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The Complete Guide To CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures

In the past few years, the CBD industry has gone through a pretty impressive evolution. What started with a few hard-to-find, pricey products has now made its emergence into the mainstream. CBD Oil is this industry’s flagship product, and it’s gotten really popular recently. The oil (CBD Tinctures) is being talked about (and often praised) on the web, on social media, and even on TV!  

Yet most people still don’t truly understand what CBD oil is. A simple Google search clearly shows what’s on the minds of new consumers.

But consumers on a quest to better understand CBD Oil may be met with more confusion than answers. That’s because the CBD industry abounds with misinformation, product pushing, and sometimes-shady marketing campaigns. It’s no wonder those new to CBD oil are left confused.

  • What are CBD tinctures?
  • How do CBD tinctures work?
  • How are CBD tinctures made?
  • CBD tinctures 101
  • The difference between tinctures and oils
  • What people use CBD tinctures for
  • 5 Top benefits of CBD tinctures
    • Wellness
    • Fitness
    • Immunity
    • Aromatherapy
    • Social situations
  • CBD tinctures: pros and cons
  • CBD tinctures vs. other CBD products
  • Why transparency is so important
  • CBD tinctures: other benefits
  • Do CBD tinctures have side effects?

What are CBD tinctures?

So what are CBD tinctures? In simple terms they’re an oil infused with the hemp plant’s most important ingredients. These include cannabinoids like CBD, along with a whole host of other phytochemicals and scent molecules. 

The reason the CBD tincture is so popular? Because it works. It seems to be great for various aspects of health; people with everything from arthritis to anxiety to diabetes are taking it and reporting back that CBD gave them relief. Even athletes have started taking CBD in hopes of further optimizing their health.

How do CBD tinctures work?

Another important question: how do CBD tinctures work? To fully answer that, let’s first take a look at CBD itself and what it does. 

As we said above, CBD is a cannabinoid. Its full name is cannabidiol, or CBD for short, and it has some very unique qualities. A low molecular mass and distinctive shape mean that the CBD molecule can interact with many different areas of the human body, mostly through its activation of certain types of receptors. 

Without getting too technical, these receptors ‘capture’, or receive, messages that our bodies send to keep themselves in balance. And since CBD helps such messages travel along, maintaining balance is something the plant compound may be hugely helpful with. 

How are CBD tinctures made?

CBD tinctures are made via a pretty simple process. The oil is derived from the hemp plant’s flowering tops, which is where good stuff like cannabinoids (including CBD!) and terpenes are stored. 

To get CBD out of hemp flower, one first has to extract it or otherwise press it out somehow. The preferred method is CO2 extraction within a closed-loop system; basically, this method gives high CBD yields and leaves no residues or solvents behind. 

The high-CBD hemp extract that results is then blended into what’s called a carrier oil. The best carrier oils for the job include olive, MCT, and hemp seed oil. Normally placed in a 1-ounce bottle that’s marked for easy use before being sent off to consumers, CBD tinctures are both practical and effective. Of course, reputable brands subject their finished products to extensive lab testing! 

CBD tinctures 101

A CBD tincture is a type of CBD product that places a concentrated hemp extract into an alcohol base. 

Traditional CBD tinctures included only hemp extract and some sort of alcohol, but today’s CBD tinctures can also include other ingredients, like carrier oils. (MCT oil is one of the best carrier oils, just FYI.)  

Regardless of specifics, the CBD + alcohol combo is a win-win. CBD’s chemical structure means it dissolves very easily into alcohol. And alcohol, in turn, may enhance the bioavailability of CBD.  These types of traditional tinctures have been used since the 1800s, when British physician William Brooke O’Shaughnessy successfully used them for all sorts of therapeutic purposes. By the early 1900s most mainstream pharmacies offered at least several cannabis/hemp tincture products!

One word of caution: traditional CBD tinctures are concentrated enough in CBD that only very small amounts of alcohol need to be ingested. We don’t recommend drinking alcohol with your CBD tincture to boost its bioavailability — this won’t work. 

The difference between tinctures and oils

Traditionally the term CBD tincture referred only to CBD products that had been extracted and suspended in an alcohol base.

  • A CBD tincture included hemp extract and alcohol
  • A CBD oil included hemp extract and a fatty carrier oil

These days, however, there’s a catch: the terms “CBD tincture” and “CBD oil” are often used interchangeably.

Not that that’s a bad thing — CBD tinctures and oils have a lot in common. They’re both sublingual products, they’re both easy to dose, and they both work by activating your body’s endocannabinoid system. Not to mention the fact that they look the same! 

