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Amazing Features And Benefits of Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard is the universally utilized material for producing packaging boxes for every sized product. The cardboard material originates from the cellulose substance of the plant. The same type of cellulose is responsible for the production of paper. The high strength and flexibility of the cardboard are the distinctive qualities that you can hardly find in other sources of packaging. Cardboard Boxes packaging is the newly furnished kind for packaging and promoting high-quality hemp products from the cannabis family. 

If we shed some light on the importance of cardboard boxes, we would realize that they have been used as an industry staple for packaging and transporting goods for several years. Professionals nowadays pronounce the packaging boxes as the quiet salesperson who possesses distinctive features to navigate people’s concerns and trigger them with the best possible solution. Intelligent marketing tactics are a hidden skill that a silent salesperson uses to interact with people and push them to show interest in more products. 

Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard box packaging

Features Of Customized Cardboard Boxes That Benefit Your Business 

The interesting features of cardboard boxes strive hard to impose positive effects on your business. 

Great Space To Showcase Typography

Huge space on a cardboard box gives you the freedom to organize the literature for marketing and the color schemes associated with the box in a view worth seeing for the potential buyer. The glittery alphabets scored carefully on the upper skin of the box send out a great detail about the packaged product. A useful hack for CBD Packaging is to use advanced printing techniques. Digital printing applied perfectly within and outside a plain cardboard box is aesthetically out of the ordinary and takes customers by surprise for such neat and reachable packaging. The utilization of reliable paints is suitable for customer-friendly packaging.  

Breathtaking Design Interpretation

CBD Boxes, the sole custodians of ordinary and extraordinary CBD products, require a certain wow factor to rise against the primary competition. Retailers can use multifunctional cardboard boxes easily to attract a higher public response. The ability to carry embellishments over the top explains the exclusivity of the hard cardboard boxes and gains upfront visibility. The general printing techniques, including PMS and CMYK, works very well on the surface of all types of cardboard boxes. More effort in design patterns ultimately appears as the engaging strain for your brand products. 

Exceptional Brand Marketer

Cardboard boxes have a specific composition, and each side is fully capable of projecting modern ideas for the different niche products. A company has to do its part by fashioning these boxes as the primary packaging for the specific CBD product line. Bold inscription on a random side of a box is very thought-provoking and knowledgeable for the general customers. Designs formed around the background offer great sense to the customers and, in turn, generate sales. Different shaped customized cardboard boxes are very famous for promoting and publicizing branded products. 

Genuine Biodegradable Attributes 

Are you finding packaging for exhibiting your products with a touch of simplicity and an aesthetic sense? Well, biodegradable cardboard boxes are the best option to expose your brand. This type of packaging shows a nice impression and allows your consumer to have a clear image of the product. The biodegradable nature of these boxes cause less garbage and saves the environment from excessive mass disposal problem. 

All In One Box Solution 

The chemical properties of cardboard assign them as fully functional packaging categories for performing various tasks.  From shipping several advanced pieces of equipment to carrying furniture, the cardboard boxes wholesale in their simple brown appearance act as major transporters. Either storing food or clothing items, these multipurpose boxes are exceptional for sourcing the things you want. In a few cases, people consume them for proposing invitations to their arranged parties. So many uses, and the only box (cardboard box) that takes care of everything, is known as the savior for securing and eloquently protecting goods. 

Some Interesting Facts About The Cardboard Packaging

  1. Cardboard boxes are great for carrying products of various sizes. 
  2. Cardboard boxes for packaging hold onto goods with complete coverage.
  3. Cardboard boxes made from non-static materials usually serve as packaging aids for wrapping electronics. 
  4. Cardboard degrades quickly into small segments and hence produces less pollution. 
  5. Custom cardboard boxes have extensive usage as the branded packaging for distinctive and unique CBD products. 

CBD Box Factory Provides Best Quality Cardboard Packaging

CBD Box Factory is a reputable packaging company that has been delivering superior packaging products to the renowned brands of the USA. Holding impressive experience, particularly in providing CBD packaging to famous companies, makes us the only brand that can turn your small spending into great profit ratios. Our team of designers translates your provided dimensions into the perfect packaging desired by you. As a packaging hub, we use long-lasting materials such as paper stock, cardboard corrugated, and Kraft for your custom boxes. Reach us now through phone calls or email to get quotes about our fantastic product line. 

Final Words

If you decide on launching new products in the market or have a will to deliver merchandise to places around the world, then make use of amazingly structured cardboard boxes that have the approval of the world’s major sellers. You may use the designed boxes matching the color of the products you want to sell to make them attractive. As part of the market, every brand holder knows that the competition is rapidly taking new paths to attain consumers’ attention. And due to fewer cardboard boxes price, they can utilize customized forms of them to win the consumers over packaging. 

FAQ’s Section

Can you make cardboard from hemp In the USA?

Yes, you can make cardboard from hemp in the USA. 

What is the best source of cbd hemp boxes?

CBD hemp boxes are sourced best from the packaging provider in the USA, known as the CBD Box Factory. 

What are the benefits of CBD Hemp Boxes?

CBD hemp boxes are durable and innovative packaging resources for wrapping up sensitive hemp products that require great protection. 

Is CBD Hemp packaging expensive?

CBD hemp packaging made from hemp is on the expensive side, whereas the boxes made from the usual packaging materials are available at reasonable prices. 

5 Comprehensive Advantages Of Custom Pre-Roll Packaging


There is no doubt that the packaging styles are evolving with the passage of time, so the sizes and shapes for the boxes vary from product to product. Two points should always stay in your mind while working in the tobacco industry. One is that your product’s outer look must appeal to the eye of the buyer. The second is that your product must have a package covered with durable and trending boxing styles. Common taste in the Custom Pre-roll Packaging wouldn’t attract your intended audience when planning to bring a thrust in the market through your brand promotion. So, you must have a taste that your competitors wouldn’t have. 

Discussing all the unique points of pre-roll packaging conveys how much this product has gained fame in the past years and continues to maintain its impression. The increase of this product has allowed many brands to launch a diverse collection of cigars, CBD cigarettes, and usual tobacco pre-rolls. Now, you can witness the number of tobacco products packaged in these specific boxing styles that are dependent on the outer look of the packaging. 

Pre-Roll Packaging
CBD Pre-Roll Packaging at CBD Box Factory

Today the task at hand is to discuss some practical advantages of pre-roll packaging that helps make your products more durable. 

Five Amazing Advantages Of Custom Pre Roll Packaging

1 Latest Designs Of Customized Pre Roll Packaging Defines Quality

The variety of different designs and custom features define the depth of concept behind different pre-roll products. Here customized pre-roll packaging plays a very important role in interpreting the message behind a well-crafted product. The color schemes may vary based on the moods and interests of the people. 

It is sometimes complex to identify people’s interests. Therefore, one must play safe by categorizing the color schemes and designs with the age groups. Also, the supply of pre-rolls is available to only limited age groups that justify packaging choices as well. Packing the pre-rolls in vibrant and bold colors would make the custom packaging boxes charming and sophisticated.  

2 Ecofriendly Pre Roll Packaging Boxes Are Modern Sustainable Solutions

Eco-friendly pre-roll packaging is the standard solution for promoting less usage of natural resources. Partial and complete eco-friendly materials are available to create packaging that encloses safe and sound packaging properties for encasing high-quality pre-rolls. Kraft has a distinctive role in preparing biodegradable and reusable packaging.

With so many elaborative advantages, you can use Kraft as a base material for producing all forms of packaging for pre-rolls such as trays, carry bags, boxes and envelopes. Pre-rolls reside so well in these packaging utilities that they make the brand and consumer end satisfied. Hence, eco-friendly packaging boxes are bestfor improvising packaging styles to control mass pollution.  

3 Wholesale Pre-Roll Packaging Are Budget-Friendly Options

Wholesale pre-roll packaging is very useful for covering the packaging demands of brands on a tight schedule for providing urgent deliveries to the retail stores. Cheap and qualified options of materials in the market are a viable method for proposing cost-effective pre-roll packaging. The paper cardboard boxes provide enough security to the collection of pre-rolls that you wish to transport to far-off places. 

Packaging tapes made from cardboard often wrapped around the boxes represent the brand name and motto. These exclusive packaging accessories save your money for expensive printing works. Other numerous cost-effective options for simple pre-roll packaging can set aside some substantial cash amounts for your brand. 

4 Secure Pre Roll Packaging For Different Pre Roll Joints

For molding your pre-roll boxes into a durable and attractive structure, you must be selective while picking up the boxing styles. All pre-rolls generally have a thin look, and the cylindrical shape wrapping never works for them. Therefore, you insert tiny pockets inside the boxes in which they can be fixed. Besides that, pre-roll joints fit comfortably on displays with an open window effect on the boxes.

Custom pre-roll packaging offers a fully secured environment for the pre-rolls to survive. The open-air contaminants might damage the pre-rolls, so to stop them from entering, a laminated thin film comes over the top of the pro roll boxes. Also, there are UV-protected foils available for minimizing their effect on pre-rolls.  

5 Branded Pre Roll Packaging For Standardized Products 

Some of the custom features focusing entirely on the designs, packaging themes, and materials regarding the age group demand would benefit you in reaching more people. It will become a right-hand job to target the audience globally when making the right decisions for selecting the packaging materials. Brand selling pre-rolls products require unique and optimistic packaging utilities to stand out, and branded pre-roll packaging gives them that opportunity. 

Using logos or special symbols about the brand story streamlines the image of the products in a better way. People who don’t know enough about a brand can picture the greatness of the quality of the products by just observing the effective means of packaging. Eye-opening details added to the different parts of the whole package tells a certain tale about the goodness of pre-rolls. Nostalgic and antique design patterns also come to play well when surprising the customers with out-of-the-ordinary advertisement campaigns. 

Rely On Our Custom Pre Roll Packaging For Massive Turnovers

CBD Box Factory maintains the high packaging standards while providing the customers with the budget-friendly packaging options ever. Consult about various sizes, shapes, textures, and other customization features from our client representatives. They will guide you every step of the packaging procedures and eliminate all your doubts before the final production of packaging boxes. Get in touch with us now to turn your products into big sellers of the year. 

FAQ’s Section 

How to start a pre-roll packaging business?

You can start a pre-roll packaging business after learning their basic standards. After that, you need to invest in suitable materials and equipment to produce high-class pre-roll boxes. 

Why do most people recommend pre-roll packaging?

Pre-roll packaging keeps every little detail of the luxurious pre-rolls safe, and they are flexible for transporting them to far regions. 

How many types of pre-roll boxes?

Pre-roll boxes have many categories, and the hottest selling ones are custom pre-roll boxes, wholesale pre-roll boxes, and eco-friendly pre-roll boxes.

Are pre-roll boxes safe for packaging?

Yes, pre-roll boxes have the safest interior and exterior for protecting the original contents of fantastically manufactured pre-rolls. 

Incredible Demand of CBD Display Boxes For Retail Business

The growth in the CBD industry has raised the bar for competition among many brands. More products are introduced with the hope of surviving in the big cluster of well-reputed brands. Digital marketing and sales are primarily affected by the use of inappropriate packaging styles. In this case, only straightforward and provocative styles of packaging can effectively promote CBD products. One such packaging style is the CBD display boxes with all the right components to advertise numerous CBD products collectively and uniquely. 

Custom CBD Display Boxes Are ‘The Silent Sales Person’ 

The retail stores always need tactful packaging options that could circulate the news about the product’s arrival pleasantly. The custom CBD display boxes act as a silent salesperson and perform the general job tasks of a usual sales assistant. They are less costly and entirely responsible for deploying innovative thoughts in the interested buyer parties to encourage them for a significant investment in the marketed product belonging to the CBD niche.  

A silent salesperson in a custom packaging CBD box says and shows so much about the product that is not easily reflected through the expensive ad campaigns. The purpose of marketing is fulfilled with on-point custom features induced within the CBD box.  

CBD Display Boxes
CBD Display Boxes at CBD box factory

Types Of CBD Display Boxes For Increasing Sales

Evolution in the CBD business is a testimony of its promising future growth. The demands are fulfilled well by the industry with the introduction of a new product regularly. Multiple items such as CBD cosmetics, topical, food supplements, oils, capsules, and pain relief ointments are part of the retail market’s whole group of profitable products. Display packaging responsible for displaying the contents and relevant information about the product is the only one that exhibits each CBD product tremendously.  

Disposable CBD Display Boxes

Medicines containing CBD essence are quite commonly available in the markets and shops. Sellers choose disposable CBD display boxes for showing off their products due to the versatility of design features they possess. The color and tone matching the product somehow show symmetry between the products and their packaging.

Materials used for these kinds of boxes include lightweight options such as paper cardboard or paper stock. Although they are light in weight, they have full strength to bear the weightage of packaged products. Another important factor about disposable display packaging is that they are remarkable for carrying anywhere for your convenience. 

Promotional CBD Display Boxes

The specially crafted CBD goods of the cosmetic and food industry are stepping way too high to grab the attention of seekers outside. For this purpose, you have to devise some strategic marketing plans to promote the innovative and latest CBD products. Promotional packaging is the only remedy for products that are newcomers and require a handy base work for making its mark in the retail market. 

The promotional CBD display boxes that are unique in touch and have a delicate covering will give a whole new reflection to the upcoming CBD products. They will put a good impression on your consumer’s mind. Furthermore, the ideas in the form of graphical presentation will lay an interesting story for the customers to understand the invention process about a particular CBD item. 

Custom CBD Display Boxes

Every brand seller wants the best luxury options to influence the customer’s reflecting its motto behind it. The motto meant to offer the quality of the products and highlight the relation of the brand with the consumers. Custom CBD display boxes are not something that you can compromise. 

The great artistry manifested at the front foot of these boxes in the form of customization techniques never falls short of explaining the typical selling points of the product. It’s a mandatory requirement for the promotion of the CBD product to form compliance with regulations of the state. Picking just a random packaging category will result in disaster. The wise act would be to customize the box’s shape, design, and size with the product’s purpose. 

Kraft CBD Display Boxes

Kraft CBD display boxes have all the features that the buyer expects in any eco-friendly packaging. The sustainable nature of Kraft material causes less harm to the environment and wildlife and opens options to reuse the packaging in other forms. People enjoy kraft CBD display boxes for showcasing organic or vegan CBD goods for their great and famous brown appearance. 

The attributes of Kraft CBD display boxes are quite worthy for marketing usual and unusual CBD goods in a secure style. Brands and companies mainly manufacturing natural CBD goods add labels of CBD leaves on the kraft boxes for facilitating the customers with exceptional packaging experience. Most custom features of this packaging are elusive and long-lasting.    

Pop Up CBD Display Boxes

Many of the packaging suppliers just add minimum information about the product on the packaging boxes. Due to this negligence, customers lose interest in the merchandise because they seek something reliable and durable. In other words, a brand product detail is a must to add to the back or front of the packaging. For fixing a condition such as this, pop-up CBD display boxes are perfect. 

