials of highest qualities. In this regard, you are really allowed to choose from several options of design, material and prices. CBD Boxes is known to be quite a popular company in packaging industry which fulfils various needs of customers. Read on to know as to how this company goes about this to tackle the requirements and issues of cigarette packaging.

CBD Boxes: An introduction

CBD Boxes is a well-known service provider in packaging industry. This company happens to have extensive experience and expertise in designing and developing various packages as per customers’ needs be it marijuana packaging, cannabis box or anything else.Among all their products, cigarette box is considered to be their main product line. They are to pay extra attention in making ultimate cigarette boxes for their clients as per their unique demands.

What does CBD Boxes provide?

This company is to provide wide range of packaging and boxes solutions for different tobacco brands such as e-liquid packaging. Few of their most popular and common products are described below for your knowledge.

Boxes for E-cigarette

E-cigarette or electronic cigarette is basically used with some particular chemical known as vaporizer. Such e-cigarettes are regarded as part of the vape products. All these modern day cigarettes have become quite prevalent and popular among many people out there. There are different kinds of packaging boxes for e-cigarettes that are available in various size, shape, colour and design. Customers are allowed to directly order for such products from website of CBD Boxes. They should even purchase the blank boxes from this website.

Custom made boxes for cigarette

CBD Boxes has expertise in offering custom made cigarette boxes which are basically made according to customers’ needs. Customers are allowed to ask for any kind of customization on such e liquid packaging boxes. Whether the customer asks for customization in size, shape, brand logo or colour, it is to be done in accordance with their preference. Moreover, the customers can decide to make the packaging boxes in collaboration with design team of CBD Boxes. They can effective talk to them about the necessary alterations of design of a box. Such custom made boxes for cigarette have really become game-changer in tobacco industry as they are to attract a huge segment of customers. Customers are to get choices in ordering among various custom boxes or they can simply go for custom print box. CBD Boxes is to accept order for the blank cigarette box.

How does CBD Boxes make amazing boxes?

Each of these amazing boxes is to be developed with proper attention and care since it is very delicate. CBD Boxes is to provide various kinds of materials as per customers’ demands. Two types of cardboards are used in the making of these boxes such as brown and white. All these recyclable and eco-friendly cardboard materials are to be reused later. Such boxes are basically used and purchased worldwide. An experience team of smart individuals, designers, production team and helpful customer representatives do the needful to provide you with best quality products.

The amount of quantity of cigarette boxes that you are allowed to order

There is no upper or lower limit in amount to order for these boxes. You can either place an order for bulk quantity or for a single box. But placing order in bulk quantity has some certain perks offered by most companies these days. CBD Boxes even accept order of wholesale boxes deals.

Where to purchase such empty cigarette boxes?

So many companies are providing these kinds of empty cigarette boxes at affordable prices. But you should know as to where to purchases such empty cigarette boxes. Due to digital marketing, it has become quite easy to purchase such products these days. Now you can directly visit company office or send a mail or give a call to buy any kind of cigarette box. They will become glad to offer you with any kind of box that you need.

How does CBD Boxes help you in purchasing cigarette boxes?

CBD Boxes is a professional organization. You can browse their site to contact to their customer care representative to know regarding their service and products. Their expert and professional team is to guide you about various aspects of cigarette packaging. Once you are to decide on the final design, then you can place your order to them. Once you visit website of CBD Boxes, you are to get product details with the graphical representations and other aspects. This site is to have specific segment regarding cigarette boxes that basically encompasses its customization, materials, quality and other details.

You need to know about the requirements of order and product packaging before talking to customer service representative on the website of cannabis boxes. Once you let them know about your specific order requirements, then they will do the needful to give you delivery of the products at your address within the stipulated timeframe. They are to offer you with highest standard cigar packagingboxes that you will not find anywhere else.

What are custom cigarette boxes?

Custom cigarette boxes are another name for the protective packaging around the pack of cigarettes. These types of boxes came into existence to protect the original flavor and fine composition of the cigarettes. The design and color scheme of these boxes play a great role in marketing and displaying the concept behind the preparation of many varieties of cigarettes. Currently, the inspiring designs of the cannabis cigarette packaging are a real piece of buzz among the generation of customers.

Customizations add phases or define the process behind a product in an elaborative way. On top of that, it helps the brand gain a firm reputation by launching products that people have never seen before. In other ways, it also saves you money by narrowing down the retail-worthy design profile of the packaging of your product. Custom cigarette packaging also works the same way. It earns the satisfaction and trust of people to stabilize brand sales.

