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Why Packaging Matters?

If you have a killer product that you want to fly off the shelves then you need to understand one thing. PACKAGING MATTERS! It is important to have a good product, something that is high quality and performs just as advertised but it is equally important to have packaging that matches the quality of your product. Imagine this, you are offered a choice between a product that is in an eye-catching, exquisitely made box and a product that is wrapped in a newspaper, which one will you pick? I suppose if you are interested in the news you could go for the newspaper-wrapped product. Presentation is important, it matters. When a shopper is browsing through all the different brands of a product when deciding which one to buy, they will not be aware of the amazing quality of your product. The first thing that will cause them to consider your product will be the packaging. Once it catches their eye, they might pick it up to investigate further and get to know all the great benefits that your product offers. But the thing that will catch their attention and curiosity will be the packaging.

When it comes to CBD products it is even more vital to invest proper thought into the packaging and get it right. The market for CBD is products is still very much in its infancy, it is however growing at an alarming rate. There are thousands of new products that are flooding the market every day. In this saturated and highly competitive environment, it is crucial that your product stands out from the herd. Your packaging has to be attention-grabbing. It has to be appealing. It has to be welcoming. It has to be authentic. Only then you will be able to attract customers towards your product. The shopping trend has shifted as more and more shoppers are starting to prefer online shopping. So, not only does your packaging need to stand out in person, but it also has to leave a strong impression when viewed online. There are certain factors that constitute good packaging:

1-      It has to be authentic – Your packaging is a representation of your brand. It is acting as an ambassador for your brand in the store or online. When people see your packaging they don’t just see a box, they see your company. They see what you stand for. They see your values. Branding is probably the single most important factor for a company’s success in today’s age. If people can trust your brand only then they will give you their hard-earned money to buy your products. A good package for a product always conveys the brand’s identity at first glance. It doesn’t always have to induce awe or shock in people to stand out from the rest. The best way to stand out and grab attention is by being yourself. If your packaging depicts your brand then it will surely interest people. For CBD products your packaging has to be designed in a way that addresses your customer’s needs. It has to be designed with the purpose of answering important questions that people have when they are buying CBD products. Not in a boring conventional way but in a design aesthetic and visual way. If you know your customers and their needs you will be able to translate it into your design and packaging.

2-      It has to be simple – Simple does not mean bland or unattractive. Simple means easy on the customer experience part. All the best things in life are simple. Your packaging has to be easy for the customer to understand. You already have a great product, your packaging needs to convey that to the customer in a simple and easily understandable way. If you overcrowd your packaging with unnecessary information and design elements it can turn off potential customers. Your customer is holding your packaging they are already interested, what they need to know now is what’s inside. Tell them exactly what that is. Use simple to the point information. Information that you want them to know about your product. What makes it special? If you fill-up the front of your packaging with too much complex information and start listing all the technical specifications of your product it will overwhelm the customer. If you put too little information then it will create a sense of mistrust in the customer. Your packaging needs to advertise the qualities of your product in just the right way, with a balance of visual and textual information so that it appeals to both the mind and heart of the customer. CBD packaging, in particular, has to take this part of the packaging very seriously. When people shopping for CBD products they are often looking for very specific things in a product. Your packaging has to within the first glance say that yes! I am the product which you are looking for.

3-      It has to accentuate the design of your product 

Innovation is the key to making a lasting impression. Your packaging has to be unique, in the sense that it should separate itself from other products that are lined up with it. You don’t have to reinvent the concept of the box itself, although you could do that if you want. You just have to make sure that your box has a little easter egg that would leave a little smile on the face of the customer when they open it or look at it. This easter egg can be anything a witty visual, a design element, a play on words in the information that you put on the packaging. Anything goes as long as it reflects your brand and keeps the customer experience simple and easy. Even the dimensions of your packaging can make a huge difference. It is really up to you what you decide to go with but do try to put some thought into designing a package that gives the customer a little something to remember when they see your packaging. CBD products being a relatively new market have tons of potential for innovation and unique approaches to packaging.

4-      It has to impress 

The number of uninspired and ordinary packaging out in the market is unreal. Every package is more or less the same thing. It almost seems like everyone is using the same template. If your package succeeds in giving the customers a memorable product opening experience they will surely have only good things to say about your product. Obviously, cost is a big factor here. But that’s the thing it doesn’t have to be something that will add to the cost of your packaging. If you can give the customer an experience that is just different, it would be enough to impress. Simple things like where you position your product in the package can make a huge difference. You have the power to control the experience your customer gets when they are about to use your product for the first time. What they will see first, what they will touch first that is all in your control. Use this to your advantage and give your customers an experience that will make them feel special. With CBD products often the customer wants to test the product before buying it. This provides a great opportunity to impress them by making their testing experience an extraordinary one.

Who would have thought that a mundane thing such as packaging could have this big of an impact on your brand and your customer base? CBD products come in different shapes and sizes, each of them would need packaging that would be tailor-fitted for them. For large products that come in a jar or a bottle, there will have to be tuck boxes, for hemp oil that comes in a smaller container there will have to be packaging that matches it. If you have an E-cigarette product the packaging will need to be designed in a way that highlights your product. Whatever your need is, you need to put some serious thought into making your packaging stand out.

Choosing the right vendor that will be able to understand your concept and provide you with a solution that fits your budget is equally important. There are several companies out there that cater to the packaging needs of the CBD industry make sure to find the right one that can execute your vision within your budget and your deadlines. Often people give up on their creativity and innovation because of the cost that comes with its execution, if you are a small business owner that is looking to make a name for themselves and make a permanent place for your product on the market then find yourself the right packaging company and don’t compromise on the branding on your product. A good packaging company will be one that has a thorough understanding of the market and has the experts that can help you design exactly the packaging that you have in mind. Best of luck!

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