Custom printed cbd display box packaging is one of the kinds of pop-up display packaging. It can unveil the brand trademark with effective designs that will earn the trust of the consumers and develop a bond with them. Such packaging never hesitates to show off the brand concept and focus well on covering the supply chain requisitions of CBD brands. 

CBD display box for sale in US is the most efficient marketing and publicity deal grabber. Availing one of the suitable types of display boxes for CBD products will protect and publicize them properly. CBD Box Factory, the packaging specialist of CBD products, has intricate and decent packaging options that could significantly increase sales for your prestigious CBD products. Contact us through our client representative to discuss the display packaging of your branded products. 

FAQ’s Section

What is the major difference between CBD cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes?

CBD cardboard boxes are made solely from cardboard, and corrugated boxes have the composition of corrugated material. 

What is the purpose of cardboard display boxes?

A cardboard display box aims to protect the products and portray the contents associated with them in an organized manner. 

How many types of CBD cardboard Display boxes?

CBD cardboard display boxes of several kinds are available in the market to display the quality of CBD products. 

How Many Types of Candle Boxes Can Help You To Protect Candles?

Custom Candle Boxes

Carving the wax with decorative styles is always a fascinating sight to see for most consumers. The ideas utilized to manufacture different themes of cannabis candles with their printed cannabis candle boxes by the world’s most famous candle production houses are fully capable of meeting the customer’s hearts. And their primary function is to generally push most observers to become a buyer and make the instant purchaser. The candles hold a significant amount of prestige in the hearts of more people than we can imagine. 

Candles sighted on any occasion, either a celebration, any festival or event, or a gathering for any memorial of a person, notably showcases custom features. The presence of the candles gives most of us the hope of enlightenment, and we consider it an essential requirement of any event. Often people associate candles with human feelings. Alike, they are produced and meet to match our mixed feelings, cheer us in happy times and motivate us in bad times. In this article, we will discuss the various types of candle boxes that can help protect the internal and external contents of the candles. 

Candle Boxes
High quality Candle Boxes

Make Your Candles More Presentable With Different Candle Boxes   

Luxury Candle Boxes 

It is very casual to see different events happening around, and even restaurants utilize different design techniques to decorate such an ambiance that gives a calm feel. The cozy atmosphere can only gain people’s attention when candles are around to provide an extraordinary exposure to eminent guests. Candles used in restaurants are mostly scented and have serene color combinations. 

Luxurious candles wrapped in luxury candle boxes are perfect for maintaining a positive first impression with your loved ones. Best packaging skills and great design themes are responsible for creating a mesmerizing effect for your family members or friend every time they open the candle gift packaging. And as a bonus, it always leaves you with remarkable feedback.   

Customized Candle Boxes

For marketing a product on social platforms or displaying it on a supermarket shelf, the outer look matters the most because if it fails to win the customer’s heart; then, the product inside wouldn’t be complimented well. Highly customized candle boxes with a variety of attractive designs work the charm on candle lovers and make their every moment lively. 

The CBD brands running scented CDB candle business hire distinguished designers to display the high-quality candle bundles through graceful design tactics that would leave their customers in great awe. Manufacturers use customized candle packaging for pointing out the aroma, scents, and even the base ingredient for candles. Altogether a more incredible amalgamation proves to be the best and successful packaging for most CBD candle products. 

Cardboard Candle Boxes

Cardboard is among the useful impression-making materials that would make your candles sparkle on the first row of the shelf. Apart from multifunctional attributes, it holds great power for keeping candle bundles or collections in one place. The freedom of incorporating these boxes with any design is quite trustworthy for most candle box packaging manufacturers. 

Cardboard candle boxes are a great source of retail marketing. For instance, open window panels are settled on the front surface of these boxes so that the product can appear clearly. This practice encourages the purchasers to get tempted for buying candles without giving them any second thought. Additionally, the plain-looking cardboard boxes with less customized features are there for different packaging styles of the candle jars. These boxes are prepared explicitly by using aromatic scents applied to the inner and outer layers of the boxes.  

Festive Candle Boxes

Different cultural festivals get celebrated globally, either it’s a Christmas, Easter, or New Year celebrations, candle producers always come up with new ideas. Candles prepared for selling on important occasions needs proper wrapping with perfection and a unique aesthetic sense. In few cases, the packaging and designing of the festive candle boxes fulfill the consumer’s requirements depending on their taste for celebrating a special event.

As an option, eco-friendly rigid candle boxes serve the purpose of displaying candle pieces with elegance and grandeur. Eco-friendly packaging is biodegradable and even reusable. Consumers don’t have to worry about the packaging for long if their candle comes in green packaging boxes or bags. Biodegradable bags’ structure has compostable fibers that have the great ability to disintegrate. 

Wholesale Candle Boxes 

Many candle brands offer collaboration gift wraps to complement their followers and buyers. To fulfill a purpose for delivering the candle selections to hundreds and thousands of consumers internationally, wholesale candle boxes play a major role in transporting them securely. The company’s latest logo goes on the box that showcases the background story or the vision behind a product. Ribbons are wrapped around the bottom of these boxes and showcase beautiful aspects to the packaging of the candles. 

It is much more convenient to buy candle boxes online through online vendors in bulk quantities in situations where you require them the most. Wholesale candle boxes keep your store sorted for running a smooth supply chain with cost-effective and simple packaging solutions. In turn, these boxes help you earn significant revenues. 

Where To Buy Candle Boxes Online?

CBD Box Factory is a well-reputed provider of a wide variety of custom candle packaging. All types of customizations applied to your candle packaging are according to your desire. We have boxes as well as other packaging items to fulfill wrapping requirements for your branded candles. Our best candles boxes for sale available at our facility are made from materials that have high strength and enticing features. Contact our excellent team representatives through email or phone call to send us your specifications. Or visit our website to gain more details on our prestigious custom packaging options. 

Do you have an appetite for learning more about candle packaging? Then focus on the given segment below for more information. 

What is the popular size of candle boxes?

Candle boxes are easily accessible in various sizes and formations. Mostly small sizes and cube shapes preferred by candle-selling brands are among highly demanded candle boxes. 

What is a unique candle box?

A unique candle box has extraordinary designs and custom features or different logos for presenting a unique and compelling statement of the candles. 

How do you make a custom candle box In the USA?

You can easily purchase custom candle boxes from the USA’s packaging suppliers in the specifications of your choice. Upon contacting one of them, you can share more details of the packaging you want for your candles.

How are candle boxes used for business?

Candle boxes customized with prominent color schemes and design profiles help a lot for setting up the business. 

5 Stunning Tips About Lip Balm Boxes That Your Brand Require in 2021

In the huge crowd of brand sellers, it is difficult to maintain your brand name visible in the market. Facing lots of pressure regarding lip products is not an easy job to handle. With the growth of the CBD industry, CBD-infused lip balms are one the most hyped products that every female wants to try. Selling lip balm is never easy; imagine a consumer buying your quality product but change their mood because of the unattractive CBD infused lip balm boxes. You can only avoid that kind of situation by using custom packaging.

Lip balm usually being bought by teenagers is a daily-use product, and many consumers buy to make their lips look softer and moisturized. Some beauticians define it as an alternative to lipstick, but many consumers beg to differ from that. The reason for difference simply relies on lip balm’s attractive and exciting qualities that most customers enjoy. Assuming that, different age groups of women get willingly attracted to purchase the beautiful lip balms of their choice. 

Lip Balm Boxes
cbd infused lip balm boxes at cbd box factory

Importance Of Lip Balm Boxes Wholesale In Cosmetic Business

Different approaches and proper homework is made in the marketing process of the product. As far as marketing is concerned, brand sellers seldom put a vision to the packaging side. Lip balm packaging is as essential as the other product packaging. Best colorful lip balm boxes wholesale with attractive imagery not only grabs the attention but also put a long-lasting influence on the consumer’s mind.  

Wholesale packaging of lip balms allows the brand to continue running the supply chain without any disturbance. The cost-effective budgets of these boxes bring down the annual spending of the company. The customers, along with the shopkeepers, love them for their multifunctional attributes to be served as the shipping boxes for lip balms when required. Wholesale lip balm packaging provides the perfect cover for your lip balms and certainly helps maintain the company’s good status. 

Five Stunning Tips About Lip Balm Boxes 2021

  1. Reveal The Intricate Designs

Being a competitive best brand seller, you must give a green signal to the handy and enticing boxes. Lip balm boxes display of your company not only provides proper visible font but also work on enhancing the impression of the brand logo. Color schemes and the layout, including designs and logos, are the essential features to be considered. Apart from that, the shape and size of the lip balm boxes also matter. The cylindrical and square-shaped boxes are most in fashion for producing chic lip balm boxes. Inspirational and stylish packaging proves a valid point of sales for the customers to understand. 

  • Notch Up Security 

Lip balms available in different flavors have separate packaging boxes highlighting the color of the flavor of the specific lip balm. A fine gloss coating or matte protects the custom lip balm boxes from the upper and lower sides. Its glazed texture keeps your upper covering safe from scratches. And it also works as a shield against heat, moisture, and dust. Everything needs to be on point from coating to the finishing process to ensure a hundred percent secured mechanism. 

  • Indicate Brand Excellence

Brand excellence defines straightforward thinking of a brand for launching and promoting a product. Companies paying attention in searching for the most appropriate lip balm boxes to buy must conclude the budget costs for them too. Representing a brand does not mean that you have to overspend. Plus, the simple and minimalistic design options in the market make the task easier for a brand to portray their wonderful image to which consumers can relate with ease.  

4 Incorporate Sustainable Features

Being aware of the fact of saving the environment, you should consider producing eco-friendly lip balm packaging.It helps accelerate the sales of organic and vegan lip balms. CBD lip balms being extracted from natural ingredients prefer wholesale lip balm boxes made from Kraft material. Kraft material has a higher degradable ratio. And the texture of them is pretty sturdy for upholding lip balms. 

  • Adapt Competitive Market Models

Market competition is a primary factor for selling your product in the global and local regions. Packaging holds a significant role in presenting a product differently in the economic zones. The use of provocative and straightforward custom features can increase your chances of appearing as the top and well-reputed brand. To focus on the particular portion of your lip balm boxes template for the sales offer or zooming any flavor part, get your designers to use window panels and gloss coating to make it more visible and pleasing. 

Packaging Advice For CBD infused Lip Balm Boxes

CBD-infused lip balms almost utilize the same packaging trends as ordinary ones. The only difference lies in the marketing or detailing of CBD-based products. For that matter, as a brand, you have to stick to government rules by providing accurate details on the packaging of CBD lip balms. Those details should include mentioning the product’s name, brand title and address, QR code, tamper-free seal, instructions for usage, and CBD percentage. Only then can a customer confidently approach a CBD-infused lip balm.   

Facilitating your clients with a more interactive and outstanding product and packaging keeps them to stay in touch with your company forever. The dazzling look of your lip balm boxes can undoubtedly set a different place in the market. And packaging designs and the material will surely set a trademark on the consumer’s mind. 

Gain Top Class Lip Balm Boxes At CBD Box Factory 

CBD Box Factory is a proud facilitator of CBD packaging and always performs with commendable determination for providing a high-quality custom box. No matter how hard the design is, our team of designers, manufacturers, and shipping agents make sure that a customer’s end stays happy after receiving the desired product. As a bonus offer, we give you free delivery in the USA and Canada. Get your instant quotes by sending us your queries through email or phone call.  

FAQ’s Section

How do custom lip balm boxes grow your makeup business?

Custom lip balm boxes present a classy and reliable image of the brand in front of the consumers. 

Why is it important to use lip balm in the cosmetic industry?

Lip balm has several advantages, and its composition and application are close to lipstick, and that is its unique selling point. 

What are the benefits of lip balm?

Lip balms have several benefits, and among them is keeping the lift polished and moisturized. Their natural ingredients work on the complexion of the lips. 

What is the importance of using lip balm during the winter? 

Lip balms keep the dry lips hydrated and protected from getting affected by the cold weather.

How to Build Up Tobacco Brand Identity with Cannabis Cigarette Boxes?

Cannabis Cigarette Boxes

Tobacco, the source of pleasure and stress reliever, is consumed by the world’s population in many different forms. Among the many states, we have the cigarettes that people consume on a daily basis to satisfy their smoking needs. Cigarettes with the improved composition of tobacco have further different subcategories. The advanced technology of refining filters and the discovery of great flavor combinations have entirely changed the infrastructure of the tobacco industry and also cannabis cigarette boxes . The usual consumers who had no option to stick to one flavor now have the complete freedom to choose the cigarette they want. 

With the release of Cannabis cigarettes, consumers are going crazy for trying them out. Cannabis cigarettes contain patches of THC within them that have a balanced effect, and they are not considered dangerous. For the marketing and promotional procedures, cannabis cigarette boxes have played a pivotal role. Reaching the domestic and global consumer audiences is presently hassle-free with the correct design patterns of custom cannabis cigarette packaging.  

Four Great Ideas To Increase Brand Identity 

Cannabis Cigarette Boxes
Cannabis Cigarette Boxes cbd Box Factory
  • Durability Is The Ambassador Of Safety For The Cannabis Cigarette Boxes

Cannabis boxes packaging is an invention sculptured stylishly by a bright team of designers using state-of-the-art techniques to meet modern-day requirements. The cannabis industry of the world is booming due to this prevailing product. It indeed has extended its use in many new forms. Many varieties are available from micro to macro sizes to fit the cannabis cigarettes of multiple shapes and flavors. 

The materials utilized in the production of these boxes usually derive from high-standard equipment. They help better the process of infusing strength in the final packaging sample for cigarettes. With the high profile and sturdy cannabis cigarette boxes, shipping the final product to the destined areas is more convenient. Strength and tamper-free packaging ensure the product reaches its destination without any harm. Hence, easing out the expenses spent on over bundling the boxes. 

  • Contour Your wholesale cannabis boxes In The Eye-Catching Artistic Models

To fulfill the fast-growing requisition of wholesale cannabis boxes in this modernistic century, choose the customization techniques that cater to your brand needs with utmost sincerity and care. Improved graphical imaging, one of the printing procedures, gives a different direction to your creative packaging by providing them an adorable and impressive look. Set of materials, attractive designs, trendy color selection, and embellishments are the second way of upgrading the outermost display of the cannabis cigarette boxes. 

Wholesale cannabis packaging is amenable for tobacco companies with both small and bulk orders. These boxes produced in large amounts save the resources from getting wasted. In turn, the protected features can bear positive effects on the environment.  Also, as packaging advice, brands must avoid careless errors in the dimensioning of the boxes, as they are always taken into account by active consumers. The impressive presentation of the cannabis cigarette boxes is a fundamental point for enhancing retail consumers’ growth. The better the design, the more the fan following. 

  • Introduce Attributes That Compliment The Custom Cannabis Cigarette Boxes

Window displays are one of the attributes that can add depth to your overall packaging of the product. The open window feature added on the outer surface of the pillow style cannabis boxes increases the chances of becomingvisible to the customers. Apart from that, several laminations and polishes of high quality expose a safe and secure image of the boxes to buyers who prefer a well-guarded packaging product. The cigarettes and tobacco quality stay as good as the new ones in the protective packaging. 