Both CBD tinctures and CBD oils offer more bioavailability than other CBD products, like CBD gummies or softgels.

How do CBD tinctures work? 

Speaking of bioavailability, CBD tinctures work by delivering a large percentage of their CBD directly into the user’s bloodstream. 

A product’s bioavailability is usually listed by percentage. Only IV injection has ‘perfect’ bioavailability; 100% of an IV injection reaches the bloodstream. 

Everyday CBD products have far lower absorption rates than IV injection, but that’s okay — CBD is powerful stuff. Tinctures, oils, and vape pens all have bioavailability that exceeds 20%. The moment a CBD tincture hits your tongue, it begins to be absorbed by the membranes present in your mouth. 

This membrane absorption allows CBD to bypass premature liver breakdown and go straight to the bloodstream. Interestingly enough, the longer you hold a CBD tincture under your tongue, the better/faster it absorbs!

And with absorption comes all sorts of side benefits. CBD works with several of your body’s built-in balancing systems to promote overall health. Many experts believe that CBD promotes homeostasis, which is simply a state of dynamic balance within the body and mind.

How does CBD accomplish this, you ask? Primarily by binding to and activating your body’s built-in endocannabinoid system (ECS). This special system helps all other systems — including the cardiovascular system, endocrine system, nervous system, and more — send messages. 

CBD is unique in that it’s the strongest natural compound that binds to endocannabinoid receptors. In other words, it may be able to help your body send messages…to itself!

The results of this enhanced communication are almost endless. Studies have correlated CBD’s activation of the ECS with many possible benefits: 

  • Improved calmness 
  • Relieved inflammation
  • Healthier sleep patterns 
  • Relieved physical discomfort 
  • Improved overall neurotransmission

What people use CBD tinctures for 

CBD tinctures have come a long way since O’Shaughnessy first introduced them to the West. Today people from across the world are using CBD tinctures for their potential health benefits. For many of these people CBD’s benefits are intangible — but they just can’t deny that something has changed and they feel better. 

A comprehensive survey by Project CBD found that most CBD tincture users hoped to: 

  • Alleviate pain
  • Improve mood and sleep
  • Promote general wellness

Meanwhile, around a tenth of CBD users hoped it would address more serious conditions.

5 top benefits of CBD tinctures

Surveys like the Project CBD one we mentioned above show that CBD is being used for all sorts of stuff.

To help you clear through the noise, though, we attempted to make a list of the top 5 things CBD tinctures are being used for:

  • Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Immunity 
  • Aromatherapy
  • Social situations

CBD tinctures for wellness

Many, if not most, people who use CBD tinctures use them for general wellness reasons. Even if you don’t have chronic pain, sleep problems, or autoimmune diseases, you may be able to benefit from taking CBD.

Many people think of their daily dose of CBD tincture as a balance-bosting safeguard against future health problems. And even already-healthy individuals often notice a mood boost from taking CBD. 

CBD tinctures for fitness

A big part of any good wellness routine, of course, is exercise — and exercise recovery is yet another area where CBD truly shines. Professional golfers, wrestlers, MMA fighters, cyclists, and snowboarders are all using CBD to maximize their body’s recovery ability. 

To experience these benefits for yourself, try using a CBD tincture in the post-workout period. Studies show that post-workout CBD may markedly reduce stubborn inflammation. 

CBD tinctures for immunity

Did you know cannabinoids may help modulate the immune system, particularly in times of immune overactivity? That’s what the research says, at least. It might be a good idea to take full advantage of this quality given where we currently are in the COVID pandemic! 

Other cannabinoids may possess pro-immunity qualities, too. CBG, for example, may be a potent antibacterial agent. 

CBD tinctures: aromatherapy in a bottle? 

Hemp is unmatched when it comes to terpene production. It contains hundreds of terpenes that are normally only found in their namesake plants, including limonene (normally found in lemons), pinene (normally found in pine), linalool (normally found in lavender), and many more. Different strains of hemp have different terpene combos — which explains why some strains have such distinctive scents. 

Terpenes are also impressively therapeutic. There’s a reason they’ve been used for centuries in the form of aromatherapy. Some terpenes are known to relax muscles; others are loved for their ability to heighten focus. Terpenes are also known to bind to the same endocannabinoid receptors that cannabinoids do, which partially explains why they make CBD more powerful.  

Can you guess the best way to experience the power of hemp’s terpenes? It’s the full spectrum CBD tincture, of course!