The CBD Box Factory, a well-known name in the packaging industry, has fixed its repute by performing outstanding services. Moreover, we have satisfied our clients with time-in deliveries and the best quality results. Our wholesale prices are like a discounted package where you pick the desired package based on your needs. It is rare to find such resources that not only offer the best styling but better pricing as well. So feel free to reach us if you want to build and highlight the name of your brand. And don’t forget to check out the fantastic design variations of cigarette boxes on our website.

What Size Should a Cigarette Box to be?

Size and dimensions are the souls of any configured cigarette box packaging. Without the proper scaling, the effective marketing strategy of cigarettes could easily fail. So in terms of designing the cigarette box, it is pertinent to set the standard of the regular cigarette box scaling. For that, most brands and manufacturers of cigarettes usually select a pack of at least twenty cigarettes.

Obviously, this standard digit value that goes by twenty buds in a single pack affects the consumption of cigarettes in different global regions. This greater influence on the consumption rate is the reason for you to decide about the size of the custom printed cigarette case by seeking the services of professionals. At CBD Box Factory, we have experts that possess the knowledge of regulations for the distribution of all kinds of cigarettes across the USA and other regions.

By combining your ideas and industry-grade requirements, we launch a product that holds a strong influence on the targeted market spaces. Apart from that, we proudly offer the services of packaging for ecommerce cigarette businesses as well. Contact our client representatives now to book the appropriate sizes and designs for cigarette boxes.

Which Material Should Be Used For Custom Cigarette Boxes

You, as a manufacturer, must be aware of the fact that marketing strategists put in all their effort to improve the overall look of the product. This usually works parallel as they focus on both the inner and outer qualities of the product. Here the topic of attention is that mostly the consumer doesn’t know what’s inside but gets attracted to the outer look of the product. This is how you earn the interest of the consumer and convert their loyalty towards your product and brand.

Materials selection for cigarette boxes is a special assignment that you should conduct before launching the product on the market. As of present packaging trends, cardboard and Kraft cigarette boxes are the most desirable. The significance of their obvious selection lies in the sturdy and flexible structure. Along with that, these materials have greater sustainable abilities, so it makes the customer and environment both happy. Moreover, all kinds of designs and color combinations work their magic on these materials and help you gain an edge over the competitors. Otherwise, we at CBD Box Factory offer other options too. You can always send us the details to discuss the packaging of the product.

Can I get Cigarette Boxes with Gold & Silver Foiled Interiors?

Yes, cigarette boxes are readily available in gold or silver foil wrappings at CBD Box Factory. Two of these types fall in the metallic covering category for the cigarette packaging. Carefully produced under the supervision of designers, CBD Box Factory presents you with the most innovative and cost-effective gold and silver foiled packaging boxes. What you have to do is send us design suggestions and proper measurements, and then using the cutting edge equipment at our facility, we make the best cigarette boxes with gold or silver foil lining.

On our packaging station, we bloom your ideas like flowers on the cigarette packaging boxes. This results in more engagement of the audience and builds a bridge between the consumer and a brand. Once the trust is earned, they would never go for searching any other option. So, trust us with your doubts, and we will serve you the advanced and promising packaging styles.

Do custom cigarette boxes keep cigarettes fresh?

Cigarettes are made from ingredients that, in turn, need high-profile maintenance. Therefore, within many cigarette packs, you can find the sensitive paper covering that keeps the cigarette units intact and saves them from any potential damage. Silver or gold filters inside the packaging very much provide the same functionality but at the cost of higher rates. The options to choose from are always yours, and seeking expert advice like CBD Box Factory can boost your sales in days.

Effective packaging is the key to effective marketing, and cigarettes are the only commodity that requires it at the highest rate in order to sustain the competition. Make an appointment with our packaging specialists and learn how you can reduce costs by following industry standards for custom packaging of cigarette boxes.


We work with out client to ensure your orders arrive on-time. Typically, we select the option that works best for your timing and budget, but can sometimes use your preferred provider. Depending on the size of your order, it will either arrive in one of our CBD Box Factory shippers, or via freight on a pallet. For freight orders that will be delivered to a residence, please let us know so we can arrange for a lift gate, which will prevent any unforeseen charges.

Looking to save more on shipping? If you live close to our office, you can select Free Local Pickup at checkout. We’ll be ready to make the hand-off.


Absolutely. For rush jobs, please give us a call at 510-462-5995 before placing your order. Our team can help set an accelerated production timeline. In addition, we can help you navigate the shipping process to ensure you find expedited shipping options that fit your budget and desired delivery date.