Worldwide and domestic shipments take time and a lot of effort. The delivery process for cannabis cigarettes is equally important as for any other product in question. With the more divine and secure custom packaging, sending out deliveries is convenient with affordable and long-lasting cannabis cigarette boxes. They are specially oriented to resist any kind of weather and can last long. The materials employed on these boxes are most likely recyclable to be utilized for other purposes as well. 

  • Shift To Eco-friendly Packaging For Avoiding Harmful Outcomes

Global warming is causing harmful effects to our planet every day. And to save the world from more destruction, the brand should come forward and help spread awareness through their eco-conscious cannabis cigarette boxes. Consumers should also perform their part by standing against the multiply layered packaging that openly increases the chances of producing more pollution. 

The well-informed packaging suppliers should avoid harsh chemicals and such procedures that would harm the ozone layer massively. Green boxes are an absolute revolutionary packaging type for packaging many products securely and gracefully. Sleeve style cannabis boxes add glamor and charm to cannabis cigarettes. Brands and retailers acquire such boxes for packaging fine and premium quality cannabis cigarettes. And later, they are sold as gift packaging at the gift shops.  

Try Our World’s Best Custom Wholesale Cannabis Boxes 

CBD Box Factory is a tech-savvy company that believes in delivering elegant, cost-effective, and wholesome custom packaging to its customers. We have the full range of organized and heavily customized cannabis cigarette packaging. Keeping under view the demands of different brands, our manufacturers also craft cheap cannabis boxes for providing a low-budget packaging solution. Visit our website at your convenience to view countless packaging categories and choose the right one for your custom-made cannabis cigarettes. Grab this opportunity and get a quote today because wise choices can benefit the increment in your business in the future.

FAQ’s Section: 

What is a Custom cigarette box called?

Custom cigarette boxes are known as the packaging utilities used for wrapping high-quality cigarettes. 

How much impact do custom cigarettes boxes have on our daily life?

Custom cigarette boxes inform the consumers about the main contents of the product packaged inside them and prevent all kinds of pollutants from entering.  

What is the purpose of designed cigarette boxes?

Custom designed cigarette boxes spread awareness about the brand and promote the original theme of the cigarettes. They also offer a secure environment for the wrapped product that helps in a fast delivery system. 

Four Ways Cannabis Packaging Ideas Can Grow Your Business

Cannabis, the famous green leaf industry, is among the largest growing businesses in the world. We cannot deny its successful spread among different countries and states. People have learned to grow fond of cannabis products due to their high efficacy rate against many harmful and incurable conditions. The patients using them felt and observed specific improvements in their body parts. The wonders performed by a few of the cannabis products are making more consumers addicted to them. For this reason, Cannabis Packaging must take on the show for strategically marketing them. 

The following four ways can give you insights on developing improved cannabis packaging for your CBD products. 

1 Gather Inspiration For Your Designs

Often visiting and observing lots of places lay forward different styles and shapes of the things we see around us. That’s where the designers need to take a good start. Showing creativeness in choosing the styles that would put a dazzling effect on your product certainly helps the cause for forming customized cannabis packaging. Custom cannabis packaging is a technique of multiple procedures relying mainly on the design, size, color themes, and embellishments. 

Custom packaging boxes had become an essential feature for promoting a CBD brand particularly. Along with them, other options of packaging, for instance, blister packaging, poly mailers bag, hemp bags, and huge display boxes, are playing a valid role in making a favorable point of sale for brands. Making a cannabis product stylish by utilizing innovative technology options (flexographic printing, lithographic laminating, die-cutting, and embossed patterns) in the packaging field helps prove the purpose of the CBD product on sale. 

Cannabis Packaging
flexible cannabis packaging solutions cbd box factory

2 Know The Audience Interest

Packaging of the CBD product only pops out if your target audience’s interests are fully known. Cannabis is a demand of the modern generation of different age groups. The young millennial prefer simplistic and logical reasoning for approaching a good quality cannabis item. On the other hand, older generations prefer an extra alluring factor in the product and its packaging that communicates well with their thinking. 

Somehow the patients seeking CBD products as advised by their personal physician are the most judgmental group of people looking for nothing but authentic details. They are simply curious about reading every information engraved on a usual CBD packaging. If the description (THC percentage, type of CBD, company’s name and website address, instructions for usage) shows the right things, then it’s a pass from them. Acknowledging interested buyers’ concerns and then setting things in motion for gifting them a market-worthy product packaging undoubtedly improves brand image. 

3 Envelop Sustainable Features

The world is much curious to welcome a packaging of the product that commercializes sustainable solutions. Biodegradable or recyclable materials are one of the best options to induce sustainability in custom packaging. As a service for rendering ecofriendly attributes, introducing flexible cannabis packaging solutions is convenient for satisfying the customer’s demands. Flexible cannabis packaging has numerous benefits for products too fragile to be exposed in a simple style. 

The use of less packaging also serves to depict environmentally friendly attributes that benefit both the environment and atmosphere in the long run. Sustainable features are the focal point of attention of the current consumer requirements, and their negligence in packaging will only result in bad reviews for the companies denying their efficiency. 

4 Security Is The Key 

A product such as cannabis extracted carefully from different parts of the hemp plant verifies the properties of the high-end compounds. The manufacturers and the packaging providers have to signify the involvement of implementing secure and protective designs for cannabis products. Hesitation in taking some venturesome steps for amplifying a product’s appearance could send a bad vibe to the customers investing in cannabis products. 

Therefore, configuring wholesale cannabis packaging boxes with tamper-free logos, child-resistant materials, and strong openers will comprehend the care and concern for customers under consideration. Lamination and polishes on the external part of the packaging ensure the guaranteed protection from UV rays, water, and air pollutants. Secured packaging will help you exceed as a CBD brand in the areas where laws about packaging are strict. 

All the best quality cannabis packaging tidbits will help you grab more attention for your prestigious cannabis products. Evaluation of designs and shapes of your cannabis packaging will expand the consumer circle. If you have higher goals to elevate your business status, then start considering these pinpoints. 

CBD Box Factory Produces Best Cannabis Packaging 

CBD Box Factory has served hundreds of customers with exceptional styles of custom packaging. Our company’s highly skilled client representatives guide you every step to improve your product’s packaging and propose a well-devised economical plan to cut your budget costs. The services delivered to our customers are market competitive, and we always follow our customer’s advice before going forward with the manufacturing procedure. Check out our latest and cutting-edge designs for the whole new range of cannabis product packaging. We care for you as we are your reliable packaging partner!  

FAQ’s Section

We hope to help you to a great extent in selecting the best packaging for your cannabis products. Please refer to the following statements if you want to learn more about the custom packaging of CBD products. 

How to Package Cannabis Safely & Legally with Flexible? 

Flexible pouches and glass bottles can help package cannabis safely and legally. Besides them, you can also utilize cardboard boxes for products that have a large weight.  

What kind of challenges about cannabis in the packaging industry?

Firstly the cannabis products reflect compliance with the strict regulations of marketing them in different states. Secondly, the packaging on the inside and outside should be secure and impressive. Also, the packaging should not forecast wrong claims.   

Is cannabis legal in the USA?

Legality in different states of the USA is not on the same ground rules. Every state allows the marketing and distribution of CBD products that they think are best for their local consumers.  

Where to Start for Beautifully Sustainable Cannabis Packaging In the USA? 

An experienced and well-respected brand for the beautifully sustainable cannabis packaging in the USA is CBD Box Factory. Check out their products to learn about the latest packaging trends.  

How Many Types Of Bath Bomb Boxes In Packaging Industry

Bath Bomb Boxes

Since we are a part of the competitive market and already aware of the fact that cosmetic is ruling every women’s mind. Among all the cosmetics that women love, we cannot forget to mention a very prominent cosmetic, which is bath bombs. People being a part of a busy life seek something that gives them relief and soothes their minds. Every manufacturers try to give Bath bomb boxes unique look.

Bath bombs are a skin-nourishing product that is composed of a mixture of some essential oils. Bath bomb produces an effervescence effect when they are submerged in water. Many color variations are available that make the bath bombs more attractive and a treat to the eye for most consumers. Moreover, bath bombs are aromatic and help to light up your mood. Most people rely on bath bombs and use them to leave their stress behind. 

Bath Bomb Boxes

How Custom Packaging Affects The Marketing Of Bath Bombs?

Custom bath bomb boxes packaging is a term associated with the end product obtained after customizing the packaging of the bath bombs. Customization reshapes the image of the product and makes it more acceptable for the consumers. Additionally, it markets the impressive qualities of the product in a more persuasive tone than any salesperson. The customer, often feeling confused about the selection, grabs the product wrapped in custom packaging. 

The following points explain the effectiveness of custom packaging for bath bombs and why manufacturers prefer them for branding purposes. 

  • Attracting Different Age Groups With Single Packaging

When you order bath bomb boxes online, you would not have to worry about the marketing techniques used on the packaging. All the details on these boxes are decided and implemented by considering every age group’s target audience. Slogans, logo, and design on the bath bomb packaging narrate the concept of the brand story in a positive manner. Thus, anything added as the custom feature on bath bomb boxes never objectifies to an unethical message.  

  • Great Room For Creativity 

As in observing how much the demand for the bath bomb has increased, the cosmetic brand owners struggle to find a reliable option for the packaging. True aesthetic taste is required mainly for designing the bath bomb boxes, and not many manufacturers have that in them. As a brand or business owner, you must find ways of bringing innovation to bath bomb’s packaging. The outer and interior of the packaging should transform them into better-styled products. More interactive features using die-cut technology will let more consumers engage with the bath bombs. 

Moreover, digital and offsite presses are the best options for customizing printing patterns on the custom bath bomb packaging. Hence, various creative features of these boxes ease out any room for errors to manufacturers for marketing bath bombs. 

  • Company Standards Meet Affordability

Companies stay in touch with the changing marketing trends and try their best to meet the criteria to bring remarkable results. The same implies to the bath bombs publicity. Designing the packaging that has all the prominent details of the company (name, address, and motto) and the product (usage instructions, expiry date, contents) benefits the selling process. Bath bombs boxes are budget-sufficient items for promoting the original contents of bath bombs. 

Different materials and patterns build up a great first impression of bath bomb packaging before the audience in question. We can say that the manufacturers turn towards bath bomb boxes because they are affordable and long-lasting. 

  • Social And Environmental Contribution

Making complex and unreliable designs for the custom bath bomb boxes will result in lesser reach. Intending to enhance the social and environmental conception of bath bombs, environmentally friendly packaging performs the trick. Sustainable material options prevent the spread of pollution in the form of wasted cardboard. The ability to break down into simple pieces changes the consumer perception about bath bomb packaging. That is the reason that enables manufacturers to opt for eco-friendly bath bomb boxes for saving the brand’s reputation.  

  • Easy Assembly With Great Durability 

Bath bomb boxes for special types of bath bombs are not a tad different from the common ones. The difference comes with the formation of bath bombs. The delivery service providers follow strict standards of packaging for transporting products from one place to the other. In the case of bath bombs, the packaging must be highly protected and durable for resisting unexpected impacts. It also needs wrapping that does not take more than few minutes for assembling. The solid structure and easy-to-handle construction of the bath bomb boxes as gifts make them an obvious choice for storing bath bombs. 

Final Outline 

Working on cost-cutting packaging ideas is important for reaching your goals as a bath bomb producer. The above summary of the leading advantages of custom bath bomb packaging provides great assurance for bath bombs to stand and face consumer critique.  Market research and competitor’s strategy can lay forward some suitable options for developing the favorable bath bomb packaging. 

Choosing any other platform will be an easy choice, but connecting with a trustworthy packaging house, such as CBD Box Factory, will improve the growth of your business. Send us your design specifications, and we will generate the custom box sample design for you to consider. After your approval, we will craft and assemble the boxes with a unique technique so that the bath bomb packaging boxes could reach you without any hassle. Reach us now through phone call or send us an email. 

FAQ’s Section 

How to make super quality bath bomb packaging

By introducing interesting design themes, color schemes, and size configurations, it is quite easy to make super quality bath bomb packaging.  

How many types of Bath bomb boxes are in the packaging industry?

Many varieties of bath bomb boxes are available in the packaging industry. Some are window bath bomb boxes, eco-friendly bath bomb packaging, and wholesale bath bomb boxes. 

What is the best company for Bath bomb boxes?

CBD Box Factory produces the best bath bomb boxes at affordable prices and top-notch quality for ordinary and CBD bath bombs. 

Are bath bomb boxes eco-friendly?

Bath bomb boxes made from eco-friendly materials are usually biodegradable in nature. 

Importance Of Custom Bakery Boxes In the Food Industry

It is a fact that cake manufacturers and confectioners are ambitious about presenting their exclusive bakery items in more exquisite and bewitching Custom Bakery Boxes options. The usual ones holding a brown profile are still used by many bakers who have antiquated behavior towards the packaging of their bakery products. So how does custom packaging suddenly gain importance in the bakery industry? The answer is quite simple, people having an interest in spending on these products want variety and distinction from the ordinary categories available in the market. 

Why Adopt Custom Bakery Boxes?

Custom packaging has undoubtedly spread prosperity for brands preferring it to manufacture their different types of products. It would not be wrong to claim that the custom features of the box let the product shine on its own and expresses the accurate contents of the products particularly. For this reason, packaging retailers apply extravagant and unique custom techniques on bakery boxes to accentuate the beauty of the packaged item. The amount of hard work done on each bakery box seems to impress the customer no matter the taste and appearance of the inner product. So perhaps, the bakery boxes do have an essential side to them that benefits the brand vision. 

Custom Bakery Boxes
Custom Bakery Boxes at cbd box factory

Types Of Bakery Boxes 

Thanks to the customization process that has revolutionized bakery boxes into subcategories, it offers a competitive market presentation to the brands who use them to package their products. Personalized bakery packaging elevates the confectionary packaged within them and shows a personal touch, and that is why people buy them specifically for celebrating occasions dear to their hearts. Besides them, the bakery boxes utilized to wrap up a certain product differentiate the product and exhibit multiple prospects of an individual bakery item. The list provided below is an example of such containers. 

Cake Boxes

Cake boxes are the immensely consumed bakery boxes for encasing hearty and delicious cakes. Their availability in every size and form makes them the custom king for developing an unusual packaging experience for the brands. Cake business owners and large dessert store chains purchase these boxes with their chosen hues and shape formations. The grand celebration of custom features on these cake boxes increases the chances of attracting more people to the product on display. 

Donut Boxes

The heavily glazed donuts with separate sugar coatings are a challenging product to settle in ordinary cardboard boxes. The excessive oil dripping from the donuts leaves spots on the base packaging material. It could jeopardize the reputation of the brand and the donuts they are serving. As a solution, it is better to choose donut boxes that have the potential to hold the frosting of these donuts for the customers to have a fresh and exquisite bite. 