CBD tinctures for social situations

Believe it or not, CBD tinctures can also be used to help you flow and feel comfortable in awkward social situations. It’s so effective that several studies have used it to reduce the fear that comes with simulated public speaking. 

Public speaking is among the most anxiety-producing social behaviors — so if CBD can help with that, it may very well be able to help you feel more comfortable with yourself while at school or at work. Just as excited, it appears that small doses of CBD are sufficient to experience its social-centric benefits. 

CBD tinctures: pros and cons

All in all, CBD tinctures are an effective, affordable, and well-rounded product. But they’re not quite perfect. Check out the pros and cons list below to see what we mean:

CBD tinctures pros and cons list

Pros  Cons
Affordable Not all customers like the earthy flavor
Adjustable dosing May not be potent enough for some customers
Precise dosing Dosing can be difficult to calculate
Kicks in quickly  Doesn’t kick in instantly
Long shelf life Can be messy to use

CBD tinctures vs. other CBD products

Wondering whether or not CBD tinctures are right for you? The following comparisons should help you decide. 

  • CBD tinctures are easier to use than CBD sprays
  • CBD tinctures are more difficult to use than vapes or transdermals
  • CBD tinctures kick in faster than CBD edibles
  • CBD tinctures kick in slower than CBD vapes
  • CBD tinctures absorb more fully than CBD edibles
  • CBD tinctures absorb less fully than CBD vapes
  • CBD tinctures allow more precise dosing than any other CBD product

Why transparency is so important for CBD tinctures

As great as CBD tinctures are, not all of them are created equal. Some CBD companies obfuscate the exact formulation of their products; others don’t have the level of quality control needed to really standardize their products. 

Data from the FDA shows that nearly 55% of CBD tinctures contain either far more or far less CBD than their labels state. Some of these products also contained too much THC to be legal. To add to the confusion, a majority of CBD purchasers believe that their products are subject to federal regulation — when in reality no such regulations exist.  

The renowned and new CBD business startups are always on the brink of exploring new opportunities for growing their trade. The most effective way of publicizing the advantages of full-spectrum CBD tinctures among consumers is to employ.

Custom packaging offers a great deal in presenting the original ideas and concepts like  CBD tincture boxes. Therefore, utilizing it would amplify the charm and personality of your full-spectrum CBD tinctures. 

CBD Product Packaging helps connect reputable CBD companies with diligent costumes. The clearer a company’s labeling is, the better! we have extensive experience helping brands create packaging that’s perfectly balanced between excitement and transparency. We’ve help dozens of new CBD businesses establish themselves in the market by creating beautiful CBD Packaging 

CBD tinctures: other benefits

In addition to its ability to foster cellular communication, studies have shown that CBD oil may act as a powerful antioxidant, antiproliferative, and antiepileptic agent. It also shows promise for those who struggle with sleep, anxiety, and mood imbalances.

If you’re wondering how one molecule can have an impact so diverse, consider that all these effects happen downstream of CBD’s ability to help receptors balance and communicate!  

This balance happens through CBD’s activation of something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS for short). Unlike THC or pharmaceuticals, though, CBD’s impact on endocannabinoid receptors is gentle and holistic —  so gentle that researchers discounted the plant compound for much longer than they should have! 

Do CBD tinctures have side effects?

CBD doesn’t have any severe side effects, either, thanks in large part to its action across so many different types of receptors. About the worst thing that could happen is some drowsiness, and even that only occurs if one takes too much. 

That said, sometimes CBD works too effectively to be combined with certain types of medicine. Those taking high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or anti-epileptic medication might need to ease into CBD dosing more slowly than the average person. That’s because CBD hits the same cytochrome P450 liver enzymes as these pharmaceuticals…if one takes both at the same time, high blood levels of the pharmaceutical could result. 

On the flip side of this potentiating effect, CBD might just allow one to lower their pharmaceutical dose while remaining in the therapeutic range that’s right for them.  That said, more research is needed in their area… so please talk with your Doctor prior to starting with CBD! 

Another wonderful feature of CBD oil: it’s virtually impossible to overdose on. Though active in most other parts of the brain, CBD doesn’t interact with the brain stem, which is where the biochemical basis for many drug overdoses occurs. 

Summing Things up

Taken consistently, CBD oil may gently rebalance the endocannabinoid system and help one feel their best. The way it impacts so many areas of the body and mind is nothing short of amazing; pioneering researchers describe cannabinoids as “[a literal] bridge between body and mind”. And if any of this sounds too technical… don’t worry. You don’t have to fully understand CBD oil to reap its benefits! 

Just be sure to select a premium CBD product with transparent, trustworthy labeling.

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