We always accept customer designs, and have a few pointers to ensure your files are ready for printing. As a primer, you can review our design guidelines,

  • Use at least 8 point text. Any smaller won’t print well.
  • Opt for bold text and use just one or two inks (CMYK).
  • Artwork registration to any panel can vary up to 1/8”.
  • Include a 0.25” bleed in areas where graphics extent past the die line.
  • Lines to be printed in a solid or dark color should be no thinner than 1 point.

And, a bit on file types:

  • Any non-photographic content (like graphics and text design) are best submitted as either vector-based PDFs, or Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files. Using these file types results in crisp text and lines.
  • Ensure there are no crop or cut lines.
  • Check that transparencies have been flattened.
  • Ensure all your fonts are embedded in the design file before saving.
  • When possible, save your designs using the Adobe PDF/X-1a preset.



Our design capabilities are just one aspect that makes us different from other packaging companies. CBD Box Factory has an experienced team of graphic and structural designers. We can work with your existing branding, or create unique designs and packaging solutions based on your vision. For more information on our design capabilities, and pricing for design hours, please email us at [email protected].


We can often provide a discount on bulk and large orders. For more information please call our friendly team 510-462-5995 to discuss your order size, requirements, etc


Our high-quality inks are vibrant, durable, and won’t smear. We use UV inks cured with LED and UV lamps.


Because we want your product to shine, we offer a number of high-quality finishes, including gloss, matte, and more. See all our finishes, or call our team for more information.


We are happy to provide samples. Our standard sample kit, which can be ordered includes swatches of our materials, finishes, and print quality. We can also provide a custom sample, printed to your specs. And if you need help deciding, email our experienced team at [email protected].


We always send a proof, typically two business days after receiving your order. Proofs allow you to make slight changes to placement, image quality, and colors. After you approve the proof, your order goes to production.


Of course. Labels, seals, and decorative stickers can be used on all our finishes.


Please contact us and we will try our best to solve your problem.


80% of our customers are return customers – that’s because we go above and beyond to make sure your order is outstanding. If you have experienced a problem with your order during checkout, or your shipment arrived and it was not up to your expectations, please email us at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. NOTE: That weekends are very busy for our online store and we may not be able to reply to your email until Monday. Thank you for your business and we aim to make sure every customer loves our products.


The minimum order size is 1 item. The maximum order size is 510-462-5995. We may be able to produce orders higher than this amount. For more information, please email us at [email protected]


There are a few important things to know about packaging CBD products – all of which we are set up to handle.

  • Edible products are required to be in opaque packaging. Edibles are similar to food products, and can include cakes, beverages and juices, teas and coffees, chocolates, mints, gummies, gum, and cakes or cookies.
  • Vapes and vape cartridges, under state law, must be in child-resistant packaging.

Why choose CBD Box Factory for your customized cigarette-boxes requirement?

If you want to get customized cigarette-boxes, then you are supposed to get so many benefits and perks with it. You get the chances to choose your own colour, design and dimensions for the packaging boxes. Moreover, you are even allowed to discuss with the design team at CBD Boxes to utilize their valuable suggestion and recommendations. This way, you will get the best packaging boxes for your products.

The customized packaging is to enhance your brand value in the market. As a result, your product sales will be skyrocketed and business will get great revenue.

What are the different requirements I should know before placing an order for customized cigarette-boxes?

There are some important requirements for you to know before placing any order for the customized cigarette boxes at CBD Boxes. You should explore as to what the dimensions of the boxes will be. Choosing right sizes and shapes is extremely important for the packaging to be appropriate. Moreover, you are supposed to select such a design that will be simple and yet catchy. Doing this will attract attention of your customers.

The design should be too flashy or vibrant. On the other hand, the materials used to create the boxes should be durable to provide necessary protection to products.

Different style of cigarette-boxes that we do

There are various styles and kinds of cigarette-boxes that are we are known to do at CBD Boxes. To start with, there are Kraft Boxes, Paper Boxes, and Cardboard Boxes and Corrugated boxes. You are allowed to choose any of these kinds and styles as per your preference and choice. Each of these styles is to cost you differently for obvious reasons.

There are so many businessmen that resort to using these kinds of cigarette boxes for their products. Such boxes are to be unique and distinct than the other available options in the market.

How to Order


1. Review proofs

We’ll share proofs of your finished packaging for approval, testing, framing—whatever it takes to ensure you’re happy.


2. Printing

This is where the magic happens! Our expert team brings your vision to life.


3. Delivery

Based on order size and turnaround time, we’ll help you find the most economical shipping option.