Cupcake Boxes

Cupcake bakery boxes function as packaging assistance for storing multiple cupcakes. Cupcakes are the most lovable item in the bakery product line, and people consume them as a breakfast snack or proper dessert. Cafes and restaurants serve their top-selling beverages with a complimentary cupcake. According to a survey, the cupcake business has grown faster than other confectionaries, and following this example. They require complete protection against external harmful pollutants that only packaging can give.  

Cookie Boxes

Cookie boxes, accessible from online and practical packaging stores, are a helpful tool for preserving the original contents of the cookies. Cookies sold daily at large scales have several forms and flavor options. Packaging boxes incorporating the design theme of flavored cookies have the potential to grab more customers than usual. Otherwise, embossed or gold and silver themed boxes are also enough for serving the marketing trends of cookies to the customers. 

Pastry Boxes

Pastry boxes wrap up the delightful dessert around the globe. French pastries are very famous, and the packaging expertise used for them holds beautiful and interactive styles. Bold quotes or statements and a picturesque outlook impress consumers of all ages. Giveaway pastry packaging is also famous for presenting desserts as a gift to friends and family. The wise application of the pastry boxes manifests how much people appreciate the significant qualities of the pastry boxes.  

Bread Boxes

Bread as an industry staple usually resides in the low-cost packaging boxes that protect them from going stale. Cheaper packages reduce the cost and keep running the supply chain. Custom printed bread boxes are the hot selling item for packaging slices of bread of distinctive types. The difference in designing and customizing these boxes overall alters the image of the product as well. 

Supplementary Bakery Packaging Options

Apart from the product-based bakery boxes, other packaging commodities are efficient for wrapping up different bakery items. 

  • Custom Paper Bags
  • Custom Kraft Boxes
  • Custom Packaging Trays
  • Custom Ziplock Pouches
  • Custom Window Bakery Boxes

Five Essential Attributes Of Custom Bakery Packaging

The effects of using customizations for creating standard and luxurious custom bakery packaging are so many. Let’s explore five advantages of using custom packaging over the typical stock. 

Best Source Of Marketing

Custom bakery packaging spreads the comforting and satisfactory vibe of the desserts in the form of packaging. Packaging provides exclusive space for marketers to promote their business through intricate patterns. The idea of packaging has developed into a role of silent salesman that narrates the entire story behind the origin and transformation of a bakery item. Hence, the utilization of bakery boxes for the mere promotion of your products is a smart move. 

Reflect Brand’s Backstory

All the strategies for marketing the bakery products, including reflecting a tremendous and interesting brand story, break out a different version of your company and brand. Tag lines and quotes are also part of a few of the packaging examples where the idea was to entertain people with the power of words. Differently sequenced logo on the top right corner of the bakery box is a symbol for spreading brand awareness. 

Convenient Build Up

The main purpose of building strong and log lasting bakery boxes is to ease out the delivery system of bakery products. The solid materials used on these boxes support the products packaged inside and protect the whole packaging. The design details or printing impression on the bakery boxes are usually made with tamper-evident materials. The bakery boxes guarantee security for the bakery goods and facilitate the free distribution system. 


Careless practices of using non-sustainable materials are harming the wildlife and natural resources of the earth. In order to save them, manufacturers and packaging vendors have to invest their hundred percent in improving the pollution situation of the world. Sourcing and using biodegradable materials for wholesale bakery boxes will ensure the brand’s seriousness towards changing the packaging procedures. 

Safe Carriers

Bakery boxes can experience some jerks while being transported to the place of supply. The latest equipment in the market wraps the outer of these boxes with secure, waterproof, and heat-resistant laminations. Sure, they are expensive, but it’s better to spend a little extra money than bear the total damage charges later. 

Choose CBD Box Factory As Your Packaging Provider

CBD Box Factory maintains high standards of packaging while offering the customers the best quality ever. Our designers and manufacturers utilize various sizes, shapes, textures, and other customization features for developing a packaging product that matches your product profile. Besides this, we have a wide variety of bakery packaging products and custom window bakery boxes that you can hardly find anywhere else. 

Our client representatives are available 24/7 for your convenience; call us or connect through email for quoting or placing your orders. 

FAQ’s Section

As a packaging fanatic, you can learn more about bakery packaging through our provided bank of information. 

What is the use of small bakery boxes in our daily life?

Small bakery boxes have the purpose as any other packaging type. Due to their small size and less weight, brands use them to package tiny treats of bakery items such as sweets and chocolates. 

What is the main purpose of boxes in baking?

Boxes protect baked products from getting exposed to harmful and poisonous substances. It also helps maintain the true form of the products. 

Importance to follow some tips in presenting cakes to the customers?

Packaging tips such as enhancing the layout of the boxes and using bold and inventive colors on the cake boxes will build an impressive image of the cake and the brand serving them. 

What material is used for Bakery boxes?

Standard materials are cardboard and corrugated cardboard for manufacturing bakery boxes. Other than that, kraft is used as an eco-friendly packaging option. 

Why Cosmetic Box Packaging Is Important For Makeup Business?

Cosmetic Box Packaging

Women all around the globe purchase several cosmetic products by being attracted to their packaging and the vibrant colors displayed on it. Attending any professional meeting or catching up with friends, women use multiple makeup products to look different. Basically, makeup is used to enhance the overall beauty, and that’s why the concept behind creating it is deeply glamorized. Cosmetic box packaging has revolutionize makeup industry

The makeup brands work with that vision to facilitate the consumers, decorating their skins with the rich products and curing their skin conditions. They have the prior wish to surprise the consumers through their makeup products, and therefore they put great emphasis on the production of their Cosmetic Boxes. In today’s blog, we will learn the reasons for utilizing cosmetic packaging for selling multiple makeup items.  

Cosmetic Box Packaging
Custom Printed cosmetic boxes at cbd box factory

Cosmetic Boxes Facilitates Modern Day Demands 

We see that in the cosmetic shops or supermarkets, many brands display their counters or shelves. On the counters, they have showcased lovely colorful products to engage the customers. Do you ever think that why we run towards those products? It is just because of the good color scheme or brand representation on it. When we see the highlighted logo on the boxes, it turns our mood and develops our trust. As a result, this approach definitely heightens the sales rate and makes many consumers fans of your product. 

Customized cosmetic packaging has turned the tables for many brands selling different sorts of items. It has provided them the leverage through versatility in shape, designs, and sizes to influence buyers positively. The secondary packaging demands of the makeup products are sorted out with the help of customization procedures that, through proper manufacturing and printing provides whatever is expected of it. 

Cosmetic Box Packaging Is Ideal For Social Media Marketing

Vial marketing trends of social media are surging the sales for many local and global makeup brands. The rules are simple, a celebrity or an influencer unbox the products in live sessions and use the product to show their personal experience with that particular product. This transmission works like a charm on consumers and tends to create a huge fan following for that specific brand. Cosmetic box packaging comes with great decorative features for fulfilling the requirements of such social media channels. 

Numerous custom techniques of perforation, embossing, embellishments, and laminations make every cosmetic box enticing for the audience. The personal and cozy expression of the cosmetic packaging creates a connection with the consumer personally and helps the brand prove its worth. 

Custom Cosmetic Packaging Help Spread Brand Awareness   

The trademark has been set throughout the past years, and most of the makeup brand holders are switching from traditional marketing to online marketing. By online marketing, it’s not like displaying the products in the shops or stores is not practiced anymore. Only keeping buyer’s convenience in mind, the giant displays are changed with more interesting and interactive packaging on online websites. For catering to the consumer’s demand in the USA, low cost cosmetic boxes USA are suitable to reach different states in the USA. 

You can define it as another way to multiply the sales of the product that the brand is trying to sell. The cosmetic products packaged inside custom cosmetic boxes have made a worthy impression on the clients by executing techniques of styling and designing. It may vary with the transformation of the technology and the trends set by the market. The packaging manufacturer handling your product’s packaging must always try to come up with something that is thoughtful and deserves to be praised by the consumer. Also, pay attention to the brand awareness attribute of the cosmetic packaging. 

Cosmetic Packaging Offers Complete Security

In terms of bundling and transporting the makeup essentials, cosmetic packaging has got it covered because of its sturdy and long-lasting capabilities. Cardboard and corrugated are the common materials utilized in the production of custom cosmetic boxes. The packaging standards of different countries fall under the consideration of designers and producers for crafting reliable packaging utilities for cosmetics. 

Branded cosmetic boxes Uk acquired from the local or international packaging providers should introduce the required packaging standards of the UK. The same regulations are considered when designing the packaging of any other country. As a revolution, many talented and famous makeup companies are working with scientists to create packaging with biodegradable ingredients that might not hurt the environment and prove its productivity at times by being reused.  

Custom Cosmetic Boxes At CBD Box Factory 

CBD Box Factory is one of the top wholesale cosmetic box manufacturers in the USA to take care of your custom cosmetic packaging. We understand that you want the packaging company that packs up your product safely so that it can reach out to the consumers without any leakage or any other hazard. The caliber of the materials should be perfect in the packaging to escalate your revenue to new heights. Additionally, the packaging has to reflect a beautiful image for the consumers to fall in love with its design patterns. After analyzing the present stipulations of cosmetic brands, we have introduced three main types of custom cosmetic packaging for which you can easily reach us. 

  1. Wholesale cosmetic packaging. 
  2. Personalized cosmetic boxes.
  3. Diverse cosmetic boxes.  

Q&A’s Section

Refer to the following answers for the information regarding custom cosmetic packaging. 

Who is the best manufacturer of cosmetic packaging in USA?

CBD Box Factory is a reliable and trustworthy name among the best cosmetic packaging manufacturers in the USA. Consult their client representatives for placing your orders. 

What is the key to a professional cosmetic box?

A professional cosmetic box must possess enticing custom features to attract consumers. Also, they must have sturdy and reliable qualities for standing cosmetic products of all types of weights.  

What material are cosmetic boxes made of?

Cardboard and corrugated cardboard materials are mainly used for manufacturing cosmetic boxes. 

Why are Cosmetic Boxes popular for cosmetic products? Cosmetic boxes encase all cosmetic products with elegance and protection; therefore, they are very popular.

Your Custom Hemp Oil Boxes Look Stunning And Unique

Custom Hemp Oil Boxes

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the popularity of hemp products among consumers is quite startling in a positive way because of their efficiency. Hemp products ranging from essential oil to edible hemp have amazed everyone with beneficial outcomes. When we talk about Custom Hemp Oil Boxes Look a new discussion comes to & Many types of laminations and polishes enhance the displays of the hemp packaging.

With the growing trend of using a hemp-based product for improving health and lifestyle, a great responsibility falls on the brand dealing in hemp products. That responsibility has to do a lot with following the unique and more presentable customizations for the hemp products to make their point in front of the interested buyers. 

Hemp packaging is a serious process that requires careful designing and precise measuring. As most hemp products are sourced from natural components, so the significance of highlighting each ingredient’s detail in packaging is very crucial. The hemp products are made available to the public with limited hemp content because of the limitations imposed by the government. Hemp boxes with logo bearing the actual amount of hemp and other ingredients are likely to sell more than the ordinary styled packaging. Today the task at hand is to discuss how you can transform common hemp packages into sustainable and stunning packaging. 

Custom Hemp Oil Boxes
custom hemp boxes shipping at cbd box factory

Custom Packaging And Hemp Boxes Packaging

Within the past few years, custom packaging has gone through rapid changes that have helped better the product’s packaging. A common grocery bag from the present holds enough custom features for proving its worth to the shoppers. Sellers owning all kinds of businesses, e-commerce websites, and small shops love how custom packaging kinds always become successful in submitting their influence on the buyers. If we talk about hemp boxes packaging, then they are no different too. 

Five Methods For Shaping Uniquely Printed Hemp Box Packaging

Hemp boxes packaging can earn more rewards in the form of customers and revenues if it is designed to meet the criteria of the targeted customers. The given methods will help you see the right direction for customizing hemp boxes properly. 

1: Introduce Innovative Packaging

When the product displayed on a shape or a virtual channel possesses a meaningful and innovative wrapping, the audiences show excitement and consent to that particular product. The rise in excitement and the act of giving consent is only because of the graceful impact of the product through custom packaging. Hemp products are delicate products requiring much care for surviving in the open market. And creating bewitching designs on hemp boxes will help to maintain its healthy growth. Overall, the impression that falls on the consumer first time from the captivating design and hues packaging brings great outcomes in sales. 

2: Play With The Shape And Color Formation

Custom Hemp Oil Boxes
wholesale hemp boxes packaging cbd box factory

The shape and design have a large impact on the human psyche. For this reason, marketers and great companies often use them to their advantage for advertising the products successfully. The custom packaging techniques enable designers to think beyond the limits and come with packaging solutions that are so interactive in terms of color schemes and design formations. The latest software is very helpful in taking care of the precision part of the custom boxes for hemp products. Uniquely printed hemp box packaging offers a substantial look due to the out-of-the-ordinary printed sketches on them. Contrast or bright theme, no matter the choice, custom designing and printing help accentuate the hemp packaging.

3: Apply Protective Coverings

Many types of laminations and polishes enhance the displays of the hemp packaging. Other advantages of covering the hemp boxes help preserve their true form and prevent the contaminants from entering inside them. The stains that might hit packaging when transported to the other locations get controlled due to the smooth surface of the coverings. Water, sunlight, and dust do not cause harm to the hemp boxes with the sheer stroke of perfect wrapping. Great coverage results in more protective packaging, which is a cherry on top for their shopping experience from a consumer’s viewpoint.  

4: Showcase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness should be the focal point of your hemp packaging. Even in small hemp boxes, follow creative manners of portraying brand message for the public to learn more about your brand. Text forms and logo designs uplift the brand’s image, thereby offering knowledgeable content to the buyers. Personal stories or sayings help people relate to the actual purpose of the product and its brand. Generally, brand affinity reflected in the hemp packaging mostly builds a helpful case for selling hemp products. 

5: Amplify Sustainability

Sustainability is the demand of today’s packaging. That is the one character that adds strength to the whole idea of packaging behind any product. In a similar vision, hemp packaging, particularly the wholesale hemp boxes, should contain the attributes of biodegradability or recyclability. Customers become fonder of the CBD product and its packaging if they know it will not end up in the landfill. Careful choice of materials and eco-conscious ways of decorating the packaging can save you money and play a role in securing natural resources. Certainly, sustainable packaging is a modern take on handling the packaging of products, and it will reform the better future for the environment. 

A Little Piece Of Advice

The vulnerable and sensitive identity of the hemp products comes under a large protective base with the help of custom packaging techniques. Custom hemp boxes to luxury hemp oil packaging own the same stance for upholding the greatness of the hemp products. Due to this extraordinary quality, consumers prefer them over ordinary-looking packaging designs. Hence stunning and unique hemp boxes can push a large number of people to fall under its prey. 

CBD Box Factory Is Your Reliable Packaging Specialist

CBD Box Factory deals with the custom packaging of CBD products, most importantly. Owning the professional attributes, our company handles hemp boxes shipping vigilantly and delivers the required products quickly. Our designers and manufacturers have ample packaging customization knowledge and provide you with boxes based on your requested styles. Forward us a request for quotes from our vigilant business representatives to learn about our wide range of custom packaging products. 

FAQ’s Section

If you are still confused about the custom packaging process, find your replies in the following answers. 

Why is hemp packaging is important?

Hemp packaging is important for selling hemp products with a different business approach. It also offers protection to hemp products. 

What is the most used CBD packaging?

The most used CBD packaging by the distinguished CBD brands is luxury hemp boxes and wholesale CDB boxes. 

Is hemp be used to make packaging?

Yes, hemp is used in the form of ‘hemp bio plastics’ to package various food and beverages. Biodegradable hemp bags are famous for delivering products. 

Who owns CBD packaging?

An esteemed company mostly known for its great CBD packaging is the CBD Box Factory. You can contact them to acquire the creative CBD packaging forms. 

Why Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging Matters The Most?

Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging


Vapes are electronic devices for inhaling and exhaling nicotine and essential flavors. Its forward application and simple configuration have considerably impacted smokers and inhalers who preferred to smoke cigarettes in the past. The rapid growth of these newly developed vape devices creates a difference due to their ability to provide comfort and relaxation. A product much popular requires a suitable set of Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging tricks to beat the competition in the market.

CBD Vape Boxes are the ultimate solution to all the problems related to the publicity and marketing of many varieties of vapes. With their particular custom features and enhanced branding ideas, every vape box is fully accustomed to presenting a provocative pitch for the buyers to consider them than the other available options. The overall presentation is what matters the most in gauging your way to the customer’s heart. And custom CBD packaging plays a significant role in performing that for you. 

Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging
vape product packaging box at cbd box factory

Why Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging Matters?

Custom vape cartridge packaging matters most to the customers and the influencers who market the specific vape product depending upon its qualities. Vapes and vape cartridges associated with the CBD mixture are the main contents that initiate pleasure in the user’s body. Companies and small shop owners looking after the vape consumer demand knows the purpose of customized boxes for selling purposes of vape products. The whole vape industry, from a small vendor to a giant distributor, concerns most about its impression or first appearance in the sight of consumers. And in order to make a healthy impression on the buyer population, custom CBD vape cartridge packaging significantly proves the point. 

Four Useful Custom Features For CBD Vape Boxes 

  • Smart Packaging

A well-developed thought that has made a rather impulsive point on consumers is the idea of saving the planet by using very little or reusing the original material for seizing the growth of pollution. This conceptualization is known as smart packaging. Smart packaging is extensively utilized in countries where concerns about the drastic effects of global warming are increasing. Still, the underdeveloped countries are also rising to the occasion by taking appropriate measures of preventing mass garbage in the world. Vapes are a very famous, easy-to-use, and discrete product that requires a little effort in terms of packaging for depicting a positive vibe on the aimed buyers. The more useful manner of showing what’s inside a vape product is through the means of custom boxes with eco-friendly and smart characteristics.  

  • Interesting Designs

Designs, colors schemes, sizes, and shapes of the custom packaging boxes revitalize the whole outlook of the product into an attractive and desirable form. The design holds much importance because it narrates the purpose of the product more vividly. The latest techniques and advanced printing and manufacturing equipment have changed the way of packaging and made it much easier. High-tech software is available for the drafting of the sample box design. With the help of these designs, the brand chooses the most suitable one for the product’s promotion. In the case of CBD Vape Kit boxes in USA, the design must match a certain flow of American design approach; this way, the consumer will feel like buying a national product.  

  • Compliant Stature

Every little detail inscribed on the vape packaging should at all times follow the rules and laws governed by local authorities of that particular country or state. Most of the time, as it is difficult to publicize the CBD products out in the open, the correct instructions on the packaging can make a vape product available in regions where it is not restricted but has some limitations on selling commonly. The list of ingredients, usage instructions, and the company’s name and address give assurance to the consumers that the seller is legit. 

  • Aggressive Brand Marketing 

Marketing and advertising a vape product is challenging as so many restrictions are affiliated with this phenomenon. The packaging gives you enough freedom to express your brand and product. The ordinary play of hues and geometrical patterns or another symbolic presentation makes your consumer realize the brand story behind your marketed product. Printing rhyming words on the front or top side of the packaging conveys your message to the general public interested in your product. A small logo with the company’s initials also holds maximum power on consumers who use it as a reference for purchasing their second batch of vape items. The more intricate the style of marketing is, the better the consumer increment. 


Vapes and cartridges are well-known and inspiring products among consumers. People will dig in more if the vape packaging offers smart aspects, aggressive marketing skills, appealing designs, and legalized format. All these four aspects will definitely help build a strong consumer contract in the retail as well as on the online setup. Distinct categories of vape packaging accessible from anywhere in the world make the distribution of vapes and cartridges much more convenient. Selecting one from that wide range of products will help your company and product grow at a steady pace.  

Where To Buy CBD Vape Boxes

CBD vape boxes are the most running products to get your hands on due to the popularity and competition among vape manufacturers. Not many companies possess the ability to design packaging following the exclusive rules of government and distribution authorities. CBD Box Factory, the pioneer in packaging CBD products, holds ample experience globally manufacturing custom packaging and successfully converting them to the best turnover. Please visit our website to observe numerous ranges of vape packaging as we proudly claim to be the best Custom CBD Vape Cartridge packaging Company in the USA. 

FAQ’s Section

Is it legal to have a CBD vape In USA & Europe?

Both Europe andtheUSA have legalized restrictions that work differently in every state. So it’s better to search the legal reforms of CBD before carrying any CBD product in that area.

What is the best organization to buy vape CBD packaging?

CBD Box Factory, the specialist of CBD packaging, manufactures and serves numerous forms of custom vape CBD packaging. They offer free delivery services along with huge discounts. 

Is CBD vaping Dangerous for you? CBD vaping is equally dangerous for human health as smoking cigarettes.

6 Important Packaging Tips For CBD Oil Products

Important Packaging Tips

The CBD products marketed in the retail shop or online business require significant packaging styles to make an expression on the consumers. Merchandisers and sellers marketing Important Packaging Tips for Products have to deal with packaging selection, given tons of packaging options available in the market.

Among the wide range of CBD products, CBD oils are the most vulnerable products that require maximum protection in the form of packaging. Custom CBD oil boxes are the exceptional means of packaging utilized particularly for the packaging of CBD oils. The oil container and the packaging wrapped around it are all the primary packaging components. The box where a container resides refers to the secondary packaging. 

Primary and secondary packaging are important tools for proving your point before the consumers. Customization features associated with them play a role individually in forecasting a prominent image of a CBD product. Apart from that, the safety measures that CBD oil packaging needs are also part of the packaging procedure. Today, we will discuss packaging tips for CBD oil products in detail to better understand those who want inspiration for their future CBD products.  

Six Pro Packaging Tips For CBD Oils 

Due to the prominent efficacy in treating chronic pains and calming down multiple stress conditions, CBD oils have very gallantly proved their remarkable nature. And for this very reason, several pharmaceutical companies are actually working hard to discover formulas for CBD oils that could be more helpful for treating other diseases. The progressive stages of the development of improved versions of CBD oils are evident in pushing CBD packaging to a more precise and authentic appearance. The following tips will educate you further on how to decorate CBD oils with more advanced features. 

  1. Chose The Strong Containers

The containers keep the oils protected and secure from the toxic and poisonous substances which might harm the original composition of the CBD oils. The usual materials are glass and plastic, easily accessible from the vendors who prepare packaging grade materials. The upper lid is made from a special type of Seiko glass containing essential elements of silica sand, soda ash, and limestone for providing excellent grip status to the upper lid area. The oil bottles or containers having handles are sufficient for the consumers as it provides assistance for pouring the oil when required. Choice of sturdy and flexible material for oil container bottles is very necessary for marketing a beneficial product to consumers. 

  1. Seal End Packaging

The seal end packaging of both the container vessel and the secondary packaging, in our case, is the custom box, are the most critical attributes for maintaining the accurate contents of the CBD oils. As you may know, along with the CBD or hemp content, CBD oil also possesses some percentage of one of the natural essential oils. Lamination of different categories has the strength to bear the adverse conditions of weather and surroundings. The optimal packaging that stops unnecessary things from entering the CBD box packaging of CBD oils plays a pivotal role in handling client’s doubts. And ultimately, the guaranteed protection offered by the CBD oil boxes generates good revenue for a company by catering well to customer’s concerns. 

  1. Manageable Design Profile

The design, size, and color scheme hold a great significance in projecting the brand’s ideas to other people. Marijuana Cannabis boxes, unlike the CBD oil boxes, contain more hidden features for implying their influence on a particular audience with adult age groups mostly.

Important Packaging Tips
Marijuana cannabis packaging at cbd box factory

The reason behind depicting a different style of packaging is only because of the seriousness of the products that the FDA emphasizes conveying to consumers from the advertisement side of the brand. CBD oils, on the other hand, require no such strict rules for exhibiting in front of consumers. A simple touch-up on the graphical presentation and the use of calm and earthy color combinations can do it all for the CBD oil packaging. And altogether, a well thought design and statement quotes mark a good first impression on buyers. 

  1. Important Instructions

Most users consume CBD oils as a form of medicine; therefore, bringing facts to their knowledge is a serious effort that one really needs to consider when offering a CBD product on the market shelf or in an online website store. The related information about the CBD oil concentration, its nutritional value, and the company’s name altogether offer ample opportunity for the consumers to get familiar with the product and its brand. The instructions should also show a clear note for banning its usage for under-aged consumers. And besides that, consumers already using CBD oils must keep away these products from children. 

  1. Special Bundling 

Wholesale CBD oil besides their external rigid packaging, are in great need of a formal bundling procedure for transporting them to far places. To avoid any failure over the packaging of CBD oils, it should include as a duty to the packaging company’s role for providing the necessary airtight bundling for CBD oils in particular.

Huge takeaway packaging boxes are a viable packaging utility for wrapping up fragile CBD oil containers. The custom packaging tapes go on top of the huge boxes for reflecting the brand’s name and its message to the consumers. At last, the bundling and other packaging types used for delivering CBD products would stand out better if they own the required strength and protection features. 


After summarizing the above discussion, we have reached the conclusion that CBD oils packaging needs the same amount of brilliance as any other CBD product. The core function of CBD oil packaging is to protect its contents and ensure freshness so that whenever the consumer feels to grab tiny drops from it, he must feel more privileged with the quality of the product and its packaging. A reliable company holding loads of experience in CBD packaging, CBD Box Factory is a perfect platform to avail discounts on custom packaging boxes. Hemp oil box is one of their master packaging products sold particularly to brands owning a range of splendid CBD oils. Feel free to contact them by email to gain further packaging assistance. 

FAQ Section

What material required for CBD packaging? 

CBD packaging requires cardboard and corrugated materials to stand out in front of the consumers. A sturdy and attractive CBD packaging  

Why CBD packaging is important? 

CBD packaging is vital for strength and protection features for resonating a powerful influence of CBD products on the targeted consumers. 

What is the best shipping method for CBD?

You can approach CBD shipping agents for shipping CBD products to domestic and international destinations. 

How to Avoid Packaging Design Mistakes in 2021

Packaging Design Mistakes 2021

Custom Box Packaging For CBD Industry

Accessing custom box packaging for the specific product type has become convenient as many packaging companies have try to fix their Packaging Design Mistakes to fulfill every demand there exists from the consumer’s end. The CBD industry is among those industries that started using custom box packaging as their only means for attracting customers on a usual basis.

After a reasonable amount of time, the CBD packaging undergoes some fantastic design changes for exhibiting a renewed version of that same product in front of the aimed consumers.  

Presently available in many different forms have accustomed some new rules for the custom box packaging process of the CBD industry. Oils, bath bombs, cosmetics, tinctures, e-cigarettes, and supplements have gained popularity because of amazing custom CBD boxes.

Packaging Design Mistakes
Branded cosmetic at boxes cbd box factory

Packaging is the centerpiece used for wrapping many types of products defining and explaining their explicit functions and attributes. It holds equal importance for the CBD industry like the others in a row.

The CBD industry is somehow different in utilizing custom box packaging and uses more direct and authentic rules for streamlining the CBD packages. For instance, it is obligatory for the CBD package to match the complete set of requirements as proposed by the brand for selling a product in a different state.

Custom CBD Packaging in USA is not so much under consumer control; instead, the marketing and branding instructions proposed by the governing bodies for the packaging emphasize following certain rules before sending it out to shops for distribution. In today’s article, we will come across some packaging mistakes that could hurt the growth and reputation of any CBD brand. 

5 Mistakes And Their Counter Solutions

1: Misinterpreted Designs And Text On CBD Boxes

Often in an effort to please the customers with a captivating packaging exterior, the packaging companies forget to sight the little details that make or break their packaging. CBD products packaging can easily suffer an episode of controversy because of the unseen errors that will influence the brand’s affinity. Moreover, consumers will fall back in numbers for trusting the brand based on their point of view.

The designs, color schemes, and final lamination touches are the essential parts of CBD packaging that need to be checked on a regular basis for errors. Any aspect of one of the custom features of CBD packaging will create a conflict for the brand to hope for better turnovers. 

2: Proof Checking The Mistakes Twice

Technology is a savior for testing and even rechecking the mistakes on the packaging. High-quality equipment can save your workforce from figuring out mistakes step by step formation. If the packaging is to showcase the product and its remarkable properties, then it should go through proper routine checks in the quality assurance department. On top of all the measures, the assembling staff makes sure that each box leaving for the final assembly line has the desired look that the designers agreed upon.   

Abide All The Rules Of CBD Marketing

Before designing CBD packaging, any custom CBD packaging company should suspect the packaging ways through which the CBD market can turn into a feasible zone for the particular product’s sales. Factual data about the product’s full credentials must include on the packaging to avoid any confusion affiliated with the CBD product. For instance, a CBD oil should contain a label packaging stating its name, company’s title, address, dosage amount, CBD contents, and precautions. Failure to provide compliant packaging can cause harm to the company’s standing. 

Pay Attention To the Legal Details On The Packaging

A person willing to set up a CBD business must search for a clear overview of the rule and regulations of marketing CBD products and how they should appear before the customers without raising any doubts. State-wise the reforms for promoting CBD products are different, so you should notice other products available in the same market. Thorough studying and researching can facilitate the reasonable packaging styles that you can adapt to portray the company’s message. By working your way up through tiny details, you will form packaging that is irresistible for the consumers and very agreeable for the government lawmakers. 

3: Acquire Pollution Free Packaging Solutions

Pollution has the worst effects on our environment and wildlife. For many years, the packaging industry has tried to get rid of procedures and materials that lead to the generation of waste.  Chemical fumes generated in the form of smoke in the manufacturing process of packaging are the causes of air pollution. Many other gases utilized for heating up or melting the materials cause a high number of fumes which are injurious for health. If you don’t want consumers to turn away from your products, then concentrate on objectifying pollution-free packaging.  

Sustainable, Biodegradable And Recyclable Packaging Solutions

Sustainability refers to a true promise that we as a society and others, the economy builders, and the governing bodies must fulfill to have a better tomorrow for our future generations. The same goes for the packaging industry, and there is a great need to establish biodegradable boxes and packages that could decay much faster than the presently existing materials. And manufacturers should also shift to recyclable materials to avoid huge waste sites.  

4: Agreeable Packaging 

The brand vision is the backbone of any product’s marketing strategy. A packaging all tidy up makes an extra influence on buyers compared to the very simple ones in their appearance. A product carrying the pride of a brand must be able to portray it through the glimmering and outstanding packaging. In an opposite situation, where the package linked with the company goods is up to no brilliance will face negligence from the usual clients. 

Use Customizations To Upgrade Packaging

Due to the advancements in printing and manufacturing techniques, there is an open option to select from the trendiest designs and shapes. Even the color schemes will exactly match the picture you thought are hard to administer on packaging to be readily available. Several lamination finishes outshine the exterior of the packaging, so they ought to be important too. 

5: Competitive Edge

As they are so many of them in number, a CBD brand is hard to compete in a row if you want to introduce the latest CBD product in the line. You may find it despicably true that if you don’t have a voice of your own, then you don’t stand a chance against others. During the past few years, the chances of launching a product and successfully selling it were much promising than the present situation because of the competition. 

Add Unique Competitive Qualities To The Packaging

By focusing more on the individuality of your CBD product than the others of the same group, it is best to highlight the products’ distinguished qualities by making people fall in love with them.  Custom Packaging for small Business fields still works if the packaging company relies on something out of the ordinary. 

Apparently, the five common packaging mistakes will cause more harm to the packaging. Therefore, in a process to apprehend that, it is advised to contact a packaging specialist, like CBD Box Factory, for the custom CBD box packaging of your products. The professionals at this company are well informed and skilled in handling big packaging assignments in providing market-worthy packaging. 

FAQ’s Section

How to avoid common packaging mistakes?

The trouble-free way to avoid packaging mistakes is to select a packaging provider who holds ample knowledge about the packaging standards and restrictions for promoting the packaging of a specific product. 

What are the major problems in packaging?

Major problems in packaging are the misinterpretation of designs and color format with the original product, the uneven customizations, the unparalleled selections of materials, and non-recyclable packaging choices. You can avoid them all by researching the market trends before proceeding with the packaging sample for a special product.  

What is the Poor Quality of packaging? Packaging having an unrealistic shape or a weak display look is known to be poor quality packaging. Or anything that often ends up not a public pleaser or sale generator is the poor-quality packaging.

How To Find The Best & Reliable Custom Packaging Companies In The US?

Reliable Custom Packaging Companies

CBD Packaging is a procedure surrounding a product’s concept under consideration and deals with all the features important for changing its appearance. One way or the other, Reliable Custom Packaging Companies is solely responsible for giving a complete makeover to the product’s appeal. Including a wide range of features, color combinations, lamination styles, materials, and designs, input their role mostly for developing the packaging resonating with the end product. 

Further to state, the digital age has enabled human beings to think beyond the limits and challenge themselves to strive for the best always. Packaging is among such procedures which have evolved with the advancement of technology. The methods, equipment, and materials have upgraded, and they have completely altered the way modern packaging boxes appear today. As the most challenging and demanding marketing field, the CBD industry has termed custom packaging as the most successful means of communication with customers.  

Reliable Custom Packaging Companies
Custom packaging at cbd box factory

The establishment of the CBD industry in the USA on a large scale has pushed to undergo some suitable changes so that the customer visiting a CBD shop might not find the CBD boxes to be too obnoxious. Custom CBD packaging in USA is booming like the freshly baked products on sale. The reason behind this roar is due to the massive demand for CBD products outgrown into great categories of topicals, gummies, capsules, food supplements, essential oils, and cosmetics. Everyone, including a common consumer, brand, or established company, is in need of a great and reliable packaging company for their CBD products. 

Five Things To Consider For Finding A Custom CBD packaging company

  1. Define The Purpose Of The Product

Before going forward with packaging, it is essential to describe the product’s purpose. Purpose in so many ways covers the basic information about how much the product offers and what measures the brand is focusing on making it effective against other samples in the market. The brand vision behind a product is another crucial factor in making your packaging more resourceful and engaging. To say further, all the information covering aspects of the CBD product, for instance, CBD amount ratio, whole ingredients, and preventive measures, needs to go on the packaging. A custom CBD packaging company handing out packaging solutions for the mere purpose of the authentic branding of CBD products is definitely the ideal choice for you. 

  1. Select Between A Manufacturer Or A Solution Provider

Some people might claim that there exists not much of a difference between a manufacturer and a solution provider. Based on the literal interpretation, the latter and the former are very different. A manufacturer, sometimes known as the packaging vendor, provides packaging of a particular product based on your given instructions. You have to negotiate the price and show off your design selections, and in view of these demands, the manufacturer will simply quote the prices per one box piece. A solution provider, on the contrary, is generally a well-informed party between the two. He will first study the product niche and then provide the customer with the most suitable packaging solutions that will go well with your brand’s background story. To add more, the packaging supplier will take care of your logistics and delivery fee and regulations which are undoubtedly the most concerning matters related to product distribution. 

  1. Figure Out Your Budget

After contacting the manufacturer or packaging solution provider, one has to decide the custom packaging style based on their budget money. Going through multiple options will fast-forward the search and even narrow down some better cost-effective business plans for the product’s packaging. Display boxes are favorite hot boxes for custom packaging for small businesses. Retail shopkeepers and supermarket supervisors in charge of packaging prefer display boxes to any other category of custom boxes. The reason for their unanimous choice is simple; display boxes are realistically the best promotional packaging type for promoting CBD products. 

Reliable Custom Packaging Companies
Sample Candy display boxes at cbd box factory
  1. Take Design Considerations To Choose Custom Features

Design considerations about the product are the best marketing stunt a brand must use to target as many customers as it wants. Graphical presentation, customization attributes of the inner and outer display, and textual inscriptions are part of the complex procedure of customizations. It would be wise to figure out the exponential form of the final design in advance for moving ahead with the process of custom packaging. Exploring few options from the packaging vendors is not going to hurt at all; instead, it will streamline the confusion that the brand marketers face for introducing their products in a particular business domain. The custom CBD box packaging service provider, holding a similar interest and showing an equally keen response to the product’s packaging as you will never fall back on their quality assurance.  

 Plan The Delivery Or Logistic Convenience

Packaging companies in the USA and Canada often give delivery services to their customers as a symbol of gratitude for doing business with them. To be honest, the process of shipping takes precious time of a packaging supplier. A packaging supplier bearing the liability of supplying consumers with accurate shipping costs and not charging something extra is indeed a trustworthy option to select. Over the top fee charges, late registration amounts can definitely affect the continuous working of the packaging company and nonetheless jeopardize customer relations. Proper strategizing about the delivery locations, fees, and means of transportation will save the provider and consumer a lot of trouble. 

How Can CBD Box Factory Come To Rescue Your Packaging?

Selling goods packaged in custom CBD packaging is straight away a professional salesman job, and it is done well with the well-suited custom packaging boxes. CBD Box Factory, being a well-distinguished brand in the USA, is the finest in the packaging business.

Reliable Custom Packaging Companies
Custom Printed Boxes at cbd box factory

From a simple tuck end box to the complex and innovative tube packaging, unique packaging solutions are available at the CBD Box Factory to facilitate your every packaging-related stipulations.

Usually emphasizing modern packaging techniques, sustainability and direct packaging styles are one of their prominent services. They are very efficient in responding to all your queries about packaging, warehousing logistics, shipping, and designing. Pay a visit to their website or contact their business representatives through a phone call or an email. 

If you are still facing difficulty in finding suitable packaging, then please check out the following section. 

What is the customized packaging CBD Industry?

Herb cbd sample box cbd boxes at cbd box factory

The customized packaging CBD industry is simply a packaging practice used for figuring out the packaging for specific CBD products. Certain factors are important (company’s logo and title, product’s name, and ingredients) for designing a legal CBD packaging for the CBD items. Only the packaging suppliers holding enough knowledge about the FDA regulations for CBD marketing can pursue the manufacturing process. 

What is the type of custom packaging used in the Vape industry?

Reliable Custom Packaging Companies
Printed Vape packaging boxes for sale at cbd box factory

Numerous packaging options are on the top charts for the vape industry. Among the multiple options, there are quite a few which make the best first impressions of vapes, and they are plastic cylinders, tube packaging, custom printed boxes, and heavily laminated branded boxes with luxurious design themes. Kraft boxes are also available as eco-friendly packaging options.     

How can I get custom packaging for my CBD product?

Reliable Custom Packaging Companies
Custom cbd box club at cbd box factory

You can simply order the custom packaging of your CBD product from local or international packaging providers. Based on your product’s purpose and budget margin, numerous packaging options with famous styles are available in the market that you can approach easily. 

What are the benefits of custom packaging for CBD products?

Custom packaging has several remarkable benefits for CBD products. Among them are the great interpretation of product and company, does not have misprinted content, and is very cost-effective. A striking CBD packaging also offers security and protection to the CBD products. 


Are you an upstart CBD brand hoping to get their product labeling and packaging all figured out? 

Or maybe a CBD enthusiast who just needs to know what to look for next time they go shopping?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this guide is most definitely for you. In it, we’ll be taking a comprehensive look at everything you need to know about CBD product branding, labeling, and packaging — 16 crucial points in total. Here’s an outline of what you can expect to read about:

Why there’s so much confusion about CBD labeling

4 labeling requirements your CBD brand can’t miss

  1. Identity
  2. Net weight
  3. Full ingredients list
  4. Name and address of the manufacturer

4 labeling practices your CBD brand shouldn’t miss

  1. QR codes
  2. FDA disclaimer
  3. Contact info
  4. Product strength

4 of the most common labeling/packaging mistakes

  1. Information overload
  2. Stoner stereotypes
  3. Medical claims
  4. Low standardization

4 ways to make your CBD packaging stand out

  1. Outer packaging
  2. Social proof
  3. Package inserts
  4. Killer design

Where to get CBD labels made

The advantage of custom packaging solutions

Extra FAQ’s

Summing things up

Why there’s so much confusion about CBD labeling

“It is the role of federal agencies to ensure a safe and transparent consumer marketplace —  but the CBD market is currently the Wild West.” 

– Geoff Freeman, President, Grocery Manufacturers Association

The CBD industry finds itself in a tricky place right now. 

Why? Largely because of weird timing. The people’s interest (and confidence!) in CBD have far outpaced their actual knowledge of CBD. 

This interest has outpaced the government’s ability to regulate CBD, too. A lack of strict CBD labeling requirements has led to all sorts of mislabeled CBD products. Some products are accidentally mislabeled (maybe they don’t indicate their THC content)…other products intentionally push the envelope and try to stand out by making wild health claims. Either way, mislabeled products are running rampant, and that’s led to a whole lot of lawsuits. 

Take it from the FDA, who in July sent this report to Congress stating the very same thing. 

Testing 200 hemp/CBD products for accuracy, the FDA found that nearly 55% of products contained very different CBD levels than their labels stated — and many products also contained too much THC. For now, testing has been halted (thanks COVID-19), but the FDA plans to carry out more extensive testing in the future.

Consumers are confused about the CBD products they take, too. A survey by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association found that most Americans taking CBD (76% of them) believe that their products are federally regulated…when in fact no regulations exist! 

When informed of this, 82% of these formerly-confident customers became concerned. 67% took things a step further, becoming either “very” or “extremely” concerned.  

As a CBD company, your job is to reassure these potential customers. One of the simplest ways to do that? By speaking through your actions, as the old saying goes, with the quality of your custom CBD boxes.

And this type of reassurance can have even more of an impact if you’re a smaller CBD company.

According to the survey above roughly 70% of customers felt more confident buying CBD products from a large, well-known brand —  presumably, these brands have better safety controls and higher manufacturing standards.  

Keyword being presumably. As a startup CBD company you know this isn’t always the case…and you’re probably eager to show your customers that your products are at least as safe, standardized, and effective.

Without further ado, here are 16 ways you can do that. 

4 labeling requirements your CBD brand can’t miss

We’ll start with 4 especially basic labeling requirements that the FDA requires all nutritional supplements to list: identity, net weight, a full ingredients list, and the name/address of the manufacturer. Here’s a closer look.

  1. Identity

First and foremost, your CBD product’s label should state what it is: CBD! This info should go on the Product Display Panel (PDP) of each and every product you sell. While products that have both inner and outer CBD packaging (think a label on a bottle and a design on a CBD box)don’t have to list their identity on their inner packaging, better safe than sorry. 

Also note that some CBD brands (even large brands) try to stay legally safe by avoiding the word “CBD” entirely, swapping it out for terms like “hemp extract” or “hemp oil” or “hemp aerial parts.” 

Our suggestion? Don’t do it! Leaving “CBD” off your labels can be confusing for customers — and depending on how you look at it, it also violates the FDA’s most basic labeling requirement. 

  1. Net weight

This requirement is also pretty simple: your CBD products should list their net weight clearly on their label. Most 1oz tincture bottles will hold exactly 1oz/30mL of CBD oil, so figuring out net weight is easy. If your product is a liquid, list its net weight by volume; if your product is solid, list its net weight by actual weight. 

Where you place this info on a product’s label matters, too. Net weight should be listed on the info panel of your product’s inner container and on the bottom 30% of your product’s outer container if it has one. 

  1. Full ingredients list

Just like any other nutritional supplement, your CBD product should have all of its ingredients listed clearly. If your product doesn’t have an outer container, this list needs to be placed on the product itself. Place these ingredients on its info panel in the order they occur, like this: 

MCT oil, full-spectrum CBD, natural flavorings

Some states have slightly higher requirements for CBD display ingredients lists. New Mexico and Colorado both require that hemp and CBD are clearly identified in a product’s ingredients list. Remember that somewhat shady practice we mentioned in requirement 1 — the trend away from using the term CBD at all? This is one reason why it’s not such a good idea.  

  1. Name and address of the manufacturer

This labeling requirement is also an intuitive one: your customers should know where their product was made. Include this info on your product’s inner packaging and on its outer packaging…if it has any. In addition to being a legal requirement, listing your brand’s name and address makes you seem personal and accessible, too.  

4 labeling practices your CBD brand shouldn’t miss

The following four labeling practices aren’t outright required by law — not in most areas, anyways. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still feature them on your CBD display box! Live up to these standards and show your customers that you’re a CBD brand devoted to doing things right.

  1. QR codes

QR codes, for those unfamiliar, are those little square-shaped barcodes you’ve been seeing on a growing number of products. First introduced in 1994 by the automotive industry, QR codes have a nearly endless amount of applications. In this case, they present a great way to pack more info onto your product’s label, without making things overcrowded. 

