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8 Most Common Packaging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Packaging is an important success or failure factor. It influences so many things and processes around your product that eventually, a piece of printed cardboard or a sticker may make you a best-seller or flunk all your efforts at once. The market knows many examples of how a pretty mediocre product became super-popular due to catchy and nifty package, while some innovative and bright names were left unnoticed on the retail shelves for years. 

Packaging mistakes may turn out quite costly. Contingencies due to product damage, inefficient marketing strategies, negative reviews – those are just some consequences of lousy packaging. And to think of that all those troubles could be avoided only if you find a competent and reliable custom CBD packaging service!

Let`s take a look at the most common packaging mistakes, their impact on your brand, and how CBD Box Factory may easily help you avoid all that headache.

Using the wrong package

This is the most common and ground mistake that leads to failure. While choosing a package, sometimes brands compromise on cost and quality, which may lead to devastating results. Here are some tips to do the right choices:

  • Envelopes are cheap and easy, but won`t protect your product while storing and shipping. Lack of labeling may cause some safety and legal issues also. We recommend using custom kraft envelopes with labels and stickers for those goods that are distributed in retail by weight. For example – CBD soaps, dry shampoo, or solid CBD massage oils.
  • Using wrapping paper, the same as envelopes are also dangerous and unreliable. Use it for decoration to create custom CBD gift boxes and kits.
  • Bin liners might look like packaging on a dime, but eventually, they lead to contingencies as they are not waterproof.
  • If you want your CBD product to reach the customer safe and sound, consider custom CBD cardboard boxes. Flat cardboard boxes are perfect for promotional materials, gift cards, and flat solid goods. And custom mailer cardboard boxes will preserve your precious CBD products while shipping and storing.

Reusing the box

Let`s be clear, reusing and recycling packaging is cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly, but while using the same packaging several times you may at some point compromise on the quality and safety of your CBD goods. So, before reusing your cardboard box

  • Erase all the previous address labels and QR codes to avoid misdeliveries
  • Check the condition of the box – every damage, tearing, staining and crack may compromise the quality of delivered products
  • Use rigid boxes made out of quality cardboard – they are more durable and may be used several times, while our custom box printing methods provide clear and readable labeling.

Ignoring the instructions

You might think that all boxes are the same, but the specifications of your products, shipping methods, and storing conditions determine what kind of packaging you may use. 

  • Some goods are too fragile to be handled regularly, therefore packaging needs special labeling
  • Some packages may be too big, inconvenient, or unstable to be shipped and stored safely

It is always a good idea to address packaging professionals like CBD Box Factory to choose packaging that will protect and preserve your goods perfectly.

Poor sealing

When it comes to closing your package, pay attention to proper sealing! Being shipped and stored without your supervision, CBD goods may be influences by moist, UV rays, extensive temperatures, and odors. All those factors may compromise the condition and quality of your CBD products. After all, a box may simply slip off the shelf; some products may fall-out and get lost forever.

  • Seal a box completely. Close all the cracks and wholes and endure points of contact
  • Avoid cheap duct tape and strings. Make sure the sealing is strong enough and cannot peel off on its own

Even if you manage to seal your box thoroughly, low-quality tape may eventually fail you. We strongly recommend buying sealing materials from your packaging service or using professional help.

Bad internal protection

Good packaging is not just a quality box. Packaging consists of a box, sealing, and reinforcing materials that prevent your parcel from moving too much during shipping and provide extra buffering in case of physical damage or pressure.

  • Make sure to use a proper-sized box. If it is too small, your parcel will be influenced by any outer effect right away, so the box won`t protect it so much. Huge boxes allow your product to fly inside while transported and the risk of damage is even higher.
  • Use reinforcing materials. Bubble wrap, shape foam, or tissue paper will stabilize your package and provide additional buffering. 
  • Pay extra attention to corners – those are the most vulnerable parts of any packaging.

Ordering your custom CBD boxes from CBD Box Factory, you may be sure of the perfect sizing and tailored shape of your boxes. We also provide all kinds of bubble wrap and packaging materials, so your package will be safe and secure during the most-distant shipping.

Wrong Label

Labeling is as important for packaging as the quality of boxes, papers, and tapes. Poor, invisible labeling, that may peel or rub-off easily will lead to misdeliveries and shipping failures. When delivery fails, customers get pissed at the brand, not the delivery company. So your reputation and image are at stake here!

  • Make sure that all the contact information is clear and visible
  • Don`t forget to add the return address, not to lose the package if delivery fails or the customer wants to return or exchange goods
  • Place all the contact information securely and the way that it can be seen from different angles

Quality printing, clear and visible scripts, and proper placing of the information are crucial for fast and effective delivery. CBD Box Factory has all the technological possibilities to provide durable and secure labeling and quality water-resistant printing, so no package will ever be lost on the way.

Relying on the “Fragile” stickers

So you have sealed your package, put the “fragile” sticker on it, and think that the safety of your precious bottles with CBD oils and tinctures is guaranteed? Those stickers are not any kind of magic shields or legal obligations that will force loaders and delivery guys to handle your package with extra care. They don`t even notice them most of the time. To make sure that your fragile goods are safe and sound

  • Make sure to use special “oversized baggage” services if your delivery company provides it. This term relates not only to the size and weight of a package but also foresees the special handling of fragile goods.
  • Take care of the inner package. Don`t go cheap on bubble wrap and packaging foam. After all, broken goods and negative customer reviews will cost you much more than comprehensive packaging.

Here at CBD Box Factory, we are always happy to consult our customers, offer them the most secure packaging solutions based on the specifications of their products. And of course, we provide custom CBD boxes and packaging materials of the highest quality, that may be labeled and customized at your request.

Neglecting compensation cover

Let`s face it, quality packaging is crucial, but life happens and in rare cases, parcels get lost and severely damaged no matter what packaging materials and labeling you use. Compensation cover will save you a lot of nerves, energy, and money, of course. Addressing experienced packaging and delivery professionals like CBD Box Factory will help you select the proper level of compensation and handle all the formalities easily. 

Our rich experience in packaging and delivery allows us to guide our customers and give them some packaging and shipping tips that allow them to focus on their product instead of worrying about logistics.

Have any questions left or need a quote on custom CBD packaging? Contact CBD Box Factory today and start to benefit from collaborating with high-end packaging professionals.  

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