That’s because QR codes can be linked to just about anything. You can link them to your product’s lab test results, batch number, or other valuable info. 

In a select few states, QR codes are required on CBD products. Indiana probably has the strictest QR-code mandates; all products need to have them and use them to list expiration dates.

Other potential requirements include:

  • the batch identification number;
  • the product name;
  • the batch date;
  • the expiration date, which in some states like Indiana, must be not more than two (2) years from the date of manufacture;
  • the batch size;
  • the total quantity produced;
  • the ingredients used; and
  •  certificate of analysis.

Here’s our take: include QR codes on your products. Though they aren’t legally required everywhere right now, they probably will be. Why not position yourself ahead of the curve. 

  1. FDA disclaimer

Some states, like Colorado, require that an FDA-centric disclaimer be listed on CBD product labels. Something like “The FDA has not evaluated this product for safety or efficacy” should suffice. Some brands go a step further, stating that “this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” The choice is yours! 

  1. Contact info

Your product’s label already lists its manufacturer’s name and address — why not go a step further and provide a phone number or website link, too?

That’s a rhetorical question, of course. Listing sufficient contact info on your product is almost always a good idea. If you’re short on space, just link it to that scannable QR code!

  1. Product strength

As covered in the labeling requirement basics, listing your product’s total weight and total CBD content is required by law:

CBD Product  |  30ML  |  1000 milligrams

This is great and all, but brands that want to do even better can also list their product’s strength/concentration:

CBD Product  |  30ML  |  1000 milligrams | 33 milligrams per serving

While not a legal requirement, listing dose per serving is more important than you might think. Virtually all other nutraceuticals (vitamin C, vitamin D, whey protein, et cetera) list the contents of a single dose on their front label — not the contents of an entire container! Listing per dose is far simpler and easier for the average consumer. We’d encourage your brand to list both values on its CBD display box.

4 of the most common labeling/packaging mistakes

Next up we’ll be taking a look at 4 things not to do. Avoid these labeling/packaging mistakes at all costs:

  1. Information overload

Let’s face it: the average CBD product’s label is tiny, but there’s lots of good info that could (potentially) be listed on it. Some brands attempt to find the best of both worlds by just shrinking their labels’ text smaller and smaller until everything fits. 

Don’t do it. Not only does this tactic present too much information, but it also presents information that’s illegible. Reading your product’s CBD display box should be informative…not information overload. 

  1. Stoner culture-application

Unless your CBD brand is catered specifically to 420 enthusiasts, try not to bring up cannabis too much. The year is 2020, and most people know by now that CBD is not “weed.” Your brand’s persona should be more professional than that —  and so should its labels. That means you’re free to skip the cannabis-related imagery and list all of this labeling and packaging stuff we’ve been talking about instead. 

  1. Medical claims

“Based on the inspection and a review of your product labels and your websites, we have identified serious violations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) and applicable regulation…” 

– The FDA, to dozens of CBD companies

As a CBD startup, the above sentence is something you never want to hear. Yet many CBD companies do hear it, via the FDA’s infamous warning letters. Why? Usually, because they made medical claims. 

Said letters often go on to say: “…the claims on your company’s product labels and websites establish that your products are drugs under section 201(g)(1) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 321(g)(1)] because they are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and/or intended to affect the structure or function of the body.”

Long story short, make sure your product labels don’t contain any semblance of medical claims. Don’t describe your latest product as “anxiety-reducing” or say it’s “for chronic pain.” Avoid using any fear-based buzzwords, and stay especially clear of mentioning the coronavirus. The FDA is taking medical claims even more seriously in this COVID-19 era. 

  1. Low standardization

This point may surprise you, but it’s something we’ve encountered over the years. Some CBD companies have sloppily-applied labels! If you’re a CBD startup that doesn’t have the actual labeling process automatized yet, just be careful. Make sure all your labels are applied evenly across your product packing/bottles. Uneven labels can provide a pretty bad first impression to customers. (To learn more about common packaging mistakes, please click here.)

4 ways to make your CBD packaging stand out

Last but not least, let’s take a look at 4 ways your brand’s packaging can really stand out. With the CBD industry growing increasingly saturated, standing out is really the only viable thing to do! Don’t worry, though — making a statement is easy if your packaging is on point. Here are some ideas. 

  1. Outer packaging

The outer packaging is by no means legally required, and for obvious reasons, it’s less cost-effective than sticking with inner packaging alone. Still, placing a CBD tincture box

around your product provides several positives. It:

  • Gives a professional appearance 
  • Frees up space to have a clean, minimalist label
  • Provides a place to put package inserts/other good info
  • Keeps products protected from the elements (cannabinoids and their carrier oils can sometimes be degraded by UV light)

In addition to all that…unboxing a new product is fun! There’s something psychologically gratifying about opening something up for the first time. If you want to wow new customers, don’t neglect the role of custom-printed CBD boxes.

  1. Social proof

A brand’s social proof usually comes in the form of their reviews or affiliates or social media following. When it comes to product labeling, however, there’s one big way you can harness it: by getting the support of medical professionals. 

If your brand is physician formulated, don’t neglect to mention this on your product labels. You might even ask the doc to provide their signature on each and every bottle! 

There are other ways to relay social proof to your customers, too. Just speak to your intended demographic about the things they know best. If your brand is in the luxury market, then your product’s packaging should be all about that luxe feel. In other words, visually cater to your niche! 

  1. Package inserts

We mentioned these briefly when going over outer packing, but package inserts are important enough to warrant their own little section. A package insert can be anything — given today’s customers have lots of questions about CBD, why not include a little FAQ section or simple dosing guide? Why not include a branded sticker? These little touches can help show your customers that you truly care about them. (To learn more about the impact your design can have on your customers, click here.)

  1. Incredible design

“Good design is good business”

– Thomas J. Watson, President of IBM

Good packaging increases neural reward pathways enough to increase the chance of purchase; plain packaging lessens neural activity enough to cause cigarette users to cut back on cigarettes. To use, the implications of this are clear: CBD companies should have the best packaging possible, and cigarette companies should sell their products in plain cardboard boxes! If you need help with your brand’s custom CBD oil boxes, we’re happy to assist. 

Where to get CBD labels made 

Up until pretty recently, CBD brands had one of two options for getting labels made: work with a slow, cheap, inflexible international packaging company…or with a faster-but-much-more-expensive local one. 

Thankfully, times have changed: at CBD box factory we’ve done our best to provide that perfect middle ground. We’re a hybrid company, with printing relationships in the US, Canada, Pakistan & UK, so we can optimize the supply chain based on any client’s needs. 

We help new CBD businesses establish themselves in the market by creating beautiful CBD packaging

We also support existing brands that want to reinvent themselves and adjust to the latest design trends. If you’re looking for Custom CBD oil packaging, you’ve come to the right place. We make the entire design process fast and easy

The advantage of custom packaging solutions

  • Reliability: We’re with you every step of the way. If you make a label sizing mistake, run into legal language issues, or just need some advice, we’ll be there to help you find the right solution.


  • Pricing: Our pricing model is highly competitive, highly flexible, and highly convenient. We can print whatever you need —  in runs as small as 50-100 copies or as large as 100,000 copies.


  • Service: When you work with us, advice, design, distribution, and marketing are all free. We provide free digital proofs and charge very low shipping for sample runs. VIP service is part of our DNA!


  • Specialization: More than 100 CBD startups are working with us right now — and new ones are coming in all the time. This experience means we’re aware of all the CBD industries in, outs, and subtleties. 

Extra FAQ’s

Still have questions? No problem —  we have answers. Check out what other CBD brands are asking below. 

What kinds of finishes do you provide? 

Because we want your CBD packaging boxes to shine, we offer several high-quality finishes, including gloss, matte, and more. See all our finishes for yourself, or call our team for more information. 

Can I see a sample of your materials and finishes before I submit my order? 

Yes, we are happy to provide samples! Our standard sample kit includes swatches of our different materials and finishes. We can also provide custom samples printed to your specs. If you need more help deciding just email our team at 

Can I use stickers on my packaging? 

Of course. Labels, seals, and decorative stickers can be used on all our finishes. 

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my order? 

80% of our customers are return customers — that’s because we go above and beyond to make sure your order is outstanding. In the unlikely event that you experience a problem with your order, however, please email us at and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Summing things up

Your CBD brand’s labeling can either make or break its image. Its labeling needs to be informative, refined, and — as stated in the first 4 labeling practices we went over —  legal. Don’t leave these points to a printing company that doesn’t specialize in CBD! 

Instead, entrust your custom CBD packaging to us. We’ll take care of every step of the process so you can focus on what really matters: connecting with your customers and building your business. 


CBD products are the new trend in the market. They are mainly cannabis products that have wide range of uses. CBD products can range from healing medicines, oils, liquid vapes, and drinks. They are largely known for their medicinal and pain relieving properties.

With more and more entrepreneurs investing in it, the CBD market is at a boom now. From vapes to oils, the CBD products are what customers really want. However, one prime concern for anyone who deals with CBD products is the packaging. The inner carrier and the outer packaging of the product should be perfect. While there are many options for the inner carrier or the bottle, what’s more important is the outer packaging, because that’s what will appeal to your customers the most.

CBD Packaging

Getting CBD boxes as per your requirements can be a complicated task. If you deal with CBD products, your packaging should not only be attractive, but it should also be handy. Your customers should have a positive feeling when they hold the box. The various benefits of the CBD product you sell should all be expressed from the outer packaging.

If you are someone who deals with CBD products, or is about to start a business with CBD products, you should go to a packaging company that knows the job best. Every CBD product has its own significance and each package you sell should clearly signify that. CBD custom boxes are the most important when you want to go ahead with CBD packaging. If you work with a company that provides CBD custom boxes, you can customize your packaging as per your wish.

If you want to work with CBD packaging experts, you can choose CBD Box Factory to be your partner. The company offers various types and styles of CBD package and they specialize in CBD custom packaging for small business. CBD Box Factory also offers CBD custom boxes that you can modify according to your needs.

Benefits of CBD Box Factory Packaging

CBD Box factory is one of the leading and experienced companies in CBD packaging. Here are some benefits of working with the company:

  • You get your CBD boxes made from CBD product experts
  • High quality materials used in all CBD boxes
  • Customize your boxes according to your product until you are satisfied
  • Attractive and informative CBD packaging
  • Safe and secure boxes

For all your CBD packaging worries, CBD Box Factory is your one in all solution. No matter what your requirements are, you can get it done within no time.

For getting quotes for your CBD packaging, you can visit


If you think that packaging is just a box that contains a product, you are about to discover a whole new world of opportunities for your business. In case, you already understand the meaning and value of packaging for your product, but don`t have a clear vision of how to benefit from it you are also up for a treat. In this article, we shall give a detailed definition of packaging, describe all kinds of boxes and containers, explain the difference between them and the pros and cons that will let you decide, what packaging will be the best solution for your product. Moreover, we shall answer the eternal questions – what is the difference between standard and custom packaging, and does it matter for CBD brands what kind of packaging to use? Continue reading and learn about all the features of packaging, its role in a product`s promotion, and how your brand can benefit from quality packaging while significantly reducing the associated costs.

Thinking out of the box

Packaging – for most people, this is just a box that they will get rid of as soon as they bring the product home. They don`t even suspect that the packaging was the reason they:

  • Paid attention to the product
  • Bought the product
  • Will be satisfied with the product
  • Will get interested in other products of the same brand
  • Will recommend this product and brand to their friends and family

A lot of features for a simple cardboard box, isn’t it? However, over 80% of business owners recognize the importance of packaging for the success of the brand. Moreover, the packaging is considered to be one of the main factors that determine whether the new product launch will be a success or a disastrous flop and a waste of money and reputation. And when we talk about such a novelty on the market as the CBD industry, quality packaging also carries the educational feature that puts the destiny of a prosperous CBD market at stake.

Definition of packaging

Since packaging has so many features, it is pretty obvious that its definition holds something more comprehensive than just a “container” or a “box”. The packaging is relevant to numerous industries. And each of them has its specific definition for packaging:

  • Logistics – packaging defines whether the storing and delivery of a product will be safe and efficient. Quality packages increase the efficiency of logistics processes and reduce the risk of extra expenditure.
  • Marketing – marketers see packaging as a powerful tool for the promotion and development of a product or the brand in general. Packaging plays an important role in the creation of the brand image and acts as a communication means between a brand and a potential customer.
  • Retail – playing a great role in the layout and overall vision of the salesfloor, packaging becomes a powerful tool for retailers to attract customers into their location, draw their attention and inspire additional sales that form the lion`s share of any store`s revenue.

No wonder the packaging industry today worth $851.1 billion. And the numbers are only growing. For example in 2020 the worth of the packaging industry grew almost 3%, which is pretty impressive considering the overall economic recession due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

Packaging and the CBD industry

CBD packaging might be the brightest example of how packaging does not only deliver a product to a customer in its finest condition but creates a whole new industry. With the wave of legalization of Cannabidoils, the CBD industry has soon enough become one of the fastest-growing on today`s market. Its growth didn’t decrease even during the Lockdown and was not influenced by the quarantine restrictions that much. It has mostly happened because CBD brands were among the first ones who recognized the convenience and safety of online sales.

But packaging has played a huge role in the establishment of the CBD industry and continues contributing to its development. While the legalization process continues, most consumers, who have been influenced by the official media all their lives, are still pretty reluctant towards CBD and all Marijuana-related products. There is nothing to do with the stigmas of society and for most of them, it may take years and even decades to die out. In this case, educating people about the safety and benefits of CBD products may be considered as an imposition or a marketing trick.

Packaging has helped the CBD industry from the very beginning by manipulating the image of products and brands. Custom CBD packages have taken the “weed” feature out of the equation and represented products from different perspectives. That is how CBD brands became associated more with healthcare, wellness, or beauty than recreational drugs and bohemian lifestyle. While creating a custom CBD package, brands could focus on color palettes, quality of the packaging materials, fronts, and printing methods that showed represented their products firs of all as:

  • Craft cosmetics
  • Fitness supplies
  • Luxury self-care products
  • Wellness products
  • Pet-care products and food supplies

With this representation, CBD products were not associated with anything illegal or forbidden anymore and became attractive for a larger auditorium of consumers. Soon enough they have acknowledged all the benefits of CBD products, became more aware of the industry, and started to recommend them to their friends and families.

As a result, the CBD industry’s worth is about $1 billion today and is expected to grow to $5,3 billion in the next 5 years. This is just one example of how quality custom CBD packaging has created a prosperous industry.

The attributes of packaging

Now that we know the importance of packaging, let`s try to analyze the attributes of quality packaging. This knowledge will help you see beyond a colorful design and understand whether your packaging meets all the requirements of the modern market.

Easy storing

We have already mentioned that quality packaging is important for efficient logistics. Let`s have a closer look at this feature. At least 66% of business owners claim that it is important for them whether the package makes it easy to store and transport products. This feature allows you to offer your customers deliveries, provide more inventory to retail points, and be able to order bigger lots of commodities and provide more product at one, significantly cutting the production costs.

Ability to reseal

When it comes to the efficiency of your business, every detail matters. And the ability to re-seal and use a package again optimizes your costs significantly. This is relevant both for bulk and individual packages. Most consumers of CBD products are environmentally-aware people, who value the recyclability of packaging greatly. Needless to say that in this case, your custom CBD packaging becomes a significant image feature for your CBD brand.

Easy to open

Being custom-made does not mean complex or sophisticated. On contrary, custom packaging allows you or your customers to get better access to a product. That is why in over 60% of cases it is crucial whether your packaging is easy to open and close and does not stall the logistics or makes a customer put an extra effort while trying to open the box. From storing at a warehouse to daily use of CBD Oil, the opinion about your brand is greatly influenced by whether it is easy to open your CBD oil box.

Ability to extend product life

While dealing with fresh and organic commodities, you face a significant issue: most CBD products have a pretty restricted lifecycle. As a result, you cannot produce bigger lots, transport your CBD products to further destinations, or store it for a long time. However, quality custom CBD boxes may significantly increase any product`s life. Securing your CBD oils and tinctures from UV light and preserving CBD bath bombs from moisture, custom CBD boxes give you a larger field for logistics maneuvering and preservation from additional costs. In at least 55% of cases, the lifecycle of the product is the dealbreaker when it comes to packaging.

Easy to carry

Except for being attractive, informative, and durable, your package should simply be easy to use. 47% of business owners claim that the convenience aspect of their packaging played a huge role in sales. In other words, if a package is comfortable and easy to use and a person may easily through it in a backpack, carry, and use it during the day, you have bigger chances for recommendations and repeated sales.

As you see, there are lots of features to consider, and eventually, it is much easier and cheaper to order custom CBD packaging than digging up the whole packaging industry looking for a perfect ready packaging solution. Custom CBD packaging does not mean creating complex designs and solutions. It means getting yourself packaging that will be most comfortable and efficient for you and your customers.

Packaging materials

It may seem that packaging is all about post boxes or cardboard boxes. But as we said before, the packaging is a huge industry. The quality and features of packaging vary according to its materials. At the same time, different materials may be a perfect solution for one type of product and a total waste or even hazard for another.

Cardboard packaging

At least 35.7% of all the packaging in the world are cardboard boxes and containers. This is pretty understandable, being the most eco-friendly and customizable, cardboard boxes are versatile enough to be used for any products. The range of cardboard materials is so wide that in this segment you will see tough and durable post boxes and delicate, luxury-looking cosmetic or candy boxes.


  • Customizable
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Affordable
  • Easily recyclable


  • Less durable than plastic containers
  • Mostly expendable – can be used only once or for a limited period

Flexible packaging

The second-biggest share of the packaging market is the so-called flexible packages. Those are various bags and envelopes that are zipped or sealed somehow. At least 23.3% of custom packages created today are flexible packages. Flexible packages can be used for almost any kind of CBD products – from food supplies to cosmetic CBD products.


  • Less costly than most packaging
  • Easy to customize
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to ship and store
  • Their production is the most eco-friendly


  • Not recyclable
  • Don`t protect the product fully from extensive temperatures or air
  • May affect the flavor of the fragrance of CBD products

Rigid plastic

While we continue repeating the mantra “Plastic is not fantastic”, plastic packages and containers remain among the most popular packaging materials today. Most cosmetic brands and food companies recognize the convenience and safety of plastic packages comparing to their cardboard or glass analogs. And while the production and recycling of plastic packaging remain the main issue for environmental protection, its reusability and new recycling technologies show that plastic packages will remain on a market for a very long time.


  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Low-cost
  • Versatility


  • Eco-hazardous
  • Don` protect products from extensive temperatures
  • When compromised may alter the quality of products


When we talk about durability, hardly there is anything better than metal packaging. Looking more significant and valuable, metal packages are very popular among cosmetic and jewelry brands as long as food businesses and many more. CBD brands also often offer their customers metal packages as the most durable and versatile ones. At least 12.2% of all the packages produced today are various metal boxes and containers.


  • Durability
  • Recyclability
  • Comprehensive protection of a product


  • Expensive
  • It can be hazardous for food and cosmetic products
  • Heavy
  • Content not visible


6,6% of the packaging share are glass packages. Glass bottles and containers will always remain the ultimate choice for most cosmetic products, CBD oils or CBD tinctures, or fragrances. Being durable to chemical reactions, glass preserves the scent of a product perfectly. And the custom-made glass containers usually find a second life as soon as the product is over.


  • More eco-friendly than plastic analogs
  • Almost zero chemical interaction
  • 100% recyclable


  • Fragile and unsafe once broken
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Another packaging solution

The packaging technologies are constantly developing, offering us new solutions. Combining different features of the most popular packages, world-leading laboratories create innovative materials that give us hope that soon packaging will get rid of most of its cons and will offer us only benefits.

Packaging and Environmental protection

The environmental aspect remains the most controversial one when we talk about various packaging methods and materials. With the raising awareness about eco-friendly manufacture and the impact of packaging on the environment, this aspect becomes a decisive point for many customers whether to buy a product or vice versa, avoid a whole brand and even boycott it.

The ratio of packaging consumption and its influence on the environment is closely related to the manufacture and consumption capacities of every region. For example, most of the packaging (42.1%) is being produced and used in Asia, where most of the goods still come from. North America comes right after with almost 25% as one of the main consumer markets in the world.

The ecological impact of packaging production and recycling, and its hazard, lead to the fact that modern packaging companies pay more attention to eco-friendly and recyclable materials, offering:

  • Recyclable packages
  • Packaging solutions made out of recyclable materials

As for the CBD industry, it became a specific greenhouse for the most innovative packaging solutions that are aimed to change the customer`s vision of packaging and start taking it as an important aspect while choosing a product. Custom CBD packaging offers solutions that help customers feel that by buying from a specific CBD brand, they make an impact on environmental protection.

What else can be done?

We can talk for ages about innovative packaging materials and solutions, but let`s face it, their development, production, and distribution may be quite costly, causing brands that use them to raise prices on their products.

The modern packaging industry comes with various nifty solutions that release the eco-tension and make packaging more cost-efficient.

Pre-made packaging

The best feature of pre-made packaging is that its production naturally causes a less manufacture-related hazard to the environment. When a packaging manufacturer works in smaller lots, adjusting the equipment, and changing the capacities all the time, the carbon emission increases significantly. But pre-made packaging has some obvious downside as it is not that customizable as most CBD brands would want it to be.


Everything you can use for a longer time is much more eco-friendly than a package that you through away right after buying the product. A re-sealable package is pretty popular on the CBD market as it is easy to use, cheap, and quite convenient for customers.


Simplicity and convenience are the main demand for the packaging market today. That is why GABLE BOXES are so popular among various brands. Nowadays you may see fast food and confectionary as well as cosmetic kits and gift sets packed into those nifty cardboard packages. Being attractive, customizable, and eco-friendly in their production and recycle, gabble boxes might be one of the most eco-friendly solutions on the modern packaging market.

Reduction in packaging material

The simplicity of genius comes to the rescue every time we start looking for innovative solutions. The reduction of material became such a solution for the packaging industry. While some packages do need to be endured and strengthened because of transportation and storing conditions or the presentable feature, sometimes packages are disposable. In this case reduction of packaging material while paying more attention to decoration make packaging more eco-friendly and also cost-efficient.

Such packages are:

  • Lightweight
  • Cost-efficient
  • Produce less garbage
  • Require fewer manufacture capacities

Space-saving packaging

Another eco-friendly packaging solution came from the world-famous game named Tetris. The ability to use all the given space efficiently and place things the way that they don`t interfere but complement each other with their position is the fundamental principle of modern design, architecture, and…packaging. This principle is mostly seen and applied in custom gift or cosmetic boxes. However, custom CBD packaging is limited only by the imagination of business owners or designers. there is always a way to come up with a nifty and original solution that will draw attention and use the space efficiently, without compromising on the performance. The space-saving packaging is akin to the reduction in packaging materials. It also reduces the costs, makes packaging lighter and more compact, and focuses on decoration and representation.

Custom packaging categories

While more and more brands recognize the benefits of custom packaging, the industry becomes more diverse, giving fruitful soil for various innovative companies. CBD Box Factory is one of them. They combined all their knowledge and experience in packaging manufacture and applied it to the prosperous CBD industry. Except for custom packaging design and manufacture, they pay a lot of attention to raising awareness about CBD products and helping new CBD brands to establish and develop. For instance, they provide a comprehensive legal check of every custom CBD package design, preserving their customers from legal complications that still follow the CBD industry.

There is another reason for the constant growth and development of focused packaging companies like CBD Box Factory. The industry itself is developing rapidly and scientific research finds new features and applications for CBD. So custom CBD packaging is not restricted to custom CBD oil boxes and custom CBD tincture containers.

Beauty products

The beauty industry is extremely comprehensive and shapes the biggest consumption market today. Being highly competitive, the beauty market forces businesses to be inventive in their marketing strategies. And the packaging is one of the most powerful tools in this matter. Since the CBD industry started to take an active part in the beauty market and introduced its beauty and self-care products, custom CBD packaging provided its original solutions in this field. Today you may order

  • Bath Bomb Boxes
  • Cosmetic Boxes
  • Hair extensions boxes
  • Soap Boxes
  • Lipstick and lip balm boxes

All those packages are designed and manufactured following the latest trends in the beauty industry and CBD culture.

Retail products

Presentation is everything. No matter how much effort, money, or knowledge you have invested in the development and manufacture of a product, most customers don`t care. They mostly look at the box, its features, and attractivity while deciding whether your brand worth their attention at all. Therefore custom retail packaging plays a huge role in the success story of any product. So whether your CBD brand is various or focused on some specific type of CBD products, addressing custom CBD packaging solutions is always the right move. For example, CBD Box Factory offers:

  • Candle boxes
  • Burger boxes
  • Cereal boxes
  • Popcorn boxes
  • Bakery boxes

And when you need to display your products in the shop or place it on a counter, you may benefit from:

  • Display boxes
  • Window boxes
  • Medicine boxes
  • Sleeves boxes
  • Chocolate boxes
  • Hexagon boxes
  • Pillow boxes

And don`t forget about Mailer Boxes. Being the foundation of efficient and safe delivery and storage, those durable cardboard boxes are also entirely customizable. You can adjust their size and density and also place all the contact information, the logo of your company, or decorative details that will make your brand stand out among the competitors even in the storage unit.

Luxury rigid boxes

We have already described how custom packaging design has helped the CBD industry overcome the prejudice about Marijuana-related products and make customers get attracted by the product itself rather than focusing on its origin. Today you can also benefit from such exclusive custom CBD packaging solutions and point out the value of your CBD product, establishing it in the luxury market segment.

  • Jewelry boxes
  • Magnetic closure boxes
  • Telescopic boxes

Those showy packaging solutions combined with the creativity of a design team shape a specific image of any product, making it attractive for a wider range of consumers who may not be aware of the benefits of CBD products at all, but constantly look for innovative and exclusive offers.

What else?

Even in our digital era, you cannot rely on virtual promotion and marketing solutions entirely. People still appreciate the value of personal touch and take the paper quality, printing, and overall look of various promotional materials. That is why packaging companies like CBD Box Factory also offer custom promotional materials:

  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Business Stationery
  • Flyers
  • Folders

They attract and create a certain atmosphere. Just like paper books will never disappear despite the development of electronic devices and reading apps, the use of custom promotional materials during business meetings or while launching and developing a new product is a nice and efficient touch to the overall experience.

Follow CBD Box Factory and learn about various custom CBD packaging solutions for your business today.

The packaging is not just a huge industry – it is a huge world of opportunities and perspectives for businesses and entrepreneurs who are willing to explore the full potential of the market and industry that they chose. It is a way to communicate with customers, demonstrate them your care and attitude, inform and educate them about your mission. Through packaging, you may demonstrate your policy towards environmental protection, fair trade, and conscious consumption winning approval from a larger auditorium. Custom CBD packaging deserved its segment on the packaging market as it develops and supports an industry that improves the lives of numerous people every day.

How can packaging increase sales?

The packaging, or packaging of products, is a powerful marketing tool to sell more and retain customers. Packaging is considered to be the primary medium of a product, a bit like the cover of a book. The packaging elements have a direct impact on the perception of customers, and encourage discovering the interior, arousing curiosity. The evolution of technologies and lifestyles has pushed companies to use imagination and redouble their efforts to seduce consumers and create a stir.

So how do you achieve business goals through packaging? What advantages do companies derive from good packaging design? This article provides an overview of the question of the relationship between packaging design and increased sales. This is perfect for Custom packaging now.

Packaging, a Real Economic Weapon

A packaging has the advantage of being able to make a product more attractive to the consumer, and to help the latter to decode its attributes and properties. Good packaging helps identify items and trigger the act of purchasing.

To build a visual identity, companies do not hesitate to associate their packaging with the brand’s logo. The packaging is also an excellent tool for protecting products against damage, which facilitates their use, increases their ergonomic qualities, and helps fight counterfeiting.

The design of packaging is a formidable performance lever for commercial activities. Consumers perceive the color, the shape and then the graphics, and it is for this reason that it is a subjective value conveyed by packaging.

What Is Packaging And How Important Is It?

Packaging represents how items are packaged to be offered for sale and arrive at their final destination in perfect condition. But it’s not just that. Packaging is also a way to surprise customers by giving them a good first impression on the products.

In marketing, a product has three dimensions: functional, which concerns its usefulness, sensory, related to the feelings of the buyer, and emotional, relating to the emotional effect of the purchase on the customer. These three dimensions are just as valid for packaging, which must be functional, ensure product preservation and stand out by arousing customer interest. Companies that make the effort to invest in quality packaging of Candle Boxes inevitably get a good profit.

Create Real Added Value

In an image-centric world, customers are increasingly looking to buy an experience to be lived, rather than just a product. A parcel packaged in an original and well-studied way automatically generates a kind of curiosity in the customer, who then puts him in a situation of waiting and suspense.

Improve the SEO of an Online Store

The unboxing experience can quickly go viral when shared on social media. It is a particularly demanded content which greatly attracts the attention of users. This is how the referencing of the online store can quickly be promoted, by thinking of packaging that is out of the ordinary, or that offers a unique experience.

Customer Loyalty

One of the biggest advantages of original packaging is customer loyalty. The latter indeed involves recurring and larger sales. A satisfied customer can turn into an ambassador for your brand, talking to others about their shopping experience and the care taken in presenting the product. It’s free, effective advertising that can quickly reach a large number of new customers.

Design Creative Packaging

Even if the primary objective of packaging is to protect the articles, so that they arrive to customers in perfect condition, the fact remains that it must be original and creative, in order to create added value. For this, it is essential to think carefully about the design of the packaging, so that they stand out from those of competitors. It is for example possible to create boxes in the form of unusual objects such as an old suitcase or a time